Blanco Stellar

Silestone Blanco Stellar gives an overall sparkly, bright effect, with flecks of darker grey and white to stop your kitchen from feeling overly clinical.

It’s made from natural quartz, which is one of the toughest materials on the planet, so it’s incredibly hard-wearing. The non-porous material also means it’s stain-resistant and has antimicrobial properties to keep germs at bay. Plus, it’s easy to maintain Silestone Blanco Stellar, so your kitchen worktops can gleam for years to come.

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Thicknesses: 1.2cm, 2cm, 3cm
Finishes: Polished, Suede
Colour: White with grey veining
Price band: Silver (£300-399/m2)
Pricing bands explained

Silestone Blanco Stellar

Silestone Blanco Stellar blends a white background with flecks of darker grey and white. It’s part of Silestone’s Stellar range, designed so that the light glints off the mix of glass and quartz and evokes memories of sparkling stars. The overall effect helps light to flood into your kitchen, but with a modern pattern that prevents it from feeling too clinical.

You can choose between two finishes for your Silestone Blanco Stellar. The suede finish will add a tactile quality to the worktop and soften the look of it, while the polish will give it a glimmering radiance from a flawlessly smooth surface and help the surface to truly shine.

You can also choose from six different edge styles to complete your worktop. The options range from a simple rounded square or straight bevelled edge to a traditional dove chest, a robust mitred edge or the totally round bullnose edge. You won’t find straight edges on Silestone worktops because this can lead to chipping, and we build your kitchen to last.

Because Stellar white Silestone is non-porous, there’s nowhere for germs to hide, which gives it natural antimicrobial properties. It also means odours are repelled and stains are kept at bay.

It’s what makes your Silestone worktop so easy to maintain, too. All you need to do is wash the surface with soap, water and a soft, wet cloth and it’ll stay bright and white for years to come.

If you do happen to spill something, you just need to wipe it up immediately. Things like grease, coffee and fruit juices carry some risk of staining, so it’s important they’re cleaned as quickly as possible. And if you spot a stain, you can just soak your Silestone Blanco Stellar worktop for 10 minutes, spray on a mild household cleaner and wipe away with a soft Scotch Brite® pad.

You also need to use chopping boards on your Silestone Blanco Stellar worktop. That’s because it’s made from 94% natural quartz, which is one of the toughest materials in the world – but it will blunt your knives over time. This also means that if you were to drop your knife, you don’t need to worry about it damaging the counter.

Even though Silestone worktops are scratch resistant, using a chopping board will give an extra layer of protection, because it can be scratched by anything stronger than the quartz. This is more important for darker colours, because they show scratches more easily than lighter shades like Silestone Blanco Stellar.

The worktop can also endure limited exposure to strong heat. For example, a lit match won’t damage Silestone Blanco Stellar – but you should avoid putting things like crock-pots directly on the countertop and use trivets instead to avoid thermal shock and cracks.

You can use Stellar white Silestone elsewhere in your house, too. In bathrooms, it’s a great option for flooring, sinks and walls. In the kitchen you can use it for an integrated sink, or floor or wall panels.

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Silestone quartz comes in a range of light, airy tones in addition to Blanco Stellar. Choices  include Niebla, Eternal Serena, Poblenou, Royal Reef, Faro White and Blanco Orion.

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At County Stone, we have been sourcing, cutting and fitting top quality kitchen worktops for over 20 years. We are a family business and we take particular pride in our reputation for complete customer satisfaction. We have perfected an approach which has earned us a growing number of 5-star reviews. The areas we cover are throughout East and West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and into London.

We start by talking you through the stone options for your worktop, either by phone, video or best of all, face-to-face at our showroom. We are completely independent, and you can rest assured that our advice is based on what our experience tells us will best achieve the results you have in mind. Uniquely for kitchen companies in the Sussex area, we will show you the stock of stones we keep at our workshop, giving you the opportunity to see the actual stone for your worktop. 

We provide fast quotations for your preferred options. While we are fully aware that we work in a competitive world, we ask our clients to be wary of low cost companies and individuals who do not have the experience of working with high grade granite, quartz and other stones. 

Once we have your agreement, we will visit your kitchen and measure up for a detailed and precise template for your worktop. Our workshop team cuts the slabs to size, including any recesses and awkward shapes. We prepare the cut stone with any fine details and polishing. The fitting team returns with your prepared worktop, and fits it accurately in place, ensuring that it is absolutely level and that there are no gaps at the edges or between sections. We make sure you are pleased with the result, and tidy up and leave your kitchen clean, tidy and ready for action.

You can book an appointment at our showroom, and we also provide virtual tours and video consultations. Either face-to-face or by video we will show samples of different stone slabs, and provide quotations for any worktop you choose.

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