Desert Silver

Silestone Desert Silver is part of this award-winning manufacturer’s Eternal range of quartz worktops.

Light in tone and colour, Desert Silver introduces an airy look into kitchens whether contemporary or traditional in style. The grey-toned base colour sits under white veins, making it distinctively different from mainstream marble-like stones. Silestone is one of the top choices for kitchen designers because of its exceptional looks, and our craftsmen are always happy cut and finish Silestone worktops because they produce such impressive results.


Thicknesses: 1.2cm, 2cm, 3cm
Finishes: Polished, Polished N-boost, Suede
Colour: Pale grey with white veining
Price band: Silver (£300-399/m2)
Pricing bands explained

Silestone Desert Silver

Silestone Desert Silver is a hugely appealing addition to the Eternal range of stones for worktops. The light grey background is lifted with rhythmic swirls of palest grey and white, giving a strong sense of taste and style to your kitchen. It echoes the tones and patterns of the natural world, yet is flawlessly smooth thanks to Silestone’s exacting quartz manufacturing process.

Desert Silver comes in three finishes. The polished finish is as beautifully smooth and smart as you would expect. Suede gives the surface an intriguingly soft look and a lovely. Remarkable technical innovation is behind the N-Boost finish. The polished surface is modified at molecular level to eliminate any micropores which over time can harbour liquids or kitchen spills which, if not treated immediately, can dull or even discolour the surface. With N-Boost, there is nowhere for spills to hide – not even at a microscopic level. Even if left to dry, spills can easily be wiped off and the surface stays bright, shiny and completely hygienic.

The choice of edges for Desert Silver covers sharper angles, rounded curves and a combination of both. That elevates our clients with options on sharper, well-defined bevel edges, rounded, softer edges and more decorative looks. What you choose will depend on the overall look and feel you want for your kitchen.

Every Silestone worktop we install is fitted with care and precision, and we will not leave your home until you are pleased with the result. Desert Silver worktops always look impressive from the day we install them, and you will find them simple to keep looking as good as new if you follow these easy steps:

  • Wipe away any specks of food and household dust
  • If anything is spilled, wipe it off as soon as possible with a wet microfibre cloth or e-cloth
  • Use a dry cloth to buff the worktop
  • Apply a kitchen cleaner such as Oxy-Klenza™ or any dried marks

Thanks to the exceptionally durable and hard nature of Silestone quartz, your worktop will stay in excellent condition for many years to come. However, the N-Boost finish provides even more surface protection thanks to its use of advanced molecular technology. N-Boost also makes cleaning and hygiene as easy as possible, because the surface cannot harbour staining liquids and germs. The technology is hugely impressive and you can see more about it here.

Silestone is produced by the Cosentino Group which for more than 30 years has produced supplying granite and quartz of the highest quality. Silestone stones are highly regarded by professional designers, architects and discerning homeowners throughout the world. A 25-year manufacturer’s warranty underlines the quality of their stones.

Like its sister products, Desert Silver quartz can be used for much more than kitchen worktops. It is available for sinks (including sinks integrated into worktops), wall panels, bathrooms and flooring anywhere in the home. Because it is so remarkably tough and hard-wearing, it is also chosen by architects for cladding buildings and to make pavements and other public walkways.

Making Silestone involves a technically advanced method of combining quartz, minerals and 20% of recycled materials. The process also uses renewable energy and recycled water, giving clients even more reason to pick Silestone for their kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Related Stones 

If you are looking for alternatives to Desert Silver with a similar look, we suggest options such as Stellar Bianco, Tigris Sand, Halcyon, Blanco City, Bianco River, Blanco Norte14.

Why use County Stone?

At County Stone, we have been sourcing, cutting and fitting top quality kitchen worktops for over 20 years. We are a family business and we take particular pride in our reputation for complete customer satisfaction. We have perfected an approach which has earned us a growing number of 5-star reviews. The areas we cover are throughout East and West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and into London.

We start by talking you through the stone options for your worktop, either by phone, video or best of all, face-to-face at our showroom. We are completely independent, and you can rest assured that our advice is based on what our experience tells us will best achieve the results you have in mind. Uniquely for kitchen companies in the Sussex area, we will show you the stock of stones we keep at our workshop, giving you the opportunity to see the actual stone for your worktop. 

We provide fast quotations for your preferred options. While we are fully aware that we work in a competitive world, we ask our clients to be wary of low cost companies and individuals who do not have the experience of working with high grade granite, quartz and other stones. 

Once we have your agreement, we will visit your kitchen and measure up for a detailed and precise template for your worktop. Our workshop team cuts the slabs to size, including any recesses and awkward shapes. We prepare the cut stone with any fine details and polishing. The fitting team returns with your prepared worktop, and fits it accurately in place, ensuring that it is absolutely level and that there are no gaps at the edges or between sections. We make sure you are pleased with the result, and tidy up and leave your kitchen clean, tidy and ready for action.

You can book an appointment at our showroom, and we also provide virtual tours and video consultations. Either face-to-face or by video we will show samples of different stone slabs, and provide quotations for any worktop you choose.

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We precision fit your stone, and leave your home perfectly tidy

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