Stone fireplaces for Trade Customers

Here at County Stone, we supply high quality, cost-effective fireplaces to trade customers across the UK and beyond. So, whether you have a fireplace store, or you’re a tradesman, an architect or an interior designer, we’ll help you supply the finest fireplaces at competitive prices. Cut and carved to the highest possible standard by our skilled stonemasons, all of our fireplaces are expertly designed and manufactured to maximise longevity and resilience.

Whatever the brief and whatever your specific requirements, we’ll ensure that your needs are met and your customer’s expectations are exceeded.

Traditional fireplaces

We work closely with architects, design practices, developers and suppliers to provide high quality, cost-effective traditional fireplaces. We supply an extensive range of traditional fireplaces, from elegant Victorian fireplaces to decadent Art Nouveau fireplaces, and everything in between. Ideal for clients and customers looking to complement a traditional property or add a historical touch to a contemporary room, our traditional fireplaces include Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian inspired designs. From classic stone fireplaces to traditional limestone fireplaces, all of our traditional fireplaces are cut and carved to the highest standard by our skilled and experienced stonemasons. All of our traditional fireplaces are cut on-site to ensure optimum quality at all times. We also use a detailed template to make sure that the finished traditional fireplace matches your client’s design specifications exactly.

To find out more about our traditional fireplaces for trade, please get in touch.

Modern fireplaces

A modern fireplace can add an exciting new dimension to a traditional space, or effortlessly complement a cool and contemporary room. If you’re looking for fireplaces with a distinctly modern sense of style, look no further.  At County Stone, we offer a range of innovative, contemporary fireplaces that make a lasting impression. All of our modern fireplaces are designed and crafted on-site by our highly skilled team, so you can rest assured that your customers will be totally satisfied with their new fireplace. Ideal for architects or interior designers working on modern new builds and contemporary spaces, our modern fireplaces can be designed to your client’s specific requirements and dimensions. Working closely alongside you, we’ll create a template of the design to ensure the quality and fit that we are renowned for. Once the template has been signed off, construction will start on-site, allowing us to guarantee high quality and impeccable attention to detail.

To find out more about our modern fireplaces for trade, or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Bespoke fireplaces

We work with architects, design practices, developers and suppliers to create bespoke fireplaces for a wide variety of projects. If your customer is looking for something truly unique, our expert team can produce bespoke designs that are completely tailored to their requirements. From bespoke contemporary fireplaces and traditional fireplaces, through to bespoke limestone fireplaces and stone fireplaces, our skilled and experienced designers and craftsmen will work closely alongside you to create a truly unique product, whatever the design brief. We are committed to making the process as simple and straightforward as possible, for both you and your client. So, we’re happy to offer advice and share our knowledge throughout the process.

If you’d like a quote for a bespoke fireplace design or to discuss your client’s requirements, please get in touch. Please ensure you have an idea of the dimensions of the design, so we’ll have an understanding of the sizes we’ll be working with.

Limestone fireplaces

With their timeless appeal and elegant sense of style, limestone fireplaces can integrate seamlessly into a wide variety of living environments, adding a unique touch of elegance and sophistication. As a result, they are particularly popular amongst architects, interior designers and other suppliers. We design, create and supply an extensive range of limestone fireplaces. Cut and carved on-site by our team of skilled stonemasons, all of our limestone fireplaces can be designed with your client’s specific requirements in mind. And, because limestone is extremely durable and long-lasting, you can rest assured our limestone fireplaces will stand the test of time. We will go above and beyond to meet your needs and your client’s expectations. So, if you can’t find the limestone you’re looking for, we’ll happily source it from any corner of the world.

To find out more about our limestone fireplaces for trade, or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Traditional Fireplace Surrounds

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Modern fireplace surrounds, expertly crafted by County Stone 

Handcrafted modern fireplace surrounds available at selected retail showrooms throughout the UK. At County Stone, we are proud to offer a range of modern fireplace surrounds in the highest quality

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Bespoke Fireplaces

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Fireplace Surrounds for Trade Customers

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Limestone Fireplace Surrounds

Elegant, endearing and robust, limestone fireplaces never fail to make a lasting impact. Our limestone fireplaces have been cut and carved to the highest possible standard, allowing you to enjoy a bespoke fireplace that won’t let you down.

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Over the years County Stone Granite have built a reputation on quality and trust

In our 20 years of business, we have built up a reputation for our workmanship and excellence of quality when creating our products. We are proud to say that this reputation is not just due to local business, but also nationally.

When it comes to the manufacture and delivery of our stone and granite worktops, our reviews speak for themselves. If you like what you see, why not come and talk to us? We can help you realise your vision for your perfect kitchen or bathroom.

Stone Worktops for Kitchens

Worktops are an essential in a kitchen, so it’s important that they are functional, resilient and aesthetically pleasing.

Memorial Stones and Headstones

Bringing together beautiful detailing, expert craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail, our range of high quality, County Stone memorial...

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