How Can You Add A Truly Personal Touch To Your Bathroom?

Bathrooms are often the forgotten room. Most homeowners spend vast amounts of time hanging family photos above the fireplace and picking out the perfect paint colour for their bedroom, but what about the bathroom? It can be tricky to apply your personality to a bathroom, so here’s some tips on how to do just that.

Use colour

A lot of bathrooms stay plain or in a pale colour. One way to make it truly stand out is to use bright colours or unusual patterns. Of course this is down to your individual personality, as you might hate bold colours. However, you don’t need to paint the entire bathroom to give it a unique look. For example, why not leave the majority of the bathroom plain and only paint the focal points. Alternatively, you could apply wallpaper to just one wall if you aren’t a fan of very bright shades.

Pick a theme

It’s not unusual to see a nautical or beach theme in a bathroom and whilst this works well, you shouldn’t feel restricted to it. It’s your bathroom – you can do anything you want with it. Some people might want a classy and luxurious look, so they could go with a large mirror, sparkly accessories and marble worktops. Others might prefer a more rustic feel, choosing an old brass bath and worn wooden cabinets. It’s all down to your individual and unique style.

Don’t forget the accessories

You should never underestimate the impact accessories will have on the overall look of your bathroom. In fact, adding a few personal effects is the easiest way to show off your personality. Items like shower curtains come in a whole variety of designs, for example, from your typical nautical designs to geeky alternatives, such as the periodic table of elements. A ‘Batman’ bath rug won’t be for everyone, but that’s the point – your house should show off who you are.

Even the soap dispensers you choose can say a lot about you. Make sure you have enough space for such items by investing in good storage solutions though. Put unattractive everyday items away in your cupboard or store them neatly in a canvas basket. If you want to keep things understated, why not just place a couple of your favourite plants in your bathroom. Another nice idea, especially if you have kids, is to get a glass vase and fill it with shells you and your children have collected on beach trips. It’s a simple way to add a bit a personality, as you all know you chose the shells yourselves and it’s a reminder of some of the holidays you’ve had together.

Adding personality to your bathroom doesn’t mean over-loading it with things, as you can easily do it with just a few simple touches here and there. Don’t be scared to try something really quirky and different either, because after all, most people’s bathrooms aren’t really that interesting. Why not turn yours into a conversation starter?