How Do You Create A Manly Bathroom?

Men who are looking to put a more masculine stamp on their bathrooms may find they come up short when doing their research. After all, many interior decoration publications are largely geared towards women or families, so offer precious little to men thinking of doing away with anything too ornate, decorative or otherwise typically “girly”.

Despite all this, the bathroom is one area where a more masculine design and finish really can come to the fore. Greyscale, chrome details, straight lines and simplicity may feel cold and unwelcoming in a living room, for example, but work perfectly in the bathroom. As such, any details seen as typically “masculine” may, in fact, be equally loved by men and women alike.

So with this in mind, here are some tips for anyone – be they male or female – that is looking at heart-shaped mirrors or pot pourri with little more than barely concealed disdain.


Pastels, purples and – of course – pinks are out of the question in a masculine bathroom. So too are greens, browns, reds and even blues. Anything, in fact, that deviates from the cold, hard monochrome of black and grey. These light-sucking colours are roundly loathed by design magazines for failing to jump off the page, so are often under-represented. When installed, however, they can make a real impact.

Granite or quartz worktops, for example, offer a depth of black that is as attention-grabbing as they are long-lasting. Details can even be added with specks of white that will break it up a little, or even give the look of a starry night.

Clean lines

Nothing says masculinity in interior design better than long, clean lines. No patterns, mosaics or fine detailing here, but instead something that looks more as though it leapt straight out of sci-fi epic ‘Tron’.

Such clean lines can be replicated across the whole room, with flush angles on the shower screen and floor tiles. This also correlates with the recent trend for square fixtures and fittings, such as sinks and shower heads. Not only clean and masculine, then, but also bang on trend.

The little touches

As with any interior design project, it’s often the little extra touches that people really notice. Thankfully, this also reflects well on a masculine design, with chrome details (such as those used to accentuate cars and determine more luxury models from the basic, “body-coloured” packages) being perfectly suitable for any bathroom.

Taps and shower heads are one thing, but chrome can also be added in the form of handles, shelving and even the bin. As it is easy to clean and looks clinical, chrome will work well in any masculine bathroom.

With such benefits as those listed above, its easy to see why masculine bathrooms are a popular option. Not only do they strip away all the superfluous extras, they also look clean, sharp and sterile. Not  particularly homely, granted, but an absolutely ideal fit for the bathroom. As such, it’s easy to see why these may not be exclusively popular among bachelors after all, but instead a favourite of many women as well.