How To Create A Nautical Bathroom

Bring a little seaside luxury into one of the most important rooms in your house. Adding a nautical look with ship and beach elements is right on trend, allowing you to turn your bathroom in to a seaside haven. The nautical look is easy achieve and the wonderful thing is you can add as much, or as little as you like. It’s possible to really have fun with the theme; go subtle with just a few gentle hints of beachy charm, or take it all the way to the sea with wallpaper, tiling, rugs and more!

You don’t have to look far for shopping inspiration, as there’s plenty available on the market whether you want the seashell, natural look or a more industrial sailing boat and anchor style. Decide first which type of nautical style you fancy; whilst mixing boats and shells and mermaids can work, it can be easy for the theme to become a jumble. Instead, pick one theme and stick with it throughout. Many stores sell matching sets which can really help you when carrying through your look, but beware of over matching – there is such a thing as too much!


An important component when creating your beachy getaway is colour choice. Create a soothing, gentle feel by picking out pebble colours, with soft, beige tones, pastel blues, creams and whites, which will create a more feminine approach to the nautical look. Alternatively you could opt for stronger, darker shades, recreating the feel of a ship’s hold, with navy and dark brown, perhaps with red accents. To add some dramatic style why not consider a feature wall, with strong print or bold colours? For wow appeal look out for wall stickers which are easy to apply and add instant decor.


If you don’t fancy the hard work of a complete bathroom overhaul, there’s plenty you can do to easily add a nautical touch to the smallest room in your house without breaking the bank. Adding beach-themed accessories can really lift a room. Why not pick out a set of towels in shades of blue, while highlights of white, red or rust red can add a splash of colour. Look out for embroidered motifs such as shells, crabs and anchors.

Search out obvious accessories like toothbrush holders, shower curtains, soap dishes and dispensers emblazoned with nautical shapes like anchors. You can find some really funky resin pieces filled with shells or shabby chic ceramic accessories decorated with light houses. Equally, pictures and wall art are an easy way to add an immediate theme to your bathroom. Beach huts, seagulls, anchors and more can be found on the high street or galleries. Whether you go for one-of-a-kind illustrations, photography of sailers or rustic fishing boats, or 3-dimensional scenes, it’s a great way to lift a plain wall in even the smallest of spaces. If you live near a beach, why not create your own art? Search out old bits of driftwood and attach them to the wall for a rustic look. If you’re feeling really DIY why not create a driftwood frame for a plain mirror?

Boxes and containers can all add to the theme. Adding accessories in whitewashed wood can really bring in that beach hut feel, so look out for containers with ropes handles or rush baskets. This is also a great way of hiding clutter and keeping your bathroom clean and contemporary. After all, ship designers are the masters of keeping things stowed safely away! Add soft furnishings like on-trend printed blinds with nautical motifs or sailor stripes. Rag rugs are back in fashion, so pick out stripey rugs in your nautical colours.

Fixtures, fittings and more

If you’re fancying a complete refit, then the sky is the limit. Look out for furniture made from quality hardwoods. Unfinished or lightly finished wood fits in with the style, especially pieces that have been distressed or weathered for an authentic look.

Back splashes and tiling around baths and showers can really bring through the theme, whether you choose fun decorated tiles, mosaics of seaside scenes or plainer tiles in nautical shades. When choosing your sink why not consider a built-in counter top, allowing more space to accessorise and plenty of room underneath for ship-style storage. A granite top in neutral tones could really help to carry through your theme whilst lifting the bathroom.

For more ideas take a wander around the shops, visit your nearest beach, or why not take a look at virtual inspiration boards on Pinterest before taking the plunge with your nautical bathroom.