How To Design and Decorate a Bathroom Fit For Your Family


The bathroom is quite rightly seen by many people as one of the most important spaces in the family home.

For so many homeowners, it’s far more than just an essential room for hygiene. To many, it represents a sanctuary of relaxation after a hard day’s work. It’s the room where you prepare for the day ahead or one of the nights of your life.

Perhaps more importantly, studies have shown that it is a room which can add tremendous value to a home if it’s upgraded by its owner. That’s why it’s worth taking the time to design and decorate a bathroom so it’s fit for royalty. Here are some tips that should help you to do just that.


The bathroom windows are more important to the overall design of the room than many might realise. Ideally, it will be possible to add large windows that let plenty of sunlight and fresh air into the room.

The natural light will help the room to look brighter and larger than it actually is, whilst the fresh air will help it remain well-ventilated, which is key to preventing the formation of damp and mould.

Even the most attractive bathroom can be ruined if the homeowner can’t stop damp from forming, so it’s important to be able to open a window whenever condensation from a bath or shower is released.

Floors and worktops

The choice of flooring and worktops is likely to define the overall mood of the bathroom, so it’s important to a choose a colour and material that the whole family finds attractive.

Granite is a material which has become highly popular for both bathroom floors and worktops in recent years. Homeowners tend to like the fact that it’s attractive, hard-wearing and can be sterilised easily. It’s also become a lot cheaper because less expensive techniques of creating worktops have been discovered. Its glossy finish will bring a touch of class to any bathroom and homeowners can expect it to be at its highest quality for many years.

Granite floor tiles are a striking yet practical choice for a bathroom also. They are arguably a more intelligent investment than laminates, which tend to deteriorate quickly, or ceramic tiles which are often slippery when wet.


There are plenty of essentials which everyone bathroom needs. All families with children need a bath to wash them in. A sink and a toilet is key, whilst it’s always handy to have plenty of storage space for lotions and potions.

Beyond that, there is plenty of impressive technology which can help to give turn a good family bathroom into an incredible one.

A fog-free mirror is a really cool device that eliminates the problem of not being able to see in the mirror immediately after a bath or shower. Underfloor heating technology is brilliant for keeping bathrooms toasty during cold winter mornings, whilst those who love to soak in the bath for hours might enjoy mounting a radio or television on the wall.

Small touches

Even for those with small budgets, it’s more than possible to make powerful changes to spruce up the bathroom. Slight touches like a new powerful showerhead, soft luxury towels or even a new coat of paint can make the world of difference and might still boost the value of your home more than expected.

Bathroom renovations aren’t all about pleasing potential buyers of a home though. Most homeowners upgrade their bathroom to please themselves. These tips could go a long way to helping them to do that.