How to clean a granite bathroom

How to clean a granite bathroom

Whether you are updating an existing bathroom, adding an en-suite or building from new, the design and materials you use in your bathroom are as important as those you choose in your kitchen in terms of adding value to your home and impacting on your way of life. After all, you start and finish every day in your bathroom, you really owe it to yourself to make it a special place to be, where you feel relaxed and pampered. Granite, Quartz or Marble surfaces in your bathroom lend a luxurious, expensive feel and will last and last, but it is important to know how best to look after them and keep your lovely shiny bathroom looking as good as new.

The beauty of materials as special as these is that every piece of stone is different and unique; from smooth marble to the swirling patterns of granite and the strength and lustre of granite. Whether cut from large slabs of stone or created from off cuts from the workshop; County Stone offer a tailor-made service to make sure the finished result is as perfect as could be.

Granite, Quartz and Marble are all strong, robust surfaces and taking care of them needn’t be labour intensive:

Wipe up daily spills, excess water, shampoo, toothpaste and alike – they won’t damage the stone but they’ll stop it looking its best and make your surfaces slippery. Before your stone leaves the workshop, it will be sealed if it’s porous or will be naturally non-porous so it won’t absorb water, bacteria or smells at all.

Once a week, use a gentle cleaner on a soft cloth or mop to wipe down your surfaces. Try soaking off anything more stubborn like mould or dried-on toothpaste and avoid scrubbing with anything that might take the polish off the stone and leave it looking scratched.

Avoid harsh chemicals and intensive cleaners like bleach. Cleaners with harsh alkalis and acids can react with the stone causing microscopic pitting which will over time lose the shine from the surface of your stone and leave it looking dull and damaged. On top of this harsh cleaners are bad for your skin, your lungs and the environment if they get into the water supply.

Limescale can build-up and cause your surfaces to look dull. Essentially limescale is made of the same substance as limestone and marble, so some treatments for limescale can easily damage the stone underneath without care. Make sure whatever cleaner you choose has been certified for use on stone and carry out a spot test somewhere discreet where any damage won’t show before you treat large areas.

Stone cleaning products

STAIN-PROOF Daily Countertop Cleaner is a gentle cleaner for natural and engineered stone worktops. It contains a small amount of invisible sealer to enhance the protection and keep the surface easier to clean.

Micro fibre cloths attract and traps dirt in its fibres. The cloths are made from polyester and polymide blend that retains static charge. This makes them perfect for keeping your granite looking great.

Hanafinn Oxy-KlenzaTM is a multi-purpose cleaner ideal for monthly cleans. It is a powerful alkaline based product that can not only be used for your stone worktops but for stone flooring and tiles too.

You are able to purchase all of the above products from County Stone. Please phone for a price and to order.