How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Utopia

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. It is a necessity for everyone to use it, so making it look as appealing as possible works in everyone’s favour. Whether you want a bathroom that you can turn into an at-home spa or one that can manage with herds of people running through at all hours of the day, the right decoration and a bit of planning is all you need.

Think practically

Use the walls wisely and get a few cupboards up. Many people only have one little bathroom cabinet, with a lot of wasted wall space, but you can put it to seriously good use. Add in a few cupboards and allocate them to different things. If you have children, set aside a cupboard for all their bath toys and tools so that they can easily be reached and put away again after use. You can then have a separate cupboard that’s higher up to store all of your products and some candles for when you want a relaxing bubble bath.

Think carefully about your storage space; you can easily fit a cupboard under your bathroom sink, keeping it tucked away but also offering you a useful area for keeping your cleaning products and everyday bathroom essentials like toilet roll.

Colour smart

If you build a bathroom that can cope with lots of people, you can choose a colour scheme that makes it easy to turn into a spa-like space. Pale, neutral colours are an ideal way to do this, giving the illusion of more space, even in smaller rooms. The neutrality can help to relax the mind, so if you are in the bathroom alone, you may feel a bit calmer. Bright colours can be too jazzy, so try to steer clear of these.

Go for granite bathroom worktops and a natural stone floor to keep things quite plain and simple, then you can always add bursts of colour if you want. Try a bright picture on the wall as an example, or even paint a feature wall if you really like the idea of injecting some colour into the room.

Modern and simple

If you have a glass shower curtain, rather than a traditional fabric one, it can look more modern and even create the illusion of more space because you aren’t separating any of the bathroom off. Try adding some tiling to the room as well, particularly if you want to create a calming, relaxing space. Small, mosaic tiles around the sink and above the bathtub not only make the space look larger, but they also offer your walls a bit of extra protection.

If you want to go all out, you can even tile the entire room – all of the walls and the floor. It’s a time consuming job but it really can transform the bathroom. All you’ll need to do is add some scented candles, a white linen curtain and some bubble bath, then you’ll have your very own spa in the comfort of your little old bathroom. Bliss.