5 tips for updating your fireplace

Fireplaces are often considered the architectural anchor for a room, providing a focal point to any interior design. However, fireplaces can get dated, marked or simply need refreshing and that can affect how it looks within the room. If you’re looking to update your fireplace, either to make it fit in with your décor or to help you redesign the entire room, you’re in the right place.

Take a look at our tips for updating your fireplace below…

1.      Paint

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your fireplace is by either painting parts of the fireplace itself or painting the surrounding wall or features. If your fireplace has brass inserts, which can often make a fireplace look dated, bring them up to date by painting the inserts either black or white to create a subtler statement.

If your fireplace is surrounded by brick, one option could be to use paint and recolour the brick – for example, changing the colour from bright traditional red to a subtle grey.

If you want to make a statement around a fireplace just to brighten the room up a bit, creating a feature wall would definitely achieve the desired effect. Find out how to choose the perfect colour palette for your room here.

2.      Tiling

It doesn’t matter whether you’re updating your own house or updating a rented property, tiling is a solution that can work well to make any fireplace brighter. The only difference will be whether you’re using adhesive tiles or permanent tiling solutions.

Whether you’re enamoured with marble look fireplaces or want a colourful, Mexican-inspired tiled fireplace, these effects can both be achieved through using tiles to cover the existing surround of the fireplace.

You may need to make some adjustments if the surround of the fireplace isn’t flat, but the tiles should update the fireplace’s look instantly. If you’re using adhesive tiles, you can even change the style in a few years or months when you get bored with it.

3.      Stone hearths

If you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your fireplace, replacing the current fireplace with a stone fireplace could be the way to achieve a timeless look and a design update at the same time.

Choosing a stone fireplace can add class and elegance to any space and is also a great way of styling your fireplace so it’s always modern and stylish. You can style a stone fireplace any way you want – whether that’s choosing accent colours for items to put on the mantelpiece or even colours for the surrounding wall.

At County Stone, we offer three different types of stone hearths that we can custom fit into your home: granite, limestone and slate. Each of these stones are sure to create quite a statement and will last for many years to come.

4.      Mantelpiece

If you’re not looking to replace your whole fireplace, but you do want to spruce up the look of it, sometimes simply replacing or updating a tired mantelpiece could be the simplest and most effective solution.

If you have a wooden mantel that looks a bit tired, as long as it’s not bowed, it could be re-energised with a coat of paint or a different colour stain. For both tasks, you would have to strip the varnish off the table so that either substance stays, but either will surely improve the look of the mantel.

If you need to replace the mantelpiece but don’t want to get anything as ostentatious, making a mantelpiece out of shelving is a cheap yet effective way of updating the fireplace. With shelving, you have the flexibility to choose exactly the style and finish you desire, meaning it can fit with your décor perfectly.

5.      Art

If your fireplace is already something you appreciate in your living area but it’s just missing that little extra touch, adding some art pieces above or around your fireplace could add the style you’re looking for.

A statement art piece above a fireplace, drawing in the key colours from around the room, can tie in the whole colour palette and bring the room together. Using a couple of smaller pieces side by side or offset against each other can also provide a modern touch to the style of the room, especially depending on the pictures used.

If you’re looking to update the style of your fireplace, to help make your hearth your home, we’re happy to help. Our stone fireplaces are designed and made to fit your home exactly – find out more about the styles and materials we offer here.