Funerals & planning

Planning a funeral is a heart-wrenching task; it can be hard to view it as a celebration of your loved one’s life. While some may have left instructions that they would like you to observe when making the arrangements, others may not have specified any preferences at all, making it particularly sensitive and challenging.

Whether it’s a particular song they would like played, a reading that meant a lot or even a total ban on black clothing, we’ve put together some guides to assist you with planning the funeral.

We all struggle with grief but – as hard as it may seem – things will get better. The wise people amongst us say that everything gets easier with time, and while that may be hard to imagine right now, we’ve put together some guides to try and help you through this difficult period. These include things to consider when planning or attending a funeral, and looking to the future once the event has passed.

In the memorials and headstones section, we guides available that focus on how to choose, buy and maintain a memorial. You can also browse the memorials and headstones we offer here.