5 Colour Scheme Ideas For A Granite Kitchen

Granite worktops can add value to kitchens and can give them a modern look. However, if the rest of the decor in the room doesn’t complement the worktop correctly, then it is a wasted opportunity.

Choosing the correct right scheme can be tricky at first, but once you know the shade of the granite and the overall feel you want to create, things should start fitting into place easily. We’ve put together a list of our recommended colour schemes for kitchens with granite worktops.

  • Monochrome
  • Cream and mahogany
  • Pastel blue and grey
  • Burgundy and cream
  • Lime green and pine


Monochrome is probably the most classic colour scheme there is. Whilst it is simple, it also makes a bold statement at the same time. This look works best for those who are considering a black granite worktop, paired with white units and walls. If you tried to do it the other way around, with black walls, the overall effect would most likely be too dark for kitchen decor.

Those that opt for this design may also want to incorporate stainless steel accessories into their kitchen for a little variation and another modern touch.

Cream and mahogany

This scheme of white walls and mahogany units is once again perfect for anyone who is considering a black or dark colour granite worktop. The two shades complement each other wonderfully, however, the dark worktop helps to break them up and add interest. Again. this scheme creates a very modern look for the kitchen but also brings a homely feel to the room.

Pastel blue and grey

These two colours help to create a calm and bright kitchen that you will no doubt love spending time in. There is a lot of freedom in this colour scheme too – as you can choose either to have white walls matched with blue units, or vice versa. Wooden floorboards also work well with this scheme, as do stainless steel accessories.

Check out our colour granite worktops for more inspiration.

Burgundy and cream

Matching burgundy walls with cream units is an extremely effective way of creating a sophisticated feel to a kitchen. These two shades work best with a brown granite worktop, which adds a tonal touch to the room. Black and stainless steel accessories should be used to complement the theme.

Lime green and pine

If you are looking for a fresh and energising feel for your kitchen, you should try giving your walls a splash of lime green. This colour looks great teamed with pine wood units, as well as grey granite worktops. For the floor, white tiles work well, and you could also add in a white table with contrasting chairs.

So there you have it, five complementing colour schemes that will turn your kitchen into the envy of all your guests.