5 Points When You Redesign A Large Kitchen

In the lead-up to redesigning a kitchen from top to bottom, it’s hard to know where to start. Sure, you may have a few ideas for the type of cupboards you want and a couple of colour schemes that you plan on staying well clear of, but gathering all the pieces and putting them together is no mean feat.

Home improvement is always a tricky task when you intend on overseeing the plans yourself. Though like all good things in life, if you dedicate the necessary time and effort, you’re sure to finish up with something you can be proud of.

Redesigning a kitchen is arguably one of the hardest tasks due the reliance you have on this crucial part of your house. You’ll want certain parts of the plans to come into place quickly so you can get back to cooking again. With this in mind, it pays to come up with a solid vision for your room before getting started. Here are five things you might want to bear in mind..

Colour scheme

The kitchen is perhaps the only room in the house where you can afford to be a little experimental with your choice of colours. The idea is that it’s a highly functional room, which separates it from your lounge, bedrooms and office. While this trio should all carry a similar theme, the kitchen could be the space where you spice things up a little.

As for actually choosing the colour scheme, it depends what kind of a mood you want to go for. If you’re looking for something really energetic and eye-catching that uplifts and inspires, a light yellow along the upper half of the walls with white cupboards could be the perfect fit. For something a little darker, why not go for a black-and-white chequered floor complemented by white cupboards all around.


Before you can start thinking about your storage, you must gain a picture of how much space you’re working with. A cooker, a fridge, a freezer and a sink are all par for the course, but what about a dishwasher and all the units that sit on top of your worktops? Draw out your list of appliances and work from there.

Eye-catching feature

Every kitchen needs a focal point – something that stands out to make everyone stop and admire. This could really be anything from an interesting painting to something you’d include in your space anyway – like a granite worktop. Choose something that’s striking without being distasteful, and always consider how this will fit with your colour scheme.


Homeowners have a bad habit of choosing their light fittings at the very end of their kitchen revamp, but this is a mistake which could prove costly. Deciding on the type of lights you want and where they’re going will actually help you work out where everything else is destined to go. For instance, if you go for a line of searchlights right in the middle of your room, this is where you could place your breakfast bar or dining table. Use the light to guide your plans – it’s an easy way to work.


While many would be led to believe that storage space can only be found inside cupboards, this is a common misconception. There are loads of creative places for you to stash your accessories, with these adding plenty to the appeal of your room. Kitchen islands with drawers are great for keeping cutlery and plates in the centre of your room, while hooks for hanging pots and pans can ensure you make the most of your wall space. Get creative with your storage and you’ll free up plenty of room elsewhere.