How to Clean Lapitec (Infographic)

Lapitec is unlike any other stone on the market. It is known as a sintered stone and increasingly, people are choosing Lapitec worktops and floors over other stones, because the material holds unique properties that make it incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Here’s how to clean Lapitec:

What is Lapitec resistant to?

Don’t expect to be scrubbing away at your worktop or floor every time you spill something on it, as Lapitec is resistant to almost everything. It is unaffected by moisture and will not stain, making this stone ideal if you’re a bit clumsy when it comes to red wine. Lapitec is also resistant to everyday wear and tear, such as knife scratches.
All Lapitec slabs come treated with Bio Care as standard, which makes the stone resistant to bacteria and gives it self-cleaning properties. Any micro-organisms that land on the surface decompose safely and are effectively washed away. Not only does it makes the stone easier to clean and keep as good as new, but it also enhances the overall appearance.
It’s the ability to self-clean is what makes the stone so popular with families, as it’s safe for kids to eat food straight off the worktop. Lapitec is also commonly used in professional environments where a high level of cleanliness is paramount, such as restaurants and care homes.
When you do come to clean it, Lapitec cannot be damaged by acids or alkalis either, so whatever cleaner you decide to use should be okay. Just avoid using products that contain hydrofluoric acids, as these may negatively affect the stone.

Day-to-day cleaning

Although Lapitec is pretty good at looking after itself, you’ll still need to clean it on a regular basis to keep it looking its best.
Day-to-day cleans are not a laborious process though; all you need to do is mix a neutral detergent with warm water. Ensure the detergent does not contain any wax nor create a glossy coat, and rinse it away with clean water once you’re done. Be sure to dry the surface too.

Tackling trickier marks and spillages

Try as you might to keep your stone clean, you will, at some point, discover one of your children has proudly drawn a dinosaur in felt tip on the floor. You yourself may even knock over a cup of coffee on the worktop during the morning rush to work. In order to ensure these spillages and marks cause you the least amount of hassle as possible, it’s important to use the right cleaning product.
Accidents involving coffee, cola or fruit juice should be mopped up with a multi-purpose, alkali-based cleaner. The same product can also be used on grease and any dirt trodden into your flooring.
Wine spills require a cleaner containing an oxidising agent, whereas you’ll want to use an acid-based detergent for rust, ink and felt tip marks.
If you want a kitchen worktop that requires as little cleaning as possible, Lapitec is your best bet. Not everyone can afford to spend their weekends scrubbing the kitchen from top to bottom, after all. As long as you regularly take five minutes to wipe it down and clean any spills immediately, your Lapitec worktop or floor will stay looking shiny and new for years to come.

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