How to Complement and Accessorise a Black Granite Worktop


Granite kitchen worktop - Basingstoke

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Granite worktops are one of the most popular choices around for kitchens. As well as the material being able to withstand heat of up to 1,260 °C, granite comes in different colours, can be cut in to any type of shape – reducing the need for joins – and can be polished to give a high-quality glossy appearance.

Black is one of the most popular choices for people using granite worktops as it is extremely versatile. However, there are a number of ways in which you can get the best out of this worktop style:

Make it monochrome

Black and white have been going together well for years and it is no different when it comes to incorporating black granite worktops into kitchens. Obviously having a monochrome theme doesn’t mean you have to have every single detail black and white, as this would probably be too restrictive, however the main themes should definitely be between the two colours – and don’t forget you can use greys too.

For example, you may want to pair your black granite worktop with white walls and units. Black furniture to match could also be used. Just remember to add a few touches of other shades; for example, you might want to add some plants to brighten up the room, or even a blind or mat in a contrasting shade. This will make sure that your kitchen has a theme, but is still interesting to the eye.

Get creative with chrome

One of the best colours to pair with black is chrome. These two shades can look dynamic together if done correctly and can help to create a kitchen which is both modern and stylish. Again it is about getting the right balance of both the shades – you don’t want all stainless steel and just one black worktop in the centre of it. Try to mix and match between accessories and units, and again add other interesting details to make sure it isn’t too uniform. Lighting is also key in a chrome kitchen as it can really make it eye-catching, so make sure you invest well in this area.

Work in some wood  

If you are going for a more homely kitchen, then you may want to team your black granite worktop with wood, as this can still create a modern, yet very inviting feel. Here, you can get away with adding plenty of wooden decor. For example, all of your kitchen units can be wooden, but make sure you have some fresh flowers around the kitchen, some good lights and maybe some cream curtains to brighten it up a little.

You are also probably better off using a lighter coloured wood, such as oak, rather than dark woods, as this will create a friendly social atmosphere in your kitchen. If you have wood flooring too, then make sure it is not the same colour and opt for something lighter to break things up a little.

Add a splash of bold colour

Some people may think it’s not wise to use a bold colour when incorporating a black granite kitchen worktop, however it can work. This method of design can either be used for home decorators who want a really modern and up-to-date kitchen, or those who want to go quite quirky when it comes to their kitchen design.

If going modern, the best thing to do is to team the worktop with bold walls, then keep the rest of the room quite simple, by using wood or chrome. You will also want quite light and simple flooring, as otherwise you will find your kitchen could give you a bit of a headache due to too much colour!

Those who are going quirky can literally let their imagination run wild. One bold choice could be to team red walls with your worktop, along with black units and a chequered white and black floor. This will really grab people’s attention and let your guests know you’re not afraid to have fun when you’re decorating

So what are you waiting for? Decide what way you are going to accessorise your black granite worktop and get decorating!

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