How to Create a Surrey Style Kitchen in Your Home


Say ‘Surrey’ and people usually picture sprawling, mock-Tudor mansions astride a wide road heading directly to London. Or wonderful detached homes with gently sloping gardens that roll down towards the Thames. Or a renovated apartment in a listed building. To say it’s a desirable place to live would be an understatement. It’s home to well over a million people, who can enjoy both the convenient location and an abundance of parks, open spaces and countryside – the balance is perfect.

Known as a ‘wealthy county’, where the property is priced to reflect the leafy suburbs, riverside situations and proximity to London, Surrey boasts some incredible homes. It makes sense, then, that when it comes to the decor, you wouldn’t make any rash, shoddy decisions – especially in the kitchen.

Surrey style

It’s hard to define Surrey’s style without using the word ‘wealthy’, but we’ll try. Geographically, the county is set upon chalk, clay and sandstone (precise location depending) and the latter is commonly used in the construction of homes. A great many are solid, red-brick new-builds – particularly at the more reasonable end of the price spectrum – but the typical Surrey home is arguably the 1930s three-bed semi (sometimes terraced). Though many have been extended into the long garden or garage, their distinct look is probably what you would distil as a ‘Surrey home’.

How to create a ‘Surrey style’ kitchen in your home

With so many different properties for inspiration, creating a ‘Surrey style’ kitchen might prove problematic. Or alternatively, with such wide scope, it offers lots of possibilities – it depends how you look at it. Here’s how you might like to bring Surrey into your kitchen:

Worktops: sleek, modern, clean – they seem to be the buzzwords for kitchen worktops, at least aesthetically speaking. That the kitchen worktop should be practical, hard-wearing and durable is a given. Most homeowners aspire to a granite worktop, it’s the most desirable, after all. However, another good option is Lapitec, which can be formed into seamless shapes to suit any layout. With colours like Sahara, Porfido Rosso and Avorio, you can replicate the local sandstone, clay and chalk.

1930s retro: A controversial choice but if you would like your kitchen to remain in-keeping with your 1930s semi, then it’s possible to select brand new items that give the same effect. If you don’t want lino on the floor, opt for patterned tiles and think about coloured units – sage green and cream. Your choice of table and chairs, wall art, blinds and accessories can easily add to the effect.


Bring the country in: If you’d like to achieve a Surrey-country feel, bringing a touch of the rural into your urban abode, why not treat yourself to some wooden units, earthy floor tiles and a neutral-coloured quartz worktop? If you have the space, you could add a dresser, decorated with pretty crockery and even swap the oven for an AGA City60 – a smaller version of the favourite classic.

Go mad for gadgets: Of course, it’s a gross generalisation to presume that many Surrey-ites are ‘in town’ all day long and not at home with hours to spend preparing dinner, but for those that are, or who don’t like cooking, then gadgets are the way to go. From an upmarket coffee machine and the vital chrome Nutribullet, to wine chillers and KitchenAid mixers – anything which makes your life easier and can be on display to the envy of your friends is surely essential!

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