Which Granite Worktop Colours Would Work Best in My Kitchen?

Choosing the colour of your beautiful kitchen worktop isn’t a decision to be made lightly. Once installed, it’s very difficult – and costly – to change a granite worktop. It’s not like you can swap it as you would a sweater in M&S. Without wishing to sound overly dramatic, it’s a choice you’ll have to live with for a long time, so getting it right first time vital.

Many of our customers deliberate over this element: would Galaxy Grey look better than the Cosmic Black granite? Or what about Butterfly Blue? The answer depends on many factors…

Light and space

In a kitchen with very little natural or even artificial light, you’d be well advised to opt for a worktop on the paler side of the colour spectrum. A good trick is to install pale units and match the worktop for a seamless effect. This will not only look ‘light’ but it will create an illusion of more space.

Opting for dark colours in a small kitchen can make it feel claustrophobic, but works fantastically in a large space, especially if you have a lot of light. Essentially – and this will come as no surprise – if your kitchen is bijoux and lacking light, then choose from among the whites, creams and yellows. If you have a lot of light and space, then you have more freedom.

The long term view

An important, though not crucial, factor in your decision is whether or not you might think about moving in the near future. While a bright red worktop might be stunning and ‘absolutely you’, it may not be to the taste of your potential buyers. Of course, you should choose the worktop that you want, but to increase your chances of selling, perhaps stick with a neutral tone, such as Ivory Chiffon granite. That way, you can easily display bright-coloured accessories and come the time to sell, viewers have a neutral kitchen in which they can imagine themselves.

Bear in mind that your own preferences will change over time, too, so choose something you think you can live with in ten, twenty years’ time.

Contemporary vs traditional

There’s nothing to say that just because you have a traditional farmhouse-style kitchen that you can’t have the most modern, smooth, brilliant white quartz. Equally, there’s no reason why in a chic new kitchen, replete with handle-less cupboards, you can’t have a wood-effect granite, like Golden Eclipse. However, it might look a bit out of place.

The question is, do you want to match your existing style or contrast with it? We’d recommend matching it, to create an entire look which extends throughout the kitchen and isn’t just restricted to the work surface. While the worktop will always be the focal point, you want it to stand out for a good reason. Bear in mind the colours of your cabinets, the walls, the tiles, the floor – even the kitchen table – when you’re flicking through your colour options.

Whatever YOU want!

You’ve wanted a luxurious granite kitchen worktop for years; this is your treat, so ultimately, despite everything we’ve said above, the colour you choose is entirely up to you! If you’d like some more advice or to see samples in person, then visit our showroom or call us on 01243 544770.