Large modern kitchen design

101 Kitchen Ideas

Upgrade your space with these unmissable kitchen ideas for every style and budget

If you’re like most people, cooking is an integral part of your daily routine. But all too often, the kitchen becomes nothing more than a room used solely for the purpose of meal prep and cleanup. 

Don’t worry though – our guide to 101 Kitchen design Ideas will show you how to transform your kitchen into not only a functional workspace but also one that oozes with style! 

Whether you’re looking for small kitchen designs or want some major inspiration on oversized spaces, we’ve got just what you need to revamp this spot in your home and give it the pizzazz it deserves. Let’s get cracking and bring some delicious design ideas into your cooking adventures!

Ideas You'll Find Here:

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Kitchen Colour Ideas

White Kitchen Ideas

Bright white modern kitchen with wooden floor

1. Bright white, stone worktop & splashback

A bright white kitchen is the perfect choice if you’re looking to lighten up your space and provide a crisp, contemporary feel. The stone worktop and veined marble splashback offer interesting texture and visual appeal, complemented perfectly by the contrast of a warm wooden floor. With this combination of materials, you have a mix that creates both a classic statement and modern splendour.

2. White with geometric lightshades & tiled splashback

This white kitchen is something to dream of and this one looks truly divine! The classic white cabinets provide a timeless look, while the geometric black light shades help create interest and contrast. The tiled splashback adds character to the space and makes it seem even more homely. Then, bringing it all together is the striking white granite worktop on an island that becomes the focal point of your kitchen.

White kitchen with geometric lightshades and tiled splashback
white kitchen with wood table

3. White contrasted with wood & grey

A contemporary kitchen with touches of warmth creates a beautiful marriage. In this space, white is used to create a clean and modern look in the cabinets and countertops, while being beautifully contrasted with the added wood tones in the table and lampshades. This look is furthered by the sleek grey flooring that ties everything together perfectly.

4. White & black classic combo

Creating a modern kitchen doesn’t have to be daunting. Start with a classic combination of white kitchen cabinets and worktops, adding contrast with black stone splashback. Its added touches like oversized fridge and unique pendant lampshades that will make your modern kitchen design stand out from the crowd with a balanced, stylish approach.

White and black kitchen
black worktop with white kitchen cabinets

5. Light and bright with black quartz worktop

A light and bright kitchen is the perfect way to give your room that alluring touch of class, combined with the elegant black quartz worktop and modern spotlights, it’s beautiful and practical. As you enter the room you are instantly taken aback at the stunningly beautiful contrast in colour and material. Not only does this kitchen look amazing, but the advanced quartz worktop is easy to clean, making it perfect for all your culinary needs. Plus, with the carefully placed spotlights in various corners of the room highlight all its gorgeous features.

6. White quartzite with charcoal accent

If you’re looking for a stylish, modern kitchen to make your home look like something straight off the pages of a magazine, then this white quartzite and charcoal accent island with stainless steel details is just what you need! The white quartzite countertop creates a great canvas for creating delicious meals, while the stainless steel detail elevates it even further. A modern touch like this charcoal accent island also helps break up the starkness of the white countertop – it gives an inviting balance to this unique kitchen.

White quartzite kitchen with charcoal accent
A small white kitchen with large hob and downlighting

7. Compact with downlit ambience

A compact white kitchen with downlighting is not only modern, but also full of atmosphere – leaving you free of the worry over choosing the right elements to create ambience in your space. With a large range cooker as the eye-catching centre piece and downlighting completing the look, this white kitchen will make all your meals memorable while being a timeless addition to any home.

8. Wide open with a functional & social island

A wide open white kitchen, complete with a functional and social island, makes for an inviting and alluring cooking space. Complementing the pristine white environment are sleek black fixtures and fittings that provide a unique touch of sophistication to the room. To make it even better, luxurious stools surround the island should you want to enjoy a cozy meal with friends – how amazing! Not only is this setup both beautiful and efficient, but it also encourages guests to hang out in what is usually the busiest area of any home.

Wide open white kitchen with a functional & social island. It also has black details in the fixtures and fittings and luxury stools around the island for guests

Brown Kitchen Ideas

brown kitchen with quartz worktop

9. Brown wood cabinets with complimenting worktop

When putting together different elements of kitchen design, one way to create an attractive and balanced look is to combine light and dark elements in complementary shades. For example, a warm brown wood cabinet with a natural stone worktop and a small tile backsplash featuring lighter tones can instantly make the space feel inviting

10. Open plan country farmhouse colours

Brown is a perfect colour to consider when creating a country-style farmhouse setup for a timeless yet contemporary feel. This stunning arrangement – with attractive brown wood cabinets and kitchen countertop, multi-tone jigsaw tiling and wood flooring – creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Large country style brown kitchen

Cashmere Kitchen Ideas

cashmere kitchen with white worktop

11. Cashmere cabinets with yellow and bronze detail

Cashmere cabinets with light yellow handles partnered with a white stone worktop and a bronze tap is a great way to go! Not only do these elements bring warmth and elegance to the space, but their neutral colour palette allows you to accessorize however you’d like. The combination of textures and colours is sure to be a showstopper in any kitchen. Create an inviting atmosphere by pairing this timeless look with vintage-inspired appliances and lush greens.

12. Cashmere palette with stone backsplash & gold detail

Its unique Cashmere kitchen palette is striking and full of personality, while the stone backsplash features beautiful swirling graining. Even finer details such as golden accents throughout the room give it an alluring touch. The final piece of art in this kitchen is a truly one-of-a-kind golden extractor hood, right in the center – an eye catcher that won’t go unnoticed!

13. Cashmere cabinets and walls with black stone

Stepping into this kitchen is like taking a breath of fresh air; it is simply stunning. It will make you feel right at home with its warm atmosphere that radiates from the delicate cashmere cabinets and the walls adorned with a mix of black stone and wood countertops beautifully finished with a deep white sink. Needless to say, it is a true modern classic that will instantly enhance the look and feel of any home. If you are looking for an inviting, cozy yet sophisticated kitchen, this one should be at the top of your list!

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

14. Vivid yellow cabinets with light wood and white

This a cute yet vivid kitchen to inspire yellow to brighten up small areas. The bold yellow colour of the kitchen cabinets provides a standout look that , while the light wood worktop softens the cabinets and gives it an easygoing feel. To complete the cosy look are the white clad walls and wicker lampshade.

Small yellow kitchen with white walls and wood lampshade

15. Mustard yellow with dark woods

Yellow doesn’t have to be punchy and overpowering. The combination of mustard yellow kitchen cabinets and deep dark wood worktops, shelving and furniture creates a look that is both warm and cosy. This is a beautiful palette. The contrasting colours truly bring out the best in each other, creating a lovely balance of light and dark. Mustard yellow is a great choice for those looking to add a touch of cheerful brightness to their kitchen. The deep dark wood works especially well as the main feature in any kitchen, transcending trends with its timeless appeal. 

Grey Kitchen Ideas

16. Charcoal with noir stone worktop and light grey wall

If you’re looking to create a modern, powerful statement with your kitchen, look no further than charcoal grey cabinets combined with a noir stone worktop and light grey stone wall. To really set the scene, down lighting is essential to highlight all of the beautiful textures and colours of the materials you’ve used. The result will be a sleek and stylish kitchen that is both elegant and eye-catching. Not only is this combination of colours calming, but it’s also an amazing way to make your kitchen the centrepiece of any home.

17. Grey cabinets with complimenting stone & stainless steel

The combination of the sleek grey tones and stainless steel detailing highlights any modern interior design, while the stone worktop adds a timeless touch. Best of all, these elements easily fit with many other colours, so it’s easy to incorporate your favourite accents throughout the room. The stainless steel pendant lampshades complete the look too – they bring just enough light while creating an inviting atmosphere.

18. Gunmetal grey and black Lapitec countertop

Step into a modern, futuristic kitchen and make your culinary dreams come true. Picture yourself in a beautiful room with sleek gunmetal grey cabinets, stylish black Lapitec worktop, and inviting down spotlights that accentuate the whole design. Enjoy the feeling of something special, knowing that this is your unique space to create delicious meals for family and friends. With this kitchen you can become the master chef you always wanted to be, cooking with ease in a modern environment filled with clean style.

Cream & Beige Kitchen Ideas

19. Cream lined with wood worktop & modern appliances

Cream kitchen cabinets give the perfect touch of warmth and sophistication to any size kitchen. With wood worktops that run along beautifully and modern appliances that sparkle, this is a kitchen worthy of admiration. Perfect for those who like a bright and cosy atmosphere, cream kitchen cabinets with wood worktops and stainless steel appliances complete the look – effortlessly modern yet brimming with personality.

20. Homely country feel with light cream palette

The kitchen has a homely feel that instantly makes you feel at peace. The light cream colour palette of the cabinets is calming and pairs beautifully with the classic millwork on the wood. There’s nothing quite like the comforting energy of a homely kitchen, and this one certainly succeeds in creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages you to stay and relax a while. Whether you’re cooking up a family feast or enjoying afternoon tea, this is exactly the kind of kitchen space where dreams are made.

21. Classic cream with stunning stone

The beauty of this classic almost Edwardian style kitchen lies in its subtle combination of the old and the new. Many eyes would be drawn immediately to the luxurious cream coloured cabinets, topped off with stunning granite stone worktops. Offsetting these features are thoughtful elements like the classic antique taps that remain in fashion even today. But all this traditional elegance is given an unmistakable modern touch by virtue of the stainless steel cooking appliances present here – truly evoking a homey yet contemporary atmosphere!

22. Beige blended with brown stone and white cabinets

A beige colour palette has a timeless charm, making it the perfect choice for your kitchen design. The combination of brown stone and white cabinets provides an elegant contrast that will be sure to impress all your guests. Brown stone worktops give the space a natural feel, while white cabinets brighten up the room without being too overpowering. For added warmth, you could opt to add wall art and accessories in more natural shades of beige or brown. By combining these beautiful elements, you’re sure to create a unique and inviting kitchen.

beige kitchen design
beige kitchen idea

23. Modern kitchen interior with beige worktop

This combination exudes class and sophistication while keeping up with the latest trends in kitchen design. Beige countertops provide a unique neutral tone that pairs well with any colour palette, while the blue-grey cabinets subtly accent the room and give it depth. Finally, LED down lighting will save you money on your utility bills while providing beautiful brightness for cooking, dining, or entertaining.

24. Beige cabinets mixed with dark grey

With its blend of beige cabinets and dark grey accents, this kitchen exudes a sleek atmosphere perfect for small gatherings with family or friends. The stainless steel details don’t just look great, they also offer an extra bit of durability to help the kitchen last for many years to come. It’s easy to envision spending hours in this kitchen, preparing dinners for everyone you love! Plus with its modern yet classic styling, it won’t soon go out of style!

Green Kitchen Ideas

25. Dark olive green shaker-style kitchen

With this stunning Shaker-style kitchen painted in dark olive green, matched with white worktops and brass finishes, the cooking experience will become truly special. The warm green hues of the cupboards combined with the striking yet elegant charm of brass fixtures make for a wonderful combination that will surely take your breath away. From the cupboard catches to the gleaming handles and knobs, not to mention the beautiful Aged Brass ‘Ionian’ taps – each piece comes together in such an exquisite way to set off any dish made in this unique kitchen. What an amazing combo!

26. Soft pistachio green farmhouse style

Stepping into this farmhouse style kitchen is like entering a cozy oasis. The soft pistachio green paint color, both calming and vibrant all at once, provides the perfect backdrop to the comfortable and stylish terra cotta floor tile. Every detail blends together perfectly to create a room that is both inviting and inspiring – you could easily spend hours here baking up all your family’s favorite treats! This kitchen is guaranteed to provide you with years of inspired cookery and plenty of happy memories down the line.

27. Pistachio green with light wood tones

This pistachio green kitchen with light wood countertops and exposed brickwork walls is a beautiful idea. The perfect blend of modern appeal, rustic charm, and of course an eye-catching colour palette help to create an inviting space. Not only does the contrast between the colours provide depth, but the texture introduced by the brickwork adds visual interest and keeps it from feeling too monotonous. The soft greens bring a serene energy that can calm even the hungriest of appetites!

28. Exposed brickwork with green backsplash

What a dreamy kitchen! The exposed brickwork, in shades of teracotta and coral, provides a warm backdrop that plays incredibly well off the sea-green shimmer of the backsplash. And it’s not just beautiful – this combination is also incredibly practical. Those white counters may look delicate but really they can handle anything you’d want to throw at them – whether it’s home-cooked meals on a regular evening or entertaining guests on special occasions, they’ll be up to the task.

Exposed brick kitchen with green backsplash

Navy & Blue Kitchen Ideas

blue kitchen idea

29. Deep blue walls contrasting against wood flooring

A kitchen with deep blue walls and wood flooring offers a unique and eye-opening combination. Whether you’re cooking dinner for family or throwing a dinner party, the centrepiece stone quartzite island surrounded by downlighting sets a unique ambience. It’s a luxurious blend that exhibits a modern outlook, coupled with an air of sophistication. There’s nothing quite like it – making this kitchen an oasis of style.

30. Navy & teal contrasted with with worktops and metallic details

Adding navy walls with teal kitchen cabinets to a kitchen can create quite a stunning effect. The beautiful contrast of these deeper tones with light worktops and metallic accents really brings out the best in the design. Whether you opt for touches of silver or go bolder with gold, the additional warmth of metals gives the entire room a luxurious yet homely feel.

navy blue kitchen idea

31. Light & airy contrasting deep blue cabinets

With light and airy tiles playing up the brighter tones of white splashbacks, gorgeous wooden worktops and dark blue cabinets with metallic details, your guests are sure to be wowed. The classic combination of light and dark draw out all the contrasting beauty in the room, creating a welcoming space that will certainly capture everyone’s attention.

32. Sophistication in navy and bronze detail

Navy blue cabinets are an ideal way to add a touch of sophistication and style to a kitchen. The inclusion of bronze metal details helps to elevate the look and make them stand out even more. When these are paired with white stone worktops, deep sinks and long, light-coloured tiled backsplashes the overall effect is stunning, creating balance and creating an inviting, relaxing atmosphere for meal preparation or entertaining guests.

33. Modern sophistication exuding class

There’s something so inviting about a modern kitchen with dark blue kitchen units and gleaming white stone worktops. Combined with electric appliances for a sleek finish, it exudes class and sophistication. It is sure to bring a sense of comfort and joy as you cook up anything from quick snacks to gourmet meals. The subtle colour that the dark blue units offer is welcomed without straying too far from the classic style of an all-white kitchen, while the luxurious stone highlights the beauty of the most used area in your home.

34. Finishing off the blue look with gold metal hardware

The blue style kitchen is both stylish and functional. Its thick stone worktops provide an elegant and durable finish, while the deep white sink basin creates a subtle contrast. Finishing off the look with classic gold metal details on the taps, hardware, and lighting provides a tasteful final touch. Whether you’re looking to prepare delicious dinners or you want a space that’s perfect for entertaining, this look is sure to bring a charming ambience to your home.

Red Kitchen Ideas

red kitchen idea

35. A little red in the splashback

With the perfect balance of red, white and black, this kitchen has an eye-catching modern feel that still retains its comfort. The red splashback gives a bold atmosphere to the kitchen while allowing the elegance of the white to remain in control. The black stone island grounds the room and creates an inviting contrast that draws guests in. Whether you’re looking for a bright spot to cook up laughter with friends or a cosy place to relax with your morning cup of coffee, this kitchen ensures harmony doesn’t fade away.

36. Deeply heart warming red for rustic vibes

If you’re looking for a kitchen that transports you into a warm and inviting home, then look no further than this one. The deep red wooden cabinets set against the white think grouted tiles pair wonderfully with the rustic vibes of the wooden floor to create a kitchen space anyone would be proud to have in their home. With such mixed textures and styles, this kitchen could easily become the heart of your own humble abode.

37. Red pop of city living

A striking red colour that pops against the full-length windows’ white stone tile flooring revealing breathtaking city views. The warm, inviting feel of the room is made even more inviting by natural light streaming in from the windows, catching in unique reflective surfaces like pulls and cabinets. The delicate balance between modernity and cosiness creates an atmosphere suitable for enjoying elegant dinners or entertaining loved ones. The robust colour of the room makes it a striking addition to your home, ensuring you never tire of the view.

Kitchen Style Ideas

Edwardian Kitchen Ideas

38. Impressive yet classic kitchen design

If you’re looking for an impressive yet classic kitchen design, an Edwardian style could be just what you need. With a combination of dark cabinets and white stone worktops, the look is both distinctive and timeless. To finish off the aesthetic, why not add a large range cooker that exudes luxury and finesse? The end result is a kitchen that will authentically reflect times gone by while maintaining an air of sophistication that will leave you feeling proud every time you walk in!

Edwardian kitchen idea
mid size Edwardian kitchen idea

39. Perfect for traditionalists and modernists

Perfect for traditionalists and modernists alike, this timeless design offers the perfect blend of classic lines coupled with contemporary touches. The white tiled walls provide a bright and airy feel while still maintaining that beautiful Edwardian aesthetic, while stunning white stone worktops add an unexpected glamour to the surface areas. The classic kitchen units create an inviting feeling of permanence and stability – ensuring that your new kitchen will stand the test of time. What’s more, by combining classic design with modern touches you can be sure of achieving a unique yet timeless look for your home.

40. Dark woods come to life

This stunning Edwardian style kitchen is a perfect way to bring a classic back to life. The beautiful dark wood kitchen units and terracotta tiled flooring add an unmistakable touch of sophistication. At the same time, the deep white sink, bright white worktops, and light fixtures bring a refreshing air of modernity to proceedings. Whether you’re cooking up a storm or enjoying your morning coffee, this charmingly chic kitchen will provide the perfect atmosphere for any occasion!

classic edwardian kitchen

41. Rouge tones around a butcher's block island

From first sight, this Edwardian kitchen cabinetry stands out with its charm; the inviting beige tiled splashbacks and the large butcher block in the middle as a centrepiece are sure to draw attention. The classic yet timeless design is ideal for both traditional and modern kitchens – they make versatile companions that will work their way into anyone’s decor effortlessly. With this beautiful blend of functionality and stylishness, your kitchen is sure to become a warm, welcoming space you’d want to come home o every day.

Cosy Kitchen Ideas

42. A wood cabin cosy punch

Despite its size, this kitchen packs a cosy punch! You can’t help but be taken in by the homey wood cabin feel – it brings a comforting bit of nature into the space. The serene look of beige cabinets combined with white worktops creates a positive yet practical atmosphere. And for those chilly evenings, a cool classic wood burner in the corner is sure to make things toasty warm. Now that’s an inviting kitchen if ever we saw one!

cosy kitchen idea
modern cosy kitchen

43. Light, modern and welcoming

A modern kitchen doesn’t need to be super-sized to be appreciated. This light, cozy kitchen is proof of that. For those of us who adorn the walls of our homes with patterned wallpaper, the eclectic style combined with exposed brick and modern white cabinets around an island makes for a winning aesthetic that fits the bill perfectly. There’s nothing quite like it for creating a beautiful relaxation space where you can invite friends over without having to go overboard with extravagance.

44. Soft furnishings & lighting touches

Sensing a soft cosiness when you step into the kitchen of your dreams, this inviting space has everything needed for an intimate evening cooking in the heart of your home. With cream and wood furnishings that contrast beautifully, cuddling up with a book or a coffee will be just as enjoyable. Adding the cutest touches to make it truly warm and homely, from the plush cushions to the twinkling of fairy lights, sitting in this kitchen might just give you all the cosy vibes that you require. welcoming space you’d want to come home to every day.

45. Country style with homely touches

A touch of tradition, a hint of modernity, and that special vintage charm make this country style kitchen the cosiest place to spend time with family or friends. Warm tones from the classic woods provide a basis for the design, paired perfectly with contemporary details. In addition to the main aesthetic elements, small touches like inviting twinkling lights are integrated into the design to put finishing touches on the area’s homely atmosphere. It is easy to warm up with comfortable sofas and personal items that allow for further customization. All of these features come together in perfect harmony, creating an inviting country kitchen that can live on for generations.

Country & Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

46. Mixed warm wood, granite & period peices

If you want to create a sophisticated country-style kitchen, wood tones should be at the forefront of your design. A beautiful mix of wood flooring creates a warm and subtly elegant atmosphere that’s sure to make your kitchen inviting for all family and friends who come over for dinner. The perfect complement to this classic look are modern touches like granite worktops and a social kitchen island, which together make for an effortlessly stylish overall aesthetic. Of course, don’t forget the classic wooden cabinets, period pieces that can draw the eye and complete your dream country style kitchen.

country style kitchen with large breakfast bar worktop

47. The modern farmhouse style

A modern farmhouse-style kitchen is the perfect combination of style and practicality. Characterful exposed brick and wood beams add a unique touch, while large sink basins and central islands provide plenty of useful storage space. It’s an ideal kitchen for those who want a feeling of spaciousness while still having everything they need at hand. With carefully planned storage options eliminating clutter, this modern farmhouse-style kitchen gives you a sense of peace to create delicious culinary masterpieces in

48. Small farmhouse with rustic touches

With the warm and inviting atmosphere of a farmhouse style kitchen, you can create light and space by using classic whites and creams. The simplistic white tiled backsplash combined with rustic wooden accents on the hightable and light wood lampshades creates a timeless look that won’t be quickly dated. You’ll be sure to love spending time cooking or just relaxing in this dreamy kitchen sanctuary!

cream country kitchen

49. Clever use of wood without overpowering

A kitchen is often the heart of a home, and having an open plan country style kitchen certainly allows its inhabitants to appreciate this. The spacious island in this setup provides both a functional space for preparing meals, as well as a large social area to catch up with family and friends. It is crucial not to overpower the room with too much wood, which has been cleverly entwined here, meaning the white cabinets and stone worktop bring a modern touch to the classic design that will last for years to come.

Terraced House Kitchen Ideas

50. Clever use of stone worktop shapes

Tight on space, terraced house kitchens can be a tricky square to manoeuvre. But don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm; the right use of stone worktops can be a clever way to bring life into the room and make it feel less boxed in. With custom shapes and cuts, you could even create social spaces that are both practical and attractive. It’s not just about making small changes; if you’re creative enough, there could even be room for big surprises!

terraced house kitchen

51. Exetensions to tranform your open plan kitchen

Adding an extension to the back of your terraced house can offer you so much freedom and versatility for a relatively small investment. Not only does it give the illusion of additional space, but it also brings light into your home and breathes life into an otherwise outdated kitchen or dining area. The modern design can give your kitchen a sleek look and transform the cramped living space into something more spacious. It not only brightens up the place but also helps create a more open plan feel that perfectly reflects our current times. With such a dramatic change to your house, you’ll be truly amazed at how different it feels when complete.

52. A pop of colour and let the light stream in

A terraced house kitchen can often feel limited on space, but its small size doesn’t have to mean compromising on design. Bringing a hint of the outdoors in with green colours and patio doors creates a light and airy feel that helps make the most of every inch. Granite worktops add a touch of luxury while reflecting natural light back into the room, creating an inviting place to cook and entertain. By transforming such a small space into something special, you can turn your terraced house kitchen into an oasis of calm.

Open Plan Kitchen Ideas

open plan kitchen idea

53. Open plan classic aesthetic

Combining a classic aesthetic with an open plan kitchen is the perfect way to bring both style and functionality into any home. The space surrounding the social and functional island of this kitchen opens up endless possibilities for entertaining family and friends, yet the tasteful dividing of it into a living and dining area creates different settings. This classic feel immediately makes you feel right at home – there’s ample room for people to mingle, eat, relax, or simply enjoy each other’s company.

54. Modern yet homely atmosphere

Achieving the perfect balance between modern and homely atmospheres can be tricky, but this simple kitchen design – complete with open plan and minimalism in mind – is a masterclass. Not only has the colour and design of the kitchen been thoughtfully utilised to tie the room together, but personal touches come from little elements throughout: perhaps most notably visible through the busy bookshelf and dark wood table.

open plan kitchen with wood toped island

55. Let the light stream in

Open plan kitchens are the epitome of modern design, and this one is no exception. The bright white kitchen cabinets and countertop radiate in an impressive amount of light from skylights and patio doors — perfect for a warm summer day! Whether entertaining your friends or having a summer family dinner, this inviting living area will make you feel right at home. Indeed, with its clean cut and airy look, this open plan kitchen brings an instant feel of warmth and comfort to any space.

56. Open up smaller spaces

No matter the size of your house, you can get the look that will make it feel bigger, brighter and more inviting. This kitchen truly embodies the concept, with a fresh white palette to reflect the maximum amount of light possible and tasteful metallic details to add a touch of sophistication. The result is an open, airy layout that captures what makes open plan so popular – increased space and natural lighting throughout. Bring in this style even if your home already feels compact – it’s a surefire way to make your house much more inviting and enjoyable!

open plan kitchen with bright with and gallery styling
open plan kitchen in a modern apartment

57. Unlock space and modernise apartments

If you’re looking for the perfect upscale abode without compromising on space or convenience, an open plan kitchen is your key to unlocking acres of space and livability. Blending the classic feel of dark cabinets with the clean contemporary lines of stainless steel fittings, your apartment living experience can skyrocket to a truly modern level. With this design, you’ll be steps away from all your facilities so you can create culinary masterpieces while effortlessly interacting with your guests in their own corner of comfort.

58. The million dollar feel

When it comes to luxury and comfort, this open plan kitchen will give you that million-dollar feel. Its high tech amenities promise a laidback yet indulgent atmosphere as guests can be entertained around the grand dining table or relaxed in an intimate lounge area. What’s more, this kitchen need not encroach on the living space – Instead, it blends perfectly so that whatever your mood may be the entire area will work in harmony with one another.

Large modern open plan kitchen design

Cottage Kitchen Ideas

59. Picture perfect cottage kitchen

You won’t believe your eyes when you see this picture-perfect cottage kitchen. The original exposed brickwork and rustic wood beams make this room feel inviting and pleasant, as if you stepped into a cottage in the countryside of Cornwall. Adding to the charm, light green cabinets and well-placed spotlights transform this kitchen from a traditional space to something modernised yet still with that charming, rustic feel.

60. A fresh natural feel

A cottage kitchen design is a great way to bring that homemade feel into your home. The think wooden worktop creates that rustic atmosphere, perfectly complemented by the unique pipe taps and built-in sink. To make the room really pop, white walls and light cabinets help to brighten an area even in limited light- perfect for those long summer days and plants to grow!

61. Rustic charm & handmade pottery

Nothing beats the joy of cooking in a rustic kitchen with aged wood accents that add a heartwarming and homey feel. The handmade pottery scattered thoughtfully throughout gives an artisan vibe and ensures that this space definitely won’t have that “cottage look.” Food prep areas are sleek and sophisticated, with stone worktops, and a large basin, plus ample lighting to make sure each dish is perfection.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

62. Make your grilling dreams come true

With the perfect outdoor garden kitchen, you can make all your summer grilling dreams come true – no more running indoors and out to fetch ingredients and cookware! This one features stainless steel cooking units, a modern bbq grill, and a wooden splashback which all come together to create a wonderful aesthetic. The natural elements of energy, along with the exposed grey brick wall in the background, bring an undeniable charisma that has no rival on those balmy summer nights.

Outdoor granite kitchen
Aura 15 Dekton kitchen worktop for outdoor living space

63. BBQ in sophisticated style

Host summer cookouts all year round with the perfect outdoor bbq grilling kitchen. Featuring a modern and sophisticated design, this unique setup includes a white dekton worktop and charcoal units fitted with energy-efficient LED strip lights that give off a warm, glowing light to any space. With this functional and stylish kitchen set up, you can cook hamburgers and hotdogs in no time for your friends and family.

64. That Mediterranean style

When looking for an outdoor kitchen that merges classic style with modern amenities, a Mediterranean style kitchen is the perfect fit. Featuring traditional white curves and strong black framing as its foundation. Not only does it offer a timeless feel, but modern touches like fittings are cleverly nestled into nooks to give off a contemporary vibe. So if you’re up for creating an atmosphere of effortless luxury in your garden or patio area, a Mediterranean styled outdoor kitchen could be just the ticket.

outdoor garden kitchen
modern outdoor kitchen

65. Bring the inside to the outside

This classic modern kitchen style brings summer living to a whole new level! No more fighting over the BBQ – with this stylish outdoor kitchen and living space, you can enjoy all your culinary creations in the open air. Relaxing on the deck with friends and family is no problem either – thanks to the way the house has been opened up, there’ll be enough room for everyone! Best of all, just effortlessly move between indoors and out for days of blissful summer time fun.

66. Elegant outdoor culinary creation

If you love to entertain outdoors then this outdoor kitchen is for you! Prepare meals in the egg oven, enjoy a cosy fire in the open fireplace, and have a place to keep your firewood. At the same time, you and your guests can enjoy a cocktail at the backlit bar area while your delicious meats slow cook. All of this plus the fresh air will make your get-togethers even more enjoyable. It’s everything you need to create memories that will last a lifetime!

67. Pizza please!

Did someone say pizza? Get ready to cook up the most delicious pies in your very own outdoor pizza kitchen in the garden. With a stone pizza oven that stays hot for days, you can make fresh pizzas whenever you want – right in your own backyard. You’ll love kneading and spinning dough on the stone worktop before topping it with all sorts of homemade ingredient. As the night sky sets in, pull out some spotlighting for evening feasts so you can keep cooking up crispy crusts into the evening. Arrive in Naples without a plane ticket by creating a mini pizza paradise at home!

Kitchen Size Ideas

Tiny Kitchen Ideas

68. Cute pine theme kitchen

Creating a cute, pine-themed kitchen for a small home or cabin doesn’t have to be a challenge. To add brightness to the design and make the space feel larger, white cabinets and compact appliances should be incorporated into the layout. Small details like jar canisters or colourful bowls can also be used to accentuate the festive atmosphere of your cosy kitchen! With the right selections and thoughtful arrangements, you truly can create an inviting kitchen that make you feel welcome.

tiny kitchen idea for cabin
tiny kitchen idea for long room

69. The illusion of space

Creating the illusion of space in a tiny kitchen can be a challenge; however, with the clever use of light and dark elements, it’s easy to make an area feel much larger. The contrast between a bright white backdrop and some darker woods on countertops and black beams and window surrounds creates a cosy yet spacious feeling. This effect is sure to give your room the added design touch it needs. With this colour scheme in place, you can easily craft an area that feels warm and inviting while still keeping rooms airy and inviting!

70. Careful placement and utilisation of corner units

A tiny kitchen may feel like an afterthought when trying to fit all the elements into a small dining area, however with careful placement and utilisation of corner units you can create more space than you thought! Corner units have come a long way in recent years, offering all the amenities of a standard kitchen. Fitted with a built-in fridge or freezer, microwave or oven and sink, along with plenty of storage space all within arm’s reach, you would be surprised just how much can fit into such a small area without making your room feel cramped. Creating a workable and efficient kitchen space, even with limited square-footage will not only save you time but money too!

tiny kitchen idea for corner room
tiny kitchen idea for a frame home

71. The master of the tiny home

Don’t be fooled by the small size of tiny house kitchens – appearances can be deceiving! Even with a limited floor plan, you can still enjoy a beautiful, functional kitchen. This design maximizes space by incorporating white and wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances. You’ll love how open and spacious the room feels, not to mention all the amazing things you can do with your shiny new cooking range! Who knows, maybe you’ll even become the master of tiny house cuisine!

72. The full compliment of kitchen utility and design

If you ever wished for that perfect, modern kitchen but were afraid it wouldn’t fit in a tight space, have no fear. This modern tiny kitchen has everything you need – bright white units and white brickwork to exude light and create an uplifting atmosphere. With wood work surfaces and stainless steel appliances, the kitchen feels contemporary and sleek, while a large sink rounds off the full compliment of essential kitchen components.

Small Kitchen Ideas

73. Don't compromise on contemporary style

Renovating an apartment can be an exciting experience, yet it can quickly become overwhelming when it comes to managing a budget. Much of the cost can often stem from outfitting the kitchen, but there’s no need to compromise the contemporary style and atmosphere you had your heart set on. By selecting white units and darker woods, you can achieve a modern look without breaking the bank. An added plus is incorporating a small dining table into the kitchen space so that you have somewhere comfortable to enjoy your morning cup of joe or an intimate dinner.

small kitchen idea with wood and white cabinets
small kitchen idea with modern feel combing wood and white

74. Minimalisim with spacious vibes

Step into this small, modern kitchen and you’d think you were in a high-end luxury space. The clean-cut lines create an air of spaciousness, while the minimalist design ensures there’s no clutter anywhere to eat up valuable inches. The stone worktop doubles as a charming breakfast bar, providing plenty of room for seating three or four people – perfect for laid-back family breakfasts or relaxed gatherings with friends. And if you look close enough, you can appreciate the way the chic wood units almost hide in plain sight, giving this kitchen a unique edge.

75. A compact gem has it all

For anyone who appreciates an all-white look, this small corner kitchen, with its clean white aesthetics, will be a dream come true. The neat integration of appliances into the kitchen units allows your space to remain clutter-free and adds to the minimalistic feel of the kitchen. Black detailing in the handles and hardware provide just the right contrasting touch to break up the uniformity of this beautiful ensemble. Whether you’re looking for charm, efficiency or both – this compact gem has it all!

small kitchen idea
small kitchen idea which uses red tones and stainless steel hood

76. Small kitchen, big personality

A small kitchen with a big personality. This particular setup has accomplished that in spades! The contrast between the beautiful deep red units and authoritative charcoal backsplash and countertop is extraordinary. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s topped off by the sleek cylindrical steel extractor hood, which acts as the centrepiece of the entire kitchen.

Galley Kitchen Ideas

77. Edwardian style in a galley kitchen

The Edwardian-style galley kitchen is truly something to behold! The navy blue balances nicely with the bright light, giving the space an air of sophistication. Even more impressively, arranged throughout are beautiful brass details that bring the elegant aesthetic to the next level. Anchoring it all together is a stunning white stone worktop, which serves as an excellent counterpoint to those aforementioned brass elements and adds a touch of classic flair.

78. A simple touch of luxury

The white kitchen units add lightness to the room, while the grey granite worktop adds a touch of luxury. With those two elements working in unison and a tiled splashback to finish it all off, you can create an inviting atmosphere that still oozes sophistication. A few added extras such as a colourful backsplash or accessorised shelves could bring even more life to this already delightful setting.

79. Immaculate white stone and straight lines

This kitchen is a dream! The white stone throughout helps to create an immaculate and timeless look, while the defined straight lines in the cabinets give the room a modern energy with a nod to mid century vibes. All brought together by the warming woods in the floor.

80. Setting the atmosphere with grey and white

This galley kitchen is the perfect modern look with grey and white tones that set a peaceful atmosphere. So many details are carefully thought out to make this an inviting space such as spotlights that highlight areas where you’ll be spending time. It also opens out into a social island, providing the perfect spot to grab a bite or to sit and chat while enjoying drinks with friends.

81. Elegant classical inspiration

With its elegant, classical inspiration, this white Edwardian kitchen is sure to be a beautiful addition to your home. The contrast between the clean whiteness and the tactile warmth of the stone worktops make for a truly stunning look – complemented by charming bronze details and black window and door frames. Whether you’re hosting an important dinner for friends or simply spending quality time with family, this kitchen will be the perfect backdrop to make all your special memories.

Medium Size Kitchen Ideas

medium sized kitchen with stone, wood and grey cabinets

82. A luxurious look

Whether you are an at-home chef or just starting out, a mid-sized kitchen has all you need to create amazing meals for your family. The modern feel of this kitchen gives it a sleek design. White stone countertops and backsplash with grey veining look stunning, and contrast beautifully with the wooden colour floor and dark cabinets. Stainless steel appliances top off the luxurious look, and tie it all together.

83. Clean, simple and elegant

With a clever use of white tones and varied lighting, this medium sized kitchen feels much more spacious than it is. Its clean and simple design is made all the more elegant by the presence of a kitchen island, both providing an area to prepare meals and offering comfortable seating as a breakfast bar. You’ll appreciate the extra square footage as you cook up delicious dishes or enjoy freshly-made treats with family and friends.

medium size kitchen in all white style
medium size kitchen with white and wood design

84. Beautiful stones and unique tiling

A kitchen with a clever use of space can prove just how much you can do in even the tightest of areas. Neutral tones make it light and airy while an inspired feature tile or splashback can elevate it even further. To add that touch of elegance, why not try a stone island to really give it the wow factor? With clever design no longer do you have to sacrifice luxury – now you can achieve the look and feel you want without compromising on space.

85. Maximising space and golden touches

Wow, this kitchen looks so inviting – from the neutral tones to finer details such as the gold style light fittings. The team behind this design have made the most of the wall space for maximum cooking and food preparation area, yet still incorporate a neat and compact central island. Perfect for socializing with family and friends when you’re cooking up something delicious!

medium sized kitchen with island
medium size kitchen with wicker lighting

86. Neutral colours with added personality

A unique kitchen that lets personalities show through can really make your space feel special. This particular kitchen’s neutral cream colour palette is complemented with stylish, straight-lined central island, which is not only practical but also inviting. The oversized wicker light shades give the space a lovely beach house vibe, making the cooking premise fun and homely.

87. Modern aesthetic with expansive feelings

If you are looking for a kitchen that blends modern aesthetic with a bright, expansive feeling then this open plan space should be your go-to. Dark cabinets make for a modern look, while stone slabs give the room an understated elegance. White bar seating adds more vibrancy to the design and helps tie the elements of the room together. To top it off, there’s an impressively large sky light that allows natural light to pour in, making this already sizeable area feel much bigger than reality

medium size kitchen with modern feel breakfast bar

Large Kitchen Ideas

Large kitchen with open plan design

88. Dark & light tones for elegant contrast

This large kitchen certainly looks something special. With a combination of dark and light grey cabinets, the modern design has a beautiful shine that will surely dazzle in any setting. A large kitchen island gives added practicality to the room, allowing for more preparations to take place and providing social space for family and friends. And the white walls, high spotlit ceilings, and light-toned wooden flooring make for an elegant contrast that is sure to brighten up the atmosphere of the entire home.

89. Straight out of a design magazine

A kitchen like this is truly breathtaking! Its elegant grey stone work looks straight out of a design magazine, perfecting the luxurious look and feel. The stunning charcoal cabinets provide an excellent contrast which could make anyone feel like they are in their own chic oasis. Not to mention, the many seating options add an inviting touch, making it seem even more comforting and homely. Plus, large windows fill the space with natural light all throughout the day, allowing for bright days spending time here with family and friends.

Large modern kitchen design
Mixed metal kitchen trend for a Large kitchen with gold trim details

90. Large surfaces & luxurious fittings

With modern kitchen design trends focused on open and airy spaces, it can be hard to make the most of larger kitchens. That’s where unique designs focusing on large surfaces and islands come into play! Considering this approach will give you the opportunity to create stunning designs that truly bring the room together. Lighting and extractor hoods become luxurious additions to your kitchen – with metallic details elevating them from a functional necessity to statement pieces It is a great way breakup a the neutral tones while creating a cohesive feel.

91. Functional design for generous space

A large kitchen with a clever use of space is always an impressive sight – and this one is no different! The white cabinets that run around the length of the walls not only provide generous amounts of storage, but also create a bright and airy effect. To add some texture, the cabinets are backed by a wooden worksurface which looks fantastic! Spotlights throughout help to keep the scene well lit, even when there is limited natural light. This kitchen is a true example of style and functionality all rolled into one.

Large kitchen that runs the length of the room with wooden worktop
Large kitchen with classic wooden design ethos

92. Classic, eleganant, and practical

A kitchen designed with classic wood and granite worktops is the perfect combination of elegance, style and practicality. With plenty of workspace, an avid chef can prepare their favorite dishes in comfort and style. The open plan nature of this design also helps to create an effortless transition between cooking and socializing – no more standing in the shadows while the party is going on!

94. Connecting luxury with nature

Cooking in this kitchen must be an incredible experience! The luxurious high wooden ceiling and skylights bring a natural feel, while the gray stone worktops and modern cooking appliances add an extra touch of opulence. And that’s not to mention all the natural light flowing in through the large windows. Together all these elements come together to make your home kitchen a masterpiece! It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking in a space that connects them with nature, without sacrificing on luxury.

Kitchen Splashback Ideas

95. Bianco Eclipse Quartzite Splashback

Are you looking for a beautiful and eye-catching splashback for your kitchen? Look no further than Bianco eclipse quartzite! This stunning stone will be the focal point of your kitchen, adding an elegant flair to any space. Its unique grey and dark veining creates a remarkable contrast, helping it stand out from any other design. Not only is it visually appealing, but it’s also easy to maintain and hard wearing. With its beauty and durability, Bianco eclipse quartzite will instantly transform your kitchen into the home of your dreams.

Bianco Eclipse quartzite Kitchen Worktop and Splashback
Pearl white kitchen splashback

96. Pearl White Quartz Spalshback

Adding a pearl white stone splashback to your kitchen creates a polished surface and adds an elegant touch to the décor and also brings a sense of grandeur to the cooking space. This splashback gives you peace of mind about maintaining your kitchen’s clean and pristine feel. Its timeless beauty will outlast short-term trends and create that classic statement in any home.

97. Dark Radium Dekton Splashback

Installing a radium dekton kitchen splashback is the perfect way to add an extra touch of luxury and modern style to your kitchen. Made from unique minerals, this finish gives your space a one-of-a-kind feel that will make you and your guests marvel in admiration. Not only is this luxurious upgrade truly beautiful, it’s also easy to clean and maintain.

Close up picture of a Radium Dekton Worktop and Splashback

98. Liquid Gold Splashback

A liquid gold splashback is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to your kitchen, creating an eye-catching finish that will dazzle you. This luxurious splashback has a glossy, glass-like surface that reflects light around the room, which provides a soothing atmosphere for cooking and entertaining. Not only does it look beautiful but it is also long-lasting and easy to clean, meaning your finished cooking area can remain looking gorgeous for years to come.

99. Pink Tiled Spashback

A pink tiled splashback is a great way to give your kitchen a little bit of extra personality. Its subtle yet striking look gives it the perfect balance between standing out and blending in, making it ideal for adding a soothing splash of colour without overwhelming the other details of your kitchen. The light, ethereal look pairs perfectly with traditional green kitchen units and wood flooring – together, these simple elements create an inviting and warm atmosphere that you’ll want to spend all your time in.

100. Hexagonal Tiled Splashback

If you’re looking for something a bit different for your kitchen, consider installing a hexagonal tile splash back and wall cladding! This contemporary style provides an eye-catching and unique feature in any room, giving it instant visual appeal. For extra sophistication, why not pair the splash back with a light quartzite stone worktop? Not only does this combination look stunning, but it is also incredibly practical – easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear.

kitchen splashback idea with hexagonal tiling
kitchen splashback with small green tiling

101. Mini Green Tiled Backsplash

The last kitchen idea on our list would really brighten up the room. Mini green tiles with white grouting give off an Italian vibe, making it feel like you’re in a Tuscan countryside. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of colour, but if green is not your thing then never fear – there are plenty of different colour options available depending on where you want to take your kitchen design.

Kitchen Ideas No Matter What You're Looking For

Overall, finding ways to bring your kitchen design to life might seem daunting. With 101 kitchen ideas however, it’s easier than ever to match whatever design and colour scheme you’re hoping for!

Whether you want something classic and neutral, or perhaps something more vibrant, there’s sure to be an idea out there that captures the look and feel of your dream kitchen. Furthermore, kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Inspiration can be found for both small and large scale projects – so no matter what size room you start with, you should have no problem finding the perfect style for your space.

If remodelling your kitchen is top of your agenda then make sure you contact us here at County Stone for beautiful stone worktops and splashbacks! So don’t wait any longer – get started on creating the ultimate home cooking hub!

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As we look ahead to 2023, it appears that the trend in kitchen design is changing. Rather than the stark, minimalist style of Scandinavian design or the traditional white and grey farmhouse aesthetic, homeowners are embracing warmer tones and bold pops of colour in their kitchens. This new direction promises to bring a sense of warmth and vibrancy to the heart of the home. As we continue to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of modern living, it’s exciting to see this shift towards more expressive, personalized kitchen design that reflects the unique tastes and lifestyles of each homeowner. And, as always, the dedicated professionals in the kitchen design industry are ready and eager to help homeowners create the kitchen of their dreams.

In today’s kitchen design trends, the most popular style is a combination of classic and modern known as transitional. This hybrid style blends the warmth and elegance of traditional design with the sleek and simple lines of contemporary design. Transitional kitchens often feature neutral colour palettes, simple yet sophisticated cabinetry, and mixed materials such as wood and metal. While the transitional style is leading the way, both traditional and contemporary designs are still very much in demand. The traditional style remains popular for its timeless beauty and the contemporary style for its modern and clean look.

One of the most popular style kitchens now is achieving a modern look for cheap. This can be done by updating hardware, using lighter colors, replacing cabinet doors, changing lighting, using artwork, painting appliances stainless steel, adding window treatments, and styling a breakfast nook. By doing these few simple updates, you can transform your kitchen into a more visually appealing and functional space. Whether you choose to update one or all of these elements, incorporating modern design elements into your kitchen will make it feel fresh and new. Achieving a modern look for cheap is a great way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank.

As we look to the future of modern kitchen design, it’s important to understand that certain trends come and go with the changing times. One kitchen trend that we are steadily seeing phase out in the luxury consumer market is the use of faux materials, such as quartz that mimics the look of marble. Many are choosing a classic and timeless aesthetic of the utmost importance. With this in mind, natural stone remains the perfect choice for kitchen floors, countertops, and backsplashes. Natural stone is a statement piece that will remain stylish for years to come, outdoing any fleeting trends that may come and go.

Kitchen islands have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Not only do they add valuable counter space, but they also offer additional storage and can serve as a gathering place for family and guests to gather in the heart of the home. A well-designed kitchen island can also add a stylish accent to any kitchen. However, before deciding on whether to install a kitchen island, it is important to consider the size of your kitchen and your lifestyle needs. A kitchen island can be a fantastic addition to a larger kitchen, but it may not be the best choice for a smaller space with limited room to walk around. Ultimately, the decision to add a kitchen island should be based on your individual needs and preferences.

The idea of an open plan kitchen has become increasingly popular in recent times. It involves combining the kitchen, dining, and living areas into one open space, resulting in a seamless transition between these rooms. Open plan kitchens are generally seen as a stylish, modern option for homeowners. However, whether an open plan kitchen is a good idea depends on various factors. A professional designer takes into account the specific needs of each client and their living space before recommending any changes. Factors such as the age and size of the house, lifestyle, household members, and even preferences can all impact the final decision. When executed properly, an open plan kitchen can be a practical and beautiful addition to a home.