How To Look After Granite Stone


Homeowners can use granite in their property in a range of ways. For example, it can be used for coffee and dining tables, vanity units, on staircases and even flooring. However, one of the main uses for granite stone is on bathroom and kitchen worktops.

The material is perfect for worktops because as well as being attractive, it is also highly heat-resistant and hard to scratch. Although this is true, those who use the material in their home should still make sure they take care of it – to keep it looking its best.

This article will take a look at some of the main ways that granite can become damaged and what homeowners can do to avoid this.

What causes damage to granite stone?

Although granite stone is highly resistant to heat, high temperatures can still cause damage to counter surfaces if owners aren’t careful. For example, those with granite worktops are advised not to put hot pans onto the surface as it can cause marks, which may be permanent. Heat is also known to cause discolouring to granite worktops, which again may become permanent.

Scratches can also be left on granite worktops if proper care isn’t taken. For example, they may be caused by using a knife on it for chopping, so it is advised that a chopping board is also used. Those who are lucky enough to have diamond rings should also keep them away from the surface as this is known to scratch granite!

What can be done to protect it?

As well as the simple advice listed above, such as not placing hot items straight onto worktops and not using sharp items on granite surfaces, there are also a number of other things than can be done to protect them.

Unlike other suppliers of granite worktops that need resealing every 6-12 months, our sealant is a one-time application that will last for 30 years before requiring another application, so you know your worktop is well protected. It is recommended to clean the worktop with water and a soft cloth and then dry with a towel, or alternatively, use a specialist cleaner such as Stain-Proof Daily Countertop Cleaner.. Abrasive cleaning products should not be used under any circumstances because these could damage the surface. Scouring pads could also cause micro-scratches and could dull the surface of the granite.

Those who don’t want marks to show up easily on their granite worktop should also opt for a plain surface over a black one as it will help to disguise any marks. However, owners who are purchasing granite worktops must be aware that as granite is a natural product, there is bound to be variation. This will mean the surface may not always look perfect.

Simple care

You should try and take thorough care of your granite worktop by wiping it down daily. However, if you have neglected your worktop for a while, then you may need to purchase a heavy-duty degreaser to take off any tough marks that have been left on the surface, as well as dirt, grease and grime. The degreaser will provide a thorough clean, without damaging the stone. However, those who are using it must make sure that they follow the instructions on the product very carefully.

The last piece of advice for people who have granite worktops is to make sure they never allow anyone to sit on them under any circumstances. This is because although they are sturdy, they are not designed to take the weight of an adult.

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So, now you have all the tools and knowledge to protect your granite worktop, there is no excuse to have it in anything but peak condition so it finishes off your bathroom or kitchen perfectly.