7 Quartz Worktop Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen with a sleek, modern worktop, then you should definitely consider quartz. With its range of viable options and glossy finish, quartz can help bring a brand-new level of sophistication to your kitchen space. Plus, an added bonus: it’s incredibly durable and requires very little maintenance!

In this blog post we’ll be taking a look at 7 stunning quartz worktops that will help elevate the style in any home cooking space – read on for some inspiration!

Classic White Quartz worktop in Calacatta Grigio

1. Classic Quartz Calacatta Grigio Kitchen

Combining dark kitchen cabinets with the luxurious Classic Quartz ‘Calacatta Grigio’ quartz worktop is an unbeatable combination that exudes elegance and exclusivity. Both stylish and sophisticated, Calacatta Grigio quartz perfectly complements darker wood tones, especially when it’s characterised by its gentle grey veining across a white base background. In addition, the material is book matched to make sure that there’s a unifying pattern of grey veins so that you can get the look of luxury quartz patterned throughout your kitchen. With this kind of classic yet contemporary look, this unique pairing adds a touch of glamour you won’t be able to resist!

Classic Quartz Calacatta Grigio Kitchen
olympuschi white kitchen worktop with white cabinets

2. Cimstone ‘Olympos’ Quartz Worktops

Installing Cimstone ‘Olympos’ worktop in your kitchen is an excellent way to bring a feeling of durability and timeless elegance to the heart of your home. This worktop is particularly well-suited for white cabinets, creating a modern look and spacious feel. Cimstone’s ‘Olympos’ product line provides unique designs that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring your meals will be cooked with unsurpassed efficiency and impeccable style. If you’re looking for a neat, stylish solution that fits perfectly within your kitchen space, Cimstone ‘Olympos’ products offer the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.

3. White Starlight Quartz Kitchen Worktop

White Starlight quartz is an ideal choice for your kitchen worktop. Setting it against black kitchen cabinets gives the perfect contrast – a crisp and elegant look which will impress your guests for sure. With its reflection of light, White Starlight quartz worktop emits an almost magical glimmer, giving your home a radiant touch that you won’t tire of. Plus, White Starlight quartz is as durable as it is beautiful, making it low-maintenance too. So why settle for plain when White Starlight quartz is here to jazz up your kitchen?

Starlight kitchen design
Suede Negro Tebas & Blanco Maple Quartz Worktops

4. Suede Negro Tebas & Blanco Maple Quartz Worktops

Are you looking for a modern makeover with contrast in one product? We have the perfect solution, Suede Negro Tebas and Blanco Maple quartz worktops from Silestone. Suede is an extra-matt finish with enhanced intensity, resistant against stains and marks, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Suede Negro Tebas is intense black quartz with subtle white flecks while Blanco Maple has a white background fused with grey flecks. With these two options, you can instantly upgrade your kitchen decor giving it a modern look that stands out!

5. Cimstone Lapaz Kitchen Worktops

Cimstone Lapaz’ quartz worktops are a beautiful addition to any kitchen! The cream and brown surfaces sparkle with the large flecks, providing a marbling effect that catches the eye. To truly make Cimstone Lapaz the star of your show, pair it with some light blue kitchen cabinets – they’ll create a vibrant contrast that’s sure to wow your future dinner guests! Cimstone Lapaz offers an elegance seldom found in countertops while also offering durability that can serve you well for years. So why not give Cimstone Lapaz and light blue kitchen cabinets a go? Both will look great and function even better in your home!

Installation of Cimstone Lapaz Kitchen Worktops in Selsey
Silestone ECO range 'Red Pine Suede' worktops installation in Chandlers Ford

6. Silestone ECO ‘Red Pine Suede’ Worktop

Silestone is a leader in the countertop market, and their ECO range provides an especially eye-catching option for your new white kitchen cabinets. The Silestone ECO ‘Red Pine Suede’ worktop offers a unique combination of recycled material with a bright white background that’s complemented perfectly with warm chocolate and coffee accents. This special impact is heightened by its suede finish, which adds a soft, sophisticated feel to your kitchen. Add Silestone ECO Red Pine ‘Suede’ to your cabinets and watch your space come alive!

7. Classic Quartz, Alaska Bianca

Alaska Bianca Classic Quartz is perfect for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their kitchen. Its white and light-grey veining works perfectly with modern dark cabinets to create an inviting and beautiful space. Its classic yet contemporary look ensures that a kitchen decorated in this way will never go out of style. With its unique sparkle, Alaska Bianca Classic Quartz adds an element of grandeur.

Alaska bianka quartz worktop with black cabinets in a kitchen

Find Your Quartz Worktop Ideas for Any Kitchen

There’s no doubt that a kitchen quartz worktop can totally transform your space. If you’re looking for inspiration, then take a look at the seven stunning options we’ve listed above. Once you’ve picked your favourite, get in touch with County Stone and we’ll help you find the perfect kitchen quartz worktop for your home.

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