What is a Quartz Worktop?

Quartz worktops are a top choice for kitchens thanks to unbeatable looks and real practicality. But what makes quartz so special?

Quartz is made from crushed quartz crystals bound together by resin. The stone is given colours and patterns by adding pigments to the mix. Worktop slabs are formed through intense heating and pressure, ready to be cut and shaped for installation in the home and for a range of other building and architectural uses.  

What are quartz worktops made of?

Quartz worktops consist of around 90% to 95% quartz crystals, mined from naturally occurring quartz deposits in locations throughout the world. The quartz crystals are ground to different specifications to give a fine or chunkier aggregate. During the manufacturing process, a mix of different aggregates can be used to create different visual and textural effects.

Acrylic resins are used to bind the aggregate together. The resin accounts only for a small percentage of the finished material, but creates a remarkably robust finished stone. While all quartz has a range of natural stone colouring, manufacturers use pigments to create a huge range of visually appealing colours and patterns. Unlike 100% naturally quarried stones such as granite, marble and quartzite, the look of a quartz worktop is completely down to the manufacturing process.    

How thick are quartz worktops?

Standard thicknesses of quartz worktops are 20mm and 30mm, although some manufacturers offer thinner options of 10mm to 12mm. Thinner stones create a look of elegance, but may need additional support to create a truly robust and durable countertop. Finer gauge stones are also better suited to wall claddings. 

A thicker 30mm depth makes a worktop stronger and more dependable, and gives it the ability to support sinks and hobs. At this thickness, you will still have a worktop which looks fantastic in your kitchen. 

Is quartz a good worktop material?

Quartz is a resoundingly popular choice for homeowners and kitchen designers. The range of worktops available is impressive by any measure, and because the stones are manufactured, you know exactly what you are getting. You can get pretty much whatever you want in terms of colour, pattern and finish. The glints and reflections of quartz crystals give your worktop a subtle sparkle that always enhances the look of your kitchen.

In terms of performance, quartz is a match for almost any type of stone worktop. It is incredibly hard thanks to the natural properties of quartz and the intensity of the forming process. That means not only does it look stunning but you can rely on it to stand up to the culinary tasks of a kitchen. You can roll out your cornish pasty dough, mix up a birthday cake, prep the evening meals, easily wipe up spills, and everything in between knowing you’ve got a hardy surface on your team.

There’s no need to seal quartz in order to prevent staining, although it’s always a good idea to wipe down the surface with a damp microfibre cloth rather than let spills dry. Quartz will also benefit from a more thorough clean with STAIN-PROOF Daily Countertop Cleaner. 

From a hygiene point of view, quartz is an excellent choice because it is virtually non-porous so there aren’t any micro-crevices where germs and bacteria can linger. Even so, using a standard anti-bacterial cleaner is always a good idea for the kitchen. 

What do quartz worktops look like?

At County Stone we have fitted a large number of quartz kitchen worktops to achieve a range of spectacular and stylish results for our customers. Here are a few examples. 

Classic Quartz Monaco

Quartz with a white background and dramatic dark veining creates a clean look with a touch of drama.


Classic Quartz Brillo Noir

This black quartz provides a sharp and stylish contrast with pale cabinets.


Carrara White Quartz

A brilliant example of a white-based quartz worktop in a light-drenched beach property.


Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz

A neutral concrete grey quartz worktop with matching cabinets makes appealingly smart and contemporary. 


Silestone Marengo Quartz

Marengo’s grey black ground with black specks works perfectly with lighter cupboards and pale flooring.

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