What Worktop for a Cashmere Kitchen? (Ideas, Stones, and Colours)

cashmere kitchen with white worktop

Cashmere is the colour of softness and luxury. So it’s no wonder that it’s on-trend with homeowners who love a kitchen that’s as welcoming as it is stylish. And there’s no better way to add a flourish to a cashmere kitchen than with a gorgeous stone worktop.

What is a cashmere kitchen?

A cashmere kitchen neutral colour, but with warmth from an oh-so-subtle hint of dusty red. The colour works perfectly on kitchen cabinets, and also on walls, floors and even ceilings.  That’s your route to tranquillity and a touch of what the Danes call ‘hygge’ – or what we call cosy, comfortable and convivial. It is currently a top choice for new and renovated kitchens. 

Why are cashmere kitchens so fashionable?

Who doesn’t love a touch of luxury? And what’s more luxurious than super-soft and chic cashmere wool? 

But cashmere is a colour too, hovering between greige (grey/beige) and a very pale, very understated, dusty red. It’s a difficult colour to pin down, and that’s part of its charm. It’s light and airy too, giving your kitchen a bright and open feel, without the harshness of pure white. It’s timeless, sophisticated and thoroughly modern.

What colours go with a cashmere kitchen?

The neutral character of cashmere makes it beautifully versatile. Pale or deeper hues of brown and green are a natural match, so too are light and dark wood – wooden flooring in particular is brilliant with cashmere cabinets. Other neutrals work well too, including virtually all shades of grey as well as pure whites and black. For a stronger statement, opt for deep reds, oranges and golds and enjoy the contrast with the subtlety of cashmere.

What Worktops to Choose for Your Cashmere Kitchen

With a base colour of cashmere in your kitchen, for cabinets and perhaps walls, it’s time to think about worktops. Will you choose natural stone – granite or quartzite – or a precisely made manufactured quartz or ceramic stone? Will a smooth or textured finish work best? Matt or gloss? When it comes to top quality stone worktops, you have plenty of options to add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen. 

Beautiful Brown for natural warmth

brown kitchen worktop in a cashmere kitchen

A perfect partner for cosy cashmere is warm and natural brown – brown granite in a medium tone is a fantastic choice. The dark veins and lighter markings flow as nature intended, and add vivacity and rhythm to the look of your kitchen. Brown quartzite is another natural stone with an understated feel while the more pronounced veining of manufactured quartz form Caesarstone or Silestone,  gives more drama. For a neater, more streamlined look, it’s hard to beat ceramics from Dekton or Lapitec, and both are available in a range of warm browns and softer-looking textured finishes.

White with contrasting veining

stoneworld carrara worktops around deep sink in white kitchen

Cashmere works well with other neutral colours. White worktops, especially with flowing veins, are right on the money. The contrast between veins and the background create visual interest and bring the kitchen to life, without disrupting the calm of cashmere. The veining in natural stones is generally less pronounced than some of the options in quartz and ceramics, so take time to decide on the look you’re seeking to achieve.

Black sparkle for a lifted look

cosmic black sparkle worktop stone

Like pure white, pure black has its place, but with subtle cashmere we believe in adding some extra pzazz. What better than a touch of sparkle! The best choice for a sparkling black worktop is probably quartz, where the manufacturing process can throw tiny reflective particles to the surface of the stone. In natural daylight, and especially under stronger kitchen lights, the glints and sparkles really bring the surface to life.    

Crisp white for a clean and airy kitchen

Beautiful white composite quartz kitchen worktop in calacatta gold quartz

Nothing beats pure, spotless white for a pristine modern look. In combination with simple cashmere units, a crisp white worktop makes a kitchen beautifully unstuffy and uncluttered. For the purest white, head to the refined ceramic worktops. They not only look dazzlingly smart, but they’re ultra-robust and easy to clean. Solid white quartz is another option to consider. 

Calming green – the colour of nature

Kerala Green worktop stone

Green stone worktops are increasingly on trend, as tastes move towards calmer colours inspired by nature. The combination of pretty much any shade of green with pale cashmere is a winner for serene looks. In terms of worktop materials, there’s plenty of choice in quartz and ceramic, including textured finishes which add a softer appearance. To keep closer to nature, opt for a unique natural stone, with veined and dappled granite or quartzite.

Modern shades of neutral grey

jurassic grey granite in stock

Greys, like cashmere, are wonderfully versatile. Neutral colours are very much part of modern kitchen design, and grey worktops unfailingly create a contemporary feel. Solid greys will give a sleek, sharp look to your cashmere kitchen, while grey stones with veins or swirls will add lively visual interest. For solid greys, manufactured stones will be your first port of call, while stones with patterning come in both manufactured and natural options. 

Alternatives to wood in solid stone

Wooden worktops were once very popular for kitchens with a country look, but homeowners soon came to realise that they involve a lot of care to keep clean, hygienic and dent-free. The practical and stylish alternative are stone worktops in colours ranging from pale pine to dark oak, with textured finishes such as leather or hammered. In ceramics or sintered stone there are plenty of options to explore.

Add a complimentary splashback to your cashmere kitchen

kitchen splashback idea

When you’re planning your kitchen, don’t forget about splashbacks. They are a practical way of keeping your kitchen clean, allowing any spills and splashes from your hob or worktop to be wiped away without any hassle. If you choose a splashback made from any of our top quality stone options, your kitchen will be easier to live with than having to wipe down walls. 

Stone splashbacks look really good too, finishing off the working area of the kitchen. You can opt for continuity of colour and materials from your worktop, or go for a contrast colour which pops from the rest of the kitchen. As ever, it’s the finishing touches which elevate the look of your kitchen, and a splashback is one of the most important finishing touches of all.

Need help choosing a worktop for a cashmere kitchen design? Ask the friendly experts at County Stone

At County Stone, we know the ins and outs of kitchen design as well as being experts in sourcing and supplying the world’s finest stone worktops. We are always happy to share our experience with customers and to talk through the options for their kitchen. With cashmere kitchens so on trend, we’re right on top of great ways to put together the best cashmere kitchen for your home. 

Cashmere Kitchen Worktop FAQs

Cashmere is the perfect choice for a calm, modern kitchen. It’s understated and very on-trend, too, with more than a touch of cosy Scandinavian style. Less stark than pure white, and more characterful than beige and greige, more and more of our customers are talking to us about cashmere kitchens. In addition to winning on looks, cashmere is versatile too in terms of colour matching with other pale tones and pop colours too.

Cashmere is very much a neutral colour, but unlike whites and greys it has a touch of warmth from a hint of reddish tones. It’s an excellent choice for bright yet cosy modern kitchens. 

The neutrality of cashmere means it goes very well with a wide variety of flooring colours and materials. Pale tiles are perfect If you want an airy, open look, and darker ceramics or slates are ideal for a stronger contrast. For a warm, natural appearance, real wood flooring is an excellent option, but there is no shortage of stylish wood-effect manufactured materials too in tones ranging from very pale to very dark. Don’t rule out quarry tiles either if your tastes are more traditional.

As with flooring, there are plenty of great options for worktops to go with cashmere cabinets and walls. Our preferences are for warmer browns or natural greens, and we’d generally avoid strong purples, yellows and blues. Taste is individual, but if you are keeping an eye on what may appeal to future buyers of your home, it’s generally advisable to stay with a look that’s not too quirky or personal.

Black is a strong statement colour, so it’s in contrast to gentle, understated cashmere. But that doesn’t mean the two don’t work together. In fact, black worktops can sit very elegantly against cashmere, without the starkness of that comes from a stark monochrome combination of black and white.

According to colour theory, reds and blues are complimentary, with the contrast between the colours highlighting the strength of each. For a calm, neutral look, emphasising colours isn’t really what you want, so we would avoid deep blues or purples because you don’t want to bring out too much of the warm red in cashmere. We would opt for other neutrals or for calmer colours in the green and brown spectrum.