Frequently asked questions about memorials & headstones

Family at gravesidePlanning a funeral, whether it is a cremation or burial, can be a very distressing time so we aim to make things as easy as possible for you and are on hand to answer any queries you may have and also to give you advise about your memorial plans. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

What areas do County Stone Memorials cover?

We are based in West Sussex but can install memorials/headstones in East Sussex, Hampshire or Surrey areas.

Do the costs shown on this website include everything I have to pay?

No, the costs on this website are for the memorial only. Depending on the type of funeral there will be other costs which you will pay directly to the church, cemetery or crematorium.

Can I put up any type of gravestone?

Not necessarily, most churches and cemeteries have rules & regulations about what type of headstones they allow and not all will allow a full grave kerb set so it is best that you ask before you select your memorial.

Can you do custom design/emblem engraved onto the memorial stone?

Yes, there will be an additional cost but we can engrave almost anything onto the stone but it will have to have approval from the appropriate person in charge of the burial ground or garden of remembrance.

How long does it take from ordering for the memorial to be ready?

Anything from 4-16 weeks depending upon the type of memorial and its availability.

Once it is made can I install the headstone myself?

No, the stones are very heavy and health and safety regulations state that a professional must mount the memorials using only industry approved fixings.

Why do I have to wait 6 months to have the gravestone erected?

Generally this is to allow the ground to settle and be stable so that it is safe to add the headstone to the grave site. Some burial grounds have a concrete plinth placed at the back of the grave to allow for immediate installation. Cremation memorials are not restricted.

How is the memorial placed?

County Stone Memorials will apply to the Church / Cemetery / Crematorium authorities on your behalf for permission to erect the stone – a fee is normally paid to the authorities at this time. We erect the memorial on a concrete foundation and, as NAMM (National Association of Memorial Masons) accredited stone-masons, we adhere strictly to correct fixing procedures.

Is the church/cemetery/crematorium responsible for the upkeep of the headstone?

No, the owner of the grave is ultimately responsible and whilst we can do repairs you will have to ensure that the stone is in good order.

Is insurance available for the memorials?

Yes, we can arrange insurance for you.

Can you do custom emblems/designs on the memorials?

Yes, if you have any special requests we will always do our best to accommodate them.

What else can I put around the memorial?

This really depends on the rules of the church, cemetery or crematorium and you must bare in mind that other people will have access to the area, personal items should normally be left only at the base of the memorial and additional vases should be secured to the stone base.

Do you have a brochure?

Yes we do have a brochure – downloadable on our website and hard copy. We will be very happy to send it to you in the post if required. To view our complete range including many additional memorials, please download our brochure