A Complete Guide to Dekton

When it comes to choosing a kitchen worktop, there are a whole host of factors to consider and materials to choose from. What colour and finish would you prefer? How durable will your worktop need to be? What material will work best in your home? From quartz, marble and granite, through to concrete and laminate, there are a wide variety of materials to choose from. But have you ever considered Dekton? Here’s our comprehensive guide to Dekton for interior worktops.

What is Dekton?

Dekton is an innovative, man-made type of quartz, offering incredible performance and aesthetics. First introduced to the market in 2013, this material is high-tech and incredibly durable.

As well as kitchen worktops, Dekton can also be used for bathroom worktops, as well as flooring and exterior applications, including building facades.

What is Dekton made from?

Dekton is made from a blend of natural quartz, porcelain and glass. The raw materials are fused together before being compressed under high pressure. This process is, in effect, an accelerated version of the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes when it is exposed to high temperatures and extreme pressure over thousands of years.

The result? A dense, compact slab material.

What is a Dekton worktop?

Dekton is becoming an increasingly popular material for kitchen worktops, thanks to its durability, heat resistance and versatility.

Dekton is available in a range of over 40 colours, spread over eight collections. This means there’s sure to be a colour and finish that meets your needs and suits your sense of style.

Is Dekton durable?

Yes, very. Dekton is considered to be one of the most durable materials on the market for kitchen worktops. It’s also incredibly low maintenance.

This high-performance material is UV- resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant, fire and heat resistant and abrasion-resistant.

Is Dekton scratch resistant?

Dekton is incredibly scratch resistant. So, you can rest assured that your day-to-day kitchen activity won’t cause any damage. Of course, we’d always recommend that a chopping board is used when preparing food.

Is Dekton stain-resistant?

Dekton surfaces are extremely solid and non-porous, making them wonderfully stain resistant. Whatever the application, it is almost impossible to stain, even if you opt for a Dekton worktop in a light colour. Even stains that are typically problematic, including rust, wine and coffee can be easily cleaned up, leaving no visible trace.

Is Dekton resistant to abrasions?

Granite is renowned for its durability. But Dekton is even more resistant to abrasion. This makes it perfect for use in commercial applications, as well as for flooring or facades in high traffic, high wear areas.

Even over time, the material maintains its finish and will never need to be retouched or updated.

Is Dekton UV resistant?

As well as being great for indoor use, Dekton is also colourfast and resistant to UV rays, making it perfect for use outdoors.

Is Dekton heat resistant?

This versatile material also offers exceptional resistance to high temperatures. In fact, according to Dekton’s manufacturer, Cosentino, it is fireproof. This means that, unlike many other surfaces, it can withstand direct contact from hot pots and pans, appliances and utensils without risking damage.