Colour Granite

Granite has always been a highly popular choice when it comes to enhancing the functional and aesthetic appeal of a wide range of kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Versatile, strong, and ultra-resistant, granite is a great choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops due to its durability and longevity. After all, with many of us only renovating our bathroom or kitchen spaces a handful of times in our lifetime, it’s important that you invest in products that are able to withstand the demands that come hand in hand with busy, family life.

We offer an extensive range of granite worktops that are available in a diverse range of attractive and versatile colours. This means there’s sure to be a granite colour that will complement and enhance your existing décor.

From variations of black and white granite, through to granites that contain colour ways such as green, red, blue, yellow and brown, adding functional colour and intrigue to your home has never been so easy.

Using the latest, state-of-the-art machinery, all of our granite countertops can be adapted to accommodate your exact requirements. Our highly skilled team are experts when it comes to achieving a precision cut using any form of granite.

Granite worktop on kitchen island

How granite is formed

Formed from molten magma, which is cooled slowly over thousands of years, granite is a coarse grained igneous rock. Offering versatility, movement and colour, this natural stone is sure to become a welcome addition to your home.

Choose your colour

One of the main advantages of choosing granite for your kitchen countertops is that there is a huge range of colour ways to choose from that will complement and enhance the unique feel of your space.

Whether you’re working with a sleek, modern space or you’re looking for a granite that will add warmth and depth to your traditional kitchen, our granite is available in grey, brown, red and pink, as well as yellow, gold and cream.

Why choose County Stone?

Here at County Stone, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to help you to choose a granite worktop that will enhance your existing décor.

Armed with extensive industry experience, we listen carefully to all of your needs and requirements. Use the selector below to view all our colour options.






Browse Stones

£165 per M2
Bianco Sardo
£195 per M2
Azul Platino
Black granite
£204 per M2
Black Pearl
£215 per M2
Tan Brown
£220 per M2
Bianco Crystal
£225 per M2
Blue Fantasy
£225 per M2
Baltic Brown
£225 per M2
New Caledonia
£225 per M2
£234 per M2
Steel Grey
£240 per M2
Bross Blue
£240 per M2
Sapphire Brown
£245 per M2
Angolan Black
£255 per M2
Kerala Green
£255 per M2
Nero Impala
£276 per M2
Bohus Grey
£280 per M2
Vizag Blue
£285 per M2
Colonial Gold
£285 per M2
Ivory Fantasy
£285 per M2
New Venetian Gold
£285 per M2
Ivory White
£285 per M2
Cosmic White
£307 per M2
Colonial White
£315 per M2
Ivory Brown
White Galaxy
£324 per M2
White Galaxy
£330 per M2
Absolute Black
£330 per M2
Kashmir Gold
£330 per M2
Kashmir Lime
£345 per M2
Cosmos (Stargate)
£345 per M2
Olive Green
£348 per M2
Baltic Green
£360 per M2
Star Galaxy
£360 per M2
Blue Pearl
£360 per M2
Kashmir White
£360 per M2
River White
£375 per M2
Antique Brown
£375 per M2
Emerald Pearl
£405 per M2
Cosmic Black
£525 per M2
Labrador Antique
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