Children’s Memorials and Headstones

Children's memorialsThe perfect memorial and lasting tribute for a much-loved child, our children’s memorials and headstones are available in a wide-range of touching and sentimental designs, all of which have been beautifully crafted to the highest standard.

From angels and teddy bears through to crescent moon and heart shaped designs, you will be able to create a symbolic memorial that is perfect in every way.


A memorial, plaque, or marker stone can be the perfect sentimental tribute. Designed with your exact requirements in mind, our cremation memorials, marker stones and plaques are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, and stone finishes. This means you can choose a tribute that reflects the individuality and personality of the child you are remembering.


When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your loved one’s grave, displaying flowers will instantly brighten up any memorial. Suitable for use at the majority of cemeteries, our stunning range of vases are available in a wide range of stones, shapes and designs, and can even be combined with a headstone and base.


Perfect for creating a distinctive memorial and beautiful border, our fitting traditional kerb sets and full-length grave memorials are available in an extensive range of colours. This means you will be able to pick a kerb set that will complement and enhance your chosen memorial stone.


All of our symbolic, respectfully designed and beautifully crafted lawn cemetery graveyard memorial headstones provide the perfect lasting memorial to a loved one.

Capturing the peacefulness and serenity that comes hand in hand with many resting places, all of our children’s headstones are available in a wide range of different stones, sizes and designs.


Many traditional churchyard cemeteries exude an instant sense of peace and spirituality, and all of our lawn churchyard Children’s headstones and memorials are perfectly equipped to complement many churchyard settings.

From honed limestone and slate through to polished and mirror finishes, all of our churchyard memorials provide more than enough space to incorporate your own personalised inscription.




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