Cremation Headstones & Memorial Stones

The perfect sentimental tribute for a loved one is a cremation headstone, plaque, or memorial stone, giving their friends and relatives a touching place to visit them.

Many crematoriums have dedicated areas for memorials, away from where ashes can be scattered, allowing you to create a lasting tribute that reflects the individuality of your loved one.

Choosing a Cremation Headstone?

Cremation headstones are typically smaller than the standard gravestone, created to specifically rest above cremated remains. These headstones come in a range of materials, including granite and marble, and feature a base made from the same stone.

Due to their smaller size, cremation headstones fit in most crematoriums and serve as a fitting tribute to your loved one.

Bespoke Cremation Headstones, Marker Stones, and Plaques

We offer high quality cremation headstones in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, giving you the flexibility to choose a fitting memorial for your loved one.

Having the ability to customise the shape, engraving, and material of your cremation headstone allows you to create the perfect tribute. This ranges across our selection of headstones, marker stones, and plaques, all with an extensive range of designs and finishes.

Types of Cremation Memorials


Cremation headstones work well for any tribute for a loved one. These come in a wide variety of materials, including granite, white marble, limestone, and slate.

Marker Stones

Marker stones are a smaller cremation memorial that work as an addition or an alternative to a headstone. These typically come in shapes like vases, wedges, or books.


Memorial plaques, similar to marker stones, are smaller tributes that give room for a touching personalised message. These work well in crematoriums where space is limited.

Urns and Cremation Benches

Hand-crafted urns made of stone are suitable for both inside and outside use. The best quality materials for cremation urns are marble and granite.

Stone cremation benches are also a great choice for a grave site that allows visitors to sit and remember their loved one. Our team offers excellent hand carved designs made from the likes of granite.

Our memorial stones are available in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, covering the following postcodes: PO, BN, GU, RH, RG.

How Much Does a Cremation Headstone Cost?

Typically, you can expect to pay between £650 to £1,200 for a custom cremation headstone. This price will vary depending on the materials, size, and level of customisation you choose to have.

On top of the cost of the headstone, you will typically need to pay a small fee to the church or cemetery for installation.

Installing your Cremation Headstone

Attaining Permission

Once you have chosen your design and lettering, you will need to apply for permission from the church, crematorium, or cemetery to have your cremation headstone installed. We will organise this for you after confirming you are happy with the design and lettering.

Ordering the Headstone

After confirming you are happy with the design and the application has been approved, you can order the construction of the cremation headstone. This can take upwards of 20 weeks depending on the material you have selected.

Completing the Installation

Our team will complete the final step of installing the cremation headstone at the burial spot. We will notify you once this is finished.

Why Choose County Stone?

Finding a headstone for a loved one is always a difficult task. By choosing County Stone, we can provide you with:

Empathy and Passion

We understand the heartache of losing a loved one. Our team will guide you through the process of designing and installing your cremation headstone, ensuring expert care and attention all the way through.

Expertise and Knowledge

We have designed and implemented many different cremation headstone types, meaning we have the knowledge of what works in practice and what does not. Let our expert team advise you on the best way forward with your headstone.

Care and Precision

Our team of stonemasons work intricately to ensure your design lovingly holds the memory of your loved one. We work with a variety of shapes and designs to perfectly build your vision.

Trust County Stone to help you in this delicate time. Speak to our expert team today to get started.

Our memorial stones are available in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, covering the following postcodes: PO, BN, GU, RH, RG.

Cremation Headstone FAQs

Do you have to ask permission to put a headstone on a grave?

Yes – you must own the Exclusive Right of Burial for the grave or have permission from a party that has this right.

Can you have a memorial plaque at a crematorium?

Yes – crematoriums and many other places of bereavement offer the opportunity for memorial plaques. However, you will need to ask permission from the land owner before doing so.

What do you put on a cremation plaque?

A cremation plaque serves as a memorial for your loved one, so it should include their name, date of birth, and date of death. Plaques also give space for more personalisation like personal messages or images too.

What size are cremation plaques?

Our cremation plaques are fully customisable and can be as small or large as you need it to be. Some of our most popular designs range from 6”x9” to 12”x18”.

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