Lettering, Inscriptions & Engravings

Our lettering and engraving service allows you to add a heartfelt inscription to your memorial, providing a unique and personal touch.

Our highly skilled and experienced carvers go above and beyond to complete your inscription to the highest possible standards, employing an impeccable attention to detail. There are a number of different carving methods available, each of which create a slightly different finished result.

We offer a wide variety of fonts, ensuring that your memorial is in line with your personal requirements.

Traditionally, inscriptions are carved into the stone by hand and then finished using various methods such as enamelling, gliding, and using raised or flushed lead. Sandblasting is another popular carving method, allowing us to achieve a highly precise result.

Please be aware that some styles of lettering are not suitable for certain finishes and some finishes are not suitable for use on certain stones. We will advise you what is best for the memorial headstone you have chosen.

Our memorial stones are available in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, covering the following postcodes: PO, BN, GU, RH, RG.

Stonemason engraving with pneumatic chisel
county stone master stonemason handcrafting a graveyard stone

Hand Cut Lettering

Hand cut letters are cut into a V shape, which creates a shadow effect that adds an extra depth and dimension to the lettering. The letters are first sketched out by hand onto the memorial and then carved using different sized tungsten chisels and a lettering hammer.

Sandblasted Lettering

Sandblasted lettering gives a very precise letter edge and great uniformity. The sandblasted letters can be hand painted with different colours to create a beautiful contrast against the backdrop of the stone. This type of lettering is designed on a computer, allowing for great attention to detail in terms of both the layout and the spacing. The finished lettering is then cut into a blast resistant vinyl tape, which is fixed onto the face of the memorial. The inscription is then blasted onto the memorial using a hard blast medium.

Photo Plaques

In addition to lettering, we can also incorporate a ceramic photo plaque into your headstone or memorial. Our supplier offers a diverse range of plaques in twelve different sizes and six different shapes to accommodate your personal requirements. They can also be finished in black and white, or sepia. All plaques come complete with a lifelong guarantee.