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Available in a wide-range of beautifully crafted designs, our extensive collection of lawn cemetery graveyard memorial headstones provide the perfect lasting tribute for a loved one.

Designed to complement the peaceful and serene setting that has become synonymous with many churchyard cemeteries, our lawn cemetery headstones are available in a variety of different designs, styles, sizes and stones.

However, before picking a memorial headstone, we would always advise checking your chosen cemetery to establish if they have any regulations regarding the size and style of the headstone they allow.

Above all, we fully understand that the headstone you choose should reflect the individuality of your loved one. With this in mind, we always offer the upmost support when it comes to helping you to select the perfect memorial based on your exact requirements.

With a vast range of materials, shapes and designs, our highly skilled team of stonemasons are always happy to accommodate your ideas.

Here’s a look at some of the memorials we offer:

Aldingbourne 2 Traditional Memorial Headstone – With its simple yet high impact design and stunning soft, speckled appearance, this beautifully crafted memorial features an offset Peon Top design and sturdy base, meaning it is perfectly placed to provide a lasting tribute.

Aldingbourne 10 Book Memorial – This endearing and impactful memorial is one of the most popular lasting tributes available within our extensive County Stone memorial range. Featuring a polished black granite finish and elegant carved bookmark design, this wonderful tribute also provides more than enough space to incorporate an inscription of your choice.

Aldingbourne 12 Traditional Memorial Headstone – Featuring an impactful, polished white marble finish, a poignant carved angel design and splayed shoulders, this wonderful memorial combines elements of modern and classic designs to create an elegant sentimental reminder of a loved one.

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Aldingbourne 2 Traditional Memorial Headstone
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