Memorials and headstones in Arundel

Here at County Stone, we carefully craft memorials and headstones in Arundel and across West Sussex. Using the highest quality materials and finishes, we use the latest technology and traditional stone carving skills to create bespoke tributes that are personalised and unique.

We understand that losing a loved one is extremely difficult. Our County Stone team will be on hand during the production process to answer any of your questions and guide you, as well as handling all of the administrative work involved.

Cemetery headstones in Arundel

Our carefully considered headstones are created with the individuality of your loved one in mind. Before choosing a headstone, we recommend you check with the cemetery of your choice in Arundel about their size and style regulations. Explore our collection of cemetery headstones here.

Churchyard headstones in Arundel

We create headstones that perfectly complement the atmosphere and aesthetic of churchyard memorials in Arundel. Choose from a range of colours, materials and designs to create a lasting tribute that will stand strong in a beautiful churchyard. Browse our churchyard headstones here.

Traditional kerb sets in Arundel

To add to the aesthetic of a grave space or cremation plot, our traditional kerb sets are expertly designed to create a unique and personalised border around your chosen memorial stone. See our range of traditional kerb sets in Arundel here.

Children’s memorials and headstones in Arundel

Our children’s memorials can be completely personalised with your choice of materials, colours and designs. Creating a lasting tribute for children, we provide memorial plaques, headstones, traditional kerb sets and more. Browse our children’s memorials and headstones here.

Cremation memorials in Arundel

To create a special tribute spot in Arundel for your loved one, we offer cremation memorials in the form of memorial plaques or marker stones. Explore our cremation memorials here.

Graveyard vases in Arundel

Our gravestone vases can be combined with a headstone and base to allow you to easily display colourful flowers in memory of your loved one. Available in range of materials and sizes, they can also be personalised with a unique inscription. View our range of graveyard vases in Arundel here.

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