Memorial vasesIf you are looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a memorial and brighten up a grave, vases are a great option.

Available in a wide range of stones, shapes and endearing designs, a vase is an effective yet practical way to add colour and brightness to your loved one’s memorial.

Suitable for use in the most cemeteries, all of our vases can be combined with a headstone and base. Alternatively, they can also stand-alone with a short inscription integrated into the design of the vase itself.

Personalised service

Here at County Stone Memorials, we always go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the highest standard of customer service, based on your exact requirements.

Offering our valued customers a wide range of choice, support and experience when it comes to selecting a memorial and vase that reflects the personality of your loved one, we always go that extra mile to handle all of your needs with respect and care.

The benefits of a vase

A vase will instantly brighten and lift the aesthetic appeal of any memorial, allowing you to add flowers of your choice, all year round.  You can even add your own, well thought out inscription that adds yet another personal touch.

Choose a vase design that will complement your memorial

Available in a wide range of stones, shapes and striking designs, our County Stone vases have been expertly crafted to the highest possible standard, in order to ensure that they are always able to stand the test of time.

Why choose County Stone?

Offering our customers a wealth of choice when it comes to providing hand-made pieces that have been crafted to the highest standard, we are committed to going above and beyond to ensure that you receive the very best support and choice.

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