Stone Worktops for Kitchens

Worktops are an essential part of your kitchen. So it’s important that they are not only highly functional and resilient but also aesthetically pleasing.

Here at County Stone, we supply an extensive range of custom-made, bespoke granite, quartz, and Lapitec kitchen worktops that are perfectly equipped to meet the demands of your lifestyle as well as your personal sense of style.

Explore our range of Granite, Quartz, and Lapitec kitchen worktops or, to discuss your project in more detail, please get in touch


Granite Worktops

Sleek, sophisticated, and ultra-stylish, polished granite worktops never fail to make an impact with their stunning finish and mesmerising depth. But it’s not all about looks. Granite worktops are also inherently strong and perfectly equipped to withstand the demands of everyday use.

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Quartz Worktops

Optimising efficiency, durability and aesthetic appeal, quartz kitchen worktops create a functional yet stylish kitchen space.

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Hard-wearing and robust, Arenastone brings together a blend of crushed quartz crystals, pigments and resins to create striking worktops.

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Caesarstone Worktops

Perfect for adding a durable yet stylish dimension, Caesarstone Quartz worktops are known for their versatility and resilience.

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Lundhs real stone worktops are aesthetically pleasing and have also been expertly crafted to be strong and hard wearing.

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Samsung Radianz™ Worktops

Aesthetically alluring, highly durable and designed to maximise longevity, a Samsung worktop is a welcome addition to any kitchen.

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Silestone Quartz

Proving that style and functionality work together, Silestine quartz worktops come in a wide range of colours and textures.

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If you’re looking for kitchen worktops that offer long-lasting quality and timeless style, Lapitec worktops could be the perfect solution. This unique form of sintered stone has been designed to offer a wide range of both practical and desirable traits as well as an exciting and diverse range of colours and textures.

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Bespoke Granite & Stone Worktops

Our bespoke worktops will allow you to inject expert craftsmanship and forever style into your home.

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Over the years County Stone Granite have built a reputation on quality and trust

In our 20 years of business, we have built up a reputation for our workmanship and excellence of quality when creating our products. We are proud to say that this reputation is not just due to local business, but also nationally.

When it comes to the manufacture and delivery of our stone and granite worktops, our reviews speak for themselves. If you like what you see, why not come and talk to us? We can help you realise your vision for your perfect kitchen or bathroom.

Stone fireplaces for Trade Customers

Our stone fireplaces have been carefully designed and manufactured to complement and enhance both contemporary and traditional décor.

Memorial Stones and Headstones

Bringing together beautiful detailing, expert craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail, our range of high quality, County Stone memorial...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best kitchen worktop for my kitchen?

Choosing a worktop for your kitchen can be a big decision to make since there are so many options out there. At County Stone, we offer a large variety of granite and stone worktops for use in the kitchen and we’d be more than happy to work together with you to make sure you find the perfect worktop for you.

Our experienced and specialist team can take the dimensions of your kitchen and create a gorgeous bespoke worktop; the whole process is guided by your input, opinions and requirements to make sure that we create a worktop that best suits you and your home.

What are your kitchen worktops made of?

We offer a variety of different kitchen worktops in a range of materials to suit whatever kitchen style you would like. We specialise in granite and quartz kitchen worktops, but also provide other stone finishes, including Arenastone, Caesarstone, Lundhs, Silestone, Samsung Radianz, and Lapitec.

All our worktops are finished to the highest standard, highly durable and designed to maximise longevity, so whatever material you choose, your worktop should stand the test of time.

What is the difference between different kitchen worktop materials?

At County Stone, we offer a number of different materials for use as kitchen worktops. If you’re trying to decide between materials, it’s often easier when you know what qualities each one offers.

Our Granite kitchen worktops are sleek and stylish, perfect for a sophisticated kitchen that makes an impact. Granite worktops are also very strong and able to withstand the demands of everyday use.

Quartz worktops are another choice available at County Stone. These worktops are beautifully crafted to optimise efficiency and durability while being aesthetically appealing. Quartz is also stain-proof, non-porous and practically maintenance free. It’s also very hygienic, strong, and adaptable.

Finally, Lapitec – a combination of sintered stone and ceramic materials – is the perfect worktop for someone looking for practicality, versatility and longevity in their kitchen. Lapitec is not only resilient and resistant to bacteria and dirt, but also a beautiful stone to add to any aesthetic.

How can I repair my kitchen worktop?

If your County Stone kitchen worktop becomes damaged, there are a couple of different ways that we can work with you to achieve a resolution.

If there is a problem with the worktop itself, feel free to contact us and we’ll make sure to come out to take a look. Each issue is considered on an individual basis; we’ll always see if there is a way we can help.

With regards to warranties, the company that supplies our Quartz products, such as Silestone and Caesarstone, offers warranties directly.

What height should I have my kitchen worktop?

When designing your kitchen, one of the key considerations will be the height at which you want your worktops – they’ll need to be easy to stand at and reach everything you need and should also prevent you having to bend too much while working.

There isn’t one set rule for worktops, especially when you’re having one custom made for your home. The industry standard is set at around 91cm, but you may wish to tailor your kitchen worktops to your personal preference. This is something we can help you with since we design every worktop with our client’s preferences in mind.

How do I clean my kitchen worktop?

Different worktop materials often require different approaches to cleaning. If you’re only looking to quickly wipe a surface down, you should be able to do so with hot, soapy water or an all-purpose cleaner with disinfectant, since that should get the surface clean.

For stains, or for a more intense clean, you can use a cream cleaner such as Cif, or you could use a paste made with bicarbonate of soda and water. If your worktop surface is textured, then you may need to use a nylon bristle brush to get into all of the small nooks and crannies.

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