Granite Worktops for Kitchens

Granite is a natural wonder. No other material matches the beauty and depth of perfectly cut, polished granite. Yet it is one of the hardest materials in the world, formed when molten magma cools slowly over thousands of years with infinite variations of grain, crystal structure and colour tones. Every piece of granite is unique – and so is every kitchen fitted with a County Stone granite worktop.

black granite worktop in a traditional country kitchen with white shaker cabinets
Black grey granite worktop in a traditional country kitchen with wooden cabinets and a large central island

Why use granite for kitchens?

Granite is timelessly beautiful and will add the look of luxury to all kitchens. As well as its polished appearance, granite is:

  • exceptionally hard-wearing and durable
  • scratch resistant
  • hygienic, easy to clean and maintain.

Granite worktops can also increase property values as the centrepiece of a new kitchen. According to a survey by the National Association for Estate Agents (NAEA), a third of agents say a new kitchen is the best choice for adding value to your home. And, of course, a desirable kitchen makes your home easier to sell.

Why use County Stone Granite?

Such a special material needs specialist skills all the way from the quarry to installation. It needs to be handled with extreme care, and to be cut by skilled stonemasons and fabricators in the workshop. It needs to be installed by experts with the right experience to achieve the perfect fit.

At County Stone we:

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Your guarantee of the finest quality granite

We work with leading suppliers of the highest quality granite. We visit their sites and have strong working relationships built on trust and mutual respect over many years of working together. We select only slabs which match our exacting standards, and we seal the granite to ensure that it retains its perfect looks. The result is that as a client of County Stone Granite, you have guaranteed access to some of the best quality, best looking granite in the world.      

An unbeatable choice of granite

You have two choices for choosing your granite. We hold a wide selection of samples of different types of granite at our showroom. We also have a selection of uncut granite slabs in stock. If you see something you like, you can put your name on the actual piece of granite which will be installed in your kitchen. Explore our range of black granite worktops, white granite worktops and further choices of kitchen granite colours.

Expert advice on achieving the look you want

Our team knows granite inside out, and we are always on hand to give you advice. We can tell you everything you need to know about how to achieve the look you want for your kitchen. We can tell you about the type of granite that will work best with your kitchen units, your sink and your cooker. We take into account the patterns in the granite, and the joins where needed. We can advise on different thicknesses of worktop, on splashbacks, on shapes.

Bear in mind that we can cut and fit granite to virtually any shape. So however irregular your kitchen, out team will provide you with a precisely fitted, bespoke worktop. We will meet any challenge – for example, a circular worktop we supplied for a traditional Oast House.

It’s easy to order

We are committed to providing unmatched customer service, and that includes making the ordering process as customer focussed as possible. To set the ball rolling, visit our showroom for a chat so that we can talk about your plans and ideas. We will discuss samples with you and offer our best advice on options for your worktop. We will then provide you an instant quotation.

Delivery and Fitting

The next step is to send our expert fitters to your property to template your worktop. Our team has the experience to measure with the utmost precision. Back at our workshop, our sawmen use diamond-tipped equipment to precisely match the template. Our fitters will return with the cut worktop to fit it to the exact specification you have agreed with us. Our fitters will leave your property beautifully clean and tidy. Fitting normally takes around 3-4 hours, while the whole process from templating to signing off takes 10-14 days.

Experience counts

We have over 20 years’ experience in sourcing, supplying and fitting the highest quality granite worktops. We are a family business and many of our team members have been with us right from the start. We all share the same commitment to flawless customer service, and we’re proud to combine a friendly approach with proven expertise. We are always on hand to help with any questions and we are delighted to receive ever more recommendations and 5-star reviews from highly satisfied clients.

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How do you look after granite kitchen worktops?

As experienced granite worktop suppliers, at County Stone we apply a thin, clear sealant to our granite worktops prior to installation. This sealant is invisible to the eye, but forms a non-porous barrier to liquids, grease and fine solids. Unlike other suppliers of granite worktops that need resealing every 6-12 months, our sealant is a one-time application that will last for 30 years before requiring another application.

To keep your worktop clean, simply wipe down daily with water or a specialist countertop cleaner such as Stain-Proof Daily Countertop Cleaner so that it doesn’t damage the sealant.

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What customers say about County Stone Granite

Our thanks to everyone involved from Paul with competitive pricing and assisting with sourcing our choice of granite worktop to Matthew who templated with precision accuracy, to the cutting team who have it spot on with the graining pattern and turning corners etc, Matthew and fitters who have provided us with an excellent finished product and to all at County Stone for the overall service, working safely within Covid restrictions to achieve our required timescales. Great team, great product, great service, would recommend!

Sarah Key

County Stone gave us excellent service throughout the process of choosing new kitchen worktops. Torn between having quartz or granite, Paul provided prices for different options which helped in making our final choice. Lee’s attention to detail in templating the worktops was excellent and final fitting was carried out just over a week later. Very happy with the finished result and would thoroughly recommend County Stone for quality, service and cost.

Geoff Smith

We used County Stone for our granite work surfaces and had a very positive experience with no pressure selling at the showroom, the template making and the fitting all went very smoothly. The fitters were very professional, giving attention to detail, cleaning as they went, with as little disruption as possible to us. We were very impressed with the way they had cut the stone with care and thought to the blending of the patterns. It was a joy to work with a straightforward and trustworthy company like this. We love how it looks.

Ann Foard

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Granite Worktop FAQs

How much do granite worktops cost?

Our range of granite worktops begins at £165 per m2 rising to over £500 per m2. The amount of granite used will depend on the design and size of your kitchen, and whether you include islands and other parts of the kitchen. Ask us today for a quote on granite worktop prices.  

Are granite worktops worth the money?

A properly fitted, high quality granite worktop will be an impressive, practical feature of your kitchen for decades. Unlike wood or laminated worktops there is no risk of distortion, cracking or peeling. Our granite worktops are also hygienic and easy to maintain. So in terms of looks and functionality, they are, we believe, the best worktops you can buy. They also enhance your kitchen for potential buyers and help to increase the appeal as well as the potential price for your home.

Which granite is best?

The best granite comes from mines and quarries with high operating standards and access to natural stone with attractive colouration, grain and patterns. Just as the source is important, so is the way the granite is treated by sawmen, fabricators, polishers and finishers. At County Stone we source our slabs rigorously, and our team fulfil all the highly skilled functions needed to deliver first-class results.

How can you tell the quality of granite?

Granite is a totally natural product and comes with infinite variations. Colour variations are ultimately a question of taste, but a premium is paid for particularly deep or pale colours, or particular patterning. Flaws such as cracks and chips are not a feature of the best granite, and at County Stone we reject any slabs which bear such defects.

What is the most popular granite countertop colour?

The appeal of granite is timeless, especially in black and white. The monochrome look may be a current trend but the great advantages of both black and white are that they work well with kitchen units of all colours. While white works superbly for a light, airy look, black delivers rather more of a statement.

What does level 1 granite mean?

Level 1 or ‘builder’s granite’ is a thinner cut slab of around 9.5mm. It usually needs supporting with plywood and is the lowest grade of granite available.

How thick should a granite countertop be?

At County Stone, we believe in granite that’s robust and has mesmerising looks. Our standard thickness is 30mm which is the most popular thickness among our clients. If you are looking for a more slimline look, we can supply granite countertops down to 20mm, however at this thickness, most of our customers opt for a different material such as Dekton so we recommend chatting to our experts to get their advice.

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Browse Stones

From £165 per M2
Bianco Sardo
From £195 per M2
Azul Platino
Black granite
From £204 per M2
Black Pearl
From £225 per M2
Baltic Brown
From £225 per M2
From £234 per M2
Steel Grey
From £240 per M2
Sapphire Brown
From £245 per M2
Angolan Black
From £255 per M2
Nero Impala
From £280 per M2
Vizag Blue
From £285 per M2
Colonial Gold
From £285 per M2
Ivory Fantasy Granite
From £285 per M2
New Venetian Gold
From £285 per M2
Cosmic White
From £307 per M2
Colonial White
From £315 per M2
Ivory Brown
From £330 per M2
Absolute Black
From £330 per M2
Kashmir Lime
From £345 per M2
Cosmos (Stargate) Granite
From £348 per M2
Baltic Green Granite
From £360 per M2
Star Galaxy Granite
From £360 per M2
Blue Pearl Granite
From £360 per M2
Kashmir White Granite
From £360 per M2
River White Granite
From £375 per M2
Antique Brown Granite
From £375 per M2
Emerald Pearl Granite
From £405 per M2
Cosmic Black
From £525 per M2
Labrador Antique Granite