Black Granite Worktops for Kitchens

Black granite kitchen worktops from County Stone never fail to deliver timeless appeal. How? First of all, the ultra-smooth surface and natural swirls, veins and sparkles of top-quality granite make kitchens visually stunning. And secondly, black is always strikingly smart and works with almost all other colours. Last but not least, granite is fantastically hard-wearing and it’s easy to keep it looking as great as the day it is first fitted. Choose a black granite worktop and you’re well on the way to creating a truly impressive kitchen.

What goes with black granite?

A black granite countertop gives your kitchen a well-defined core. Kitchen units, equipment and accessories can be arranged around, over and under the worktop to create the look you want.

But what colours go with black worktops? The simple answer is, almost all. Black contrasts brilliantly with everything from pristine white to bright primaries and natural shades too. A monochrome combination of black and white never fails to look just right.

For some, the mono look is a bit too clinical, and that’s where expressive colours come in as an exciting alternative. Pair a black granite kitchen worktop with cupboards in deep green or natural tones for a harmonious look that’s currently very on trend. Go for a vibrant red or yellow for bright visual impact or opt for a calmer feel with easy-on-the-eye mid-tones and pastels. 

What types of kitchen units go with black granite?

Black granite is a natural material and it’s no surprise that it goes so well with natural wood, the go-to material for a traditional look. Pale pine and dark stained laminates may no longer be much in demand, but there are so many more options to consider.

Umpteen variations on cabinet design and handles can create wood kitchens in a range from deeply traditional to dazzlingly contemporary. For example, honey-stained oak units with push-to-open drawers and doors can place your kitchen right slap bang in the modern world – and still feel connected to nature. You can also add further modern touches like open shelving, or mesh doors. With a black granite worktop, you’ve a wealth of fantastic options.

black granite worktop in a traditional country kitchen with white shaker cabinets
Black Granite Kitchen Worktop in Cosmic Black

Why choose County Stone?

Here at County Stone, we are committed to delivering the best possible level of customer service, so you can rest assured that we only supply black granite worktops of the highest quality. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll cut your chosen black granite to your exact specifications. We have perfected an approach which has earned us a growing number of 5-star reviews and as a family business we take pride in our reputation for complete customer satisfaction.

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What types of black granite worktop are available?

Our black granite slabs come with plenty of choice. The natural veining and swirls in slabs are more or less pronounced. The colours vary in consistency from almost pure black to a mix of black and a secondary, pale colour.

We also supply black granite in a range of finishes. Our high polish granite is very reflective and gives a sharp, bright feel to your kitchen. For a more restful look we offer a less shiny satin finish, or an even more muted matt finish. The natural attractiveness of your granite will come through in full, whichever finish you choose.

Black sparkle worktops

Special mention must be made of the sparkle effect you can find in black granite slabs. It comes from brilliant reflective crystals which naturally occur in the stone. They give your worktop a dazzling touch, especially in direct sunlight or under kitchen spotlights.

How to choose a black granite worktop

When you get in touch with us we’ll arrange a visit to our showroom to talk you through samples, and to show you the range of black granite slabs we keep in stock. Alternatively, we can set up a video conference. If you see a slab you’re happy with, we’ll put your name on it. If not, we’ll order one in from one of our top-quality suppliers.

Browse our black granite colours

Here’s a guide to some of our most in demand black granite:

Cosmic black granite

Cosmic Black granite has beautiful streaks of white, gold and silver that turn this form of granite into a swirling cosmos. See examples of Cosmic Black worktops we have fitted in West Ashling, Worthing and Horsham.

Star Galaxy black granite

There’s a touch of glamour in our Star Galaxy countertops. Tiny flecks of silver, copper and gold sparkle to make the worktop look like a bright galaxy. Have a look at what we mean with our installations in Heathfield, Felpham, and Banstead.

Angolan black granite

A dark black worktop but with naturally distributed patterns and smears, offering a look that is timeless and vert contemporary. We have fitted Angolan black granite with stunning results in many locations including Rustington, Bosham and Portslade.

Ubatuba black granite

A very popular choice with black and dark green hues, enriched with gorgeous marbling and swirls. We’ve fitted Ubatuba worktops in many kitchens including these in Horley and Portslade.

Indian black granite

A jet-black stone which is very versatile for all colour combinations. Indian black granite looks at its most impressive with a high polish finish. Among the places we’ve fitted Indian black granite are Barnham, Waterlooville and Hayling Island.

Emerald Pearl granite

Emerald Pearl granite is exceptionally attractive, with an overall green and black colour with some large, lighter, pearlized flecks giving it a reflective shimmering effect. See examples of kitchens where we have used this lovely stone in Midhurst and Rowlands Castle.

You can see more of our black granite worktop projects here.

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Black Granite Kitchen Worktop in Copacabana

What customers say about County Stone

Excellent service and great finished product

Paul Seaman

Great service from start to finish. Excellent product and great fitting.

Gary Clark

Paul and his team were excellent from start to finish. Pricing was competitive, great service, polite workmen and the finished product is better than we could have hoped for. Would highly recommend.

Amy and Scott Harrower

Professional service from enquiry to installation. Excellent customer service on a personal level. Nothing was too much trouble. Kitchen designs always liable to change and none of these was ever a problem to integrate right up to installation.

Phillip Jackson

Great choice of stock at reasonable prices. Highly recommend them.

Helena Mancey

Great team from start to finish, from templating to installation, very helpful. Thank you.

Dave Harman

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Black Granite Worktop FAQs

All granite is extremely hard-wearing and almost entirely non-porous. To make your worktop even more durable, we apply a thin, transparent seal as part of our preparation of each granite worktop. The seal will last for around 30 years as long as you keep the surface clean by regularly wiping it down with water or a specialist countertop cleaner such as Stain-Proof Daily Countertop Cleaner.

Granite is very good at standing up to heat, although we always advise using a trivet for hot pans which are straight out of the oven or off the bob. The stone is also very scratch resistant too but use a chopping board to avoid knife marks.

Fitting black granite in a kitchen is like any other worktop fit. At County Stone we pride ourselves on our well-proven approach and our team of expert fitters and cutters. Our fitters will draw up a precise template at your home, and our workshop team will cut the slab to the exact measurements provided, including irregular shapes and curves. The fitting team will return to fit your new worktop precisely in place and leave your kitchen in pristine condition.

Black granite can be more expensive than other types of granite due to its rarity and popularity. However, the price of black granite can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the stone and the location of the supplier.

Yes, black granite is a great choice for kitchen countertops due to its durability and hard natural stone properties. It is also easy to clean and maintain. However, some people note that black granite can show fingerprints and watermarks more easily than lighter coloured granite. 

Yes, black granite is still in style for kitchen countertops. It is a timeless and classic choice that can add elegance and sophistication to any kitchen design. Additionally, there are many different styles and finishes of black granite to choose from, allowing for versatility in design.

One of the downsides to black granite is that it can show fingerprints, watermarks, and dust more easily than lighter coloured granite. Additionally, if not properly sealed, black granite can be more susceptible to staining. Certain types of black and dark coloured granite can vary in price depending on its rarity and popularity.

Black granite countertops can pair well with a variety of cabinet colours, including white, light grey, cream, beige, navy blue, and even bold colours like emerald green. Neutrals are often a safe choice, but adding a pop of colour can create a unique and modern look. Ultimately, the choice of cabinet colour will depend on personal preference and the overall design style of the kitchen. 

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