Granite in Stock & Cut to Size

Natural granite slabs are all unique. The world’s granite deposits were formed thousands of years ago through exposure to extreme heat and immense pressure. As a result, each slab of granite has distinctive veins and swirls. No two slabs are the same, so each kitchen with a granite worktop is one of a kind. The same is true of quartzite which, like granite, is quarried and cut from naturally formed stone. 

When you order a granite online which you have not seen, it could arrive with markings which are too pronounced or too subtle for your tastes. You will still have a gorgeous, natural worktop, but it might not be exactly what you were expecting.

How can you choose exactly the granite worktop you want?

As granite specialists, we believe that the best way to choose a granite worktop is to see the actual stone before you buy. Photographs and online images can give you an idea of the stone you’re getting, but there is no substitute for coming face-to-face with the real thing. Unlike the vast majority of kitchen companies in Sussex and neighbouring counties, we keep a stock of granite slabs which customers can inspect, select, and have cut to order.

When you visit us, you can see, touch and feel the granite have in stock. If there is one you like, you can put your name on it, and our team will visit your kitchen to create an accurate template, which our workshop team will use to tailor-make your worktop.

This ends with your perfect made to measure granite worktop!

Kitchen Granite Worktop Samples

Granite cut to size

With your granite cut to size, we will finish the stone, ready for our expert team to fit perfectly in your home. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of the templating, cutting and fitting carried out by our highly skilled teams. With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on the quality of our work.

As a result of personally selecting the stone for your worktop, you will know exactly what you are getting, and your kitchen will look exactly as you planned.

What stones are in stock at County Stone?

We keep a stock of granite and quartzite slabs and we are adding to our selection all the time. We have a selection of greys, blacks and lighter colours with a range of patterns. You can feel the different textures too, from the smooth, polished feel of glossy Double Black to the leathered finish of Negresco.

We make it our business to keep on top of trends in kitchen design, and our stocks reflect ‘what’s hot’. For example, our black slabs are very much worth seeing for anyone contemplating an on-trend black-on-black or monochrome look for their kitchen. We work very closely with our key granite supplier who is based in Verona in northern Italy. We have worked with them for many years, they know the quality we expect and they share their insights on contemporary trends.

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Granite Cut to Order at County Stone

Looking for high-quality granite that is cut to your unique specifications? Look no further than County Stone! Our granite cut-to-order service allows us to create custom countertops, flooring, and other surfaces for your home or business. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern look or a more traditional design, our team of experienced craftsmen can create the perfect granite surfaces to suit your needs. And with our convenient location, you can be sure to find granite cut to size near you. So why wait? Visit County Stone today and experience the beauty and durability of custom-cut granite for yourself!

Why use County Stone for granite worktops?

Being able to see granite slabs before you buy is one of the unique services we provide for our customers. Add the excellent quality of our worktops, over 20 years of experience and our focus on customer service, you can rest assured that you will have a kitchen to enjoy for many years to come.

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Before you buy granite online, you can also see what our customers think of us in the many independent 5-star reviews they have posted.

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black granite worktop in a traditional country kitchen with white shaker cabinets
Black grey granite worktop in a traditional country kitchen with wooden cabinets and a large central island

Where can you see our stock of granite stones?

You are welcome to make an appointment online or by calling 01243 544770 to visit our showroom and see our stock of granite and quartzite. Our showroom is near historic Arundel, only seven miles from Chichester, 12 miles from Worthing, 22 miles from Portsmouth, and 24 miles from Brighton by road. We are also easily accessible by bus and train.

You can make an appointment to see our stock of granite and quartzite here or call us now on 01243 544770. Alternatively, get in touch for an initial chat about our stones in stock, for a quote, or for any other questions about kitchen worktops. See all our independent 5-star reviews and customer photos.

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