Granite Worktop Prices

Granite is a unique natural material which is both beautiful and hugely practical. It is never going to be the lowest cost choice for a kitchen worktop, but what you get for your money is an enduring asset which makes the hardest-working room in the home a pleasure to be in.

How is Granite Priced?

Granite is formed over many thousands of years by immense geological forces of heat and pressure. It is quarried in large blocks by diamond-tipped drilling machinery and blasting equipment, then cut by specialist saws or wires into slabs ready for shipment to stone workshops.

Granite quarries are located throughout the world. The principal sources of top quality stones were traditionally in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, but increasingly important countries of origin are India and Brazil. Each quarry provides a specific type of patterning and colour of granite, formed by nature in that location. The whereabouts of the quarry also dictate shipping costs which are one of the factors in granite pricing.

The fundamental quality of the granite is also key to the price. At County Stone we finish slabs in our workshop and prepare them ready installation by our expert team. Our stones are available in a range of thicknesses, and are polished, honed or leathered to perfection to give a long-lasting, pristine finish that will continue to enhance your kitchen with minimal maintenance for many years to come. A single application of the finest invisible sealant adds further protection.

Different granites are also priced based on market demand and rarity. The majority of granite is in an off-white and beige colour palette, and therefore tends to be less expensive than more pronounced colours. Distinctive veining and patterning add to the price, and rare colouration in blue, green and red command the highest prices of all.      

A further important quality element is the fundamental appearance of the granite worktop. It should be pristine, beautiful and always a pleasure to behold. A granite worktop is for the long term, and it is important to choose a stone which genuinely pleases you.

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How Much do Granite Worktops Cost?

We price our granite in square metres. Please be aware that the actual number of square metres of material needed will depend on how the worktop is cut from the original slabs, and how many joins (if any) are used. The guide here shows the relative costs of different stones, but for an accurate quote, including delivery and fitting, please get in touch with us with details of your requirements.

Our granite falls into four ascending bands – bronze, silver, gold and platinum. You can see examples here with links to further selections.


Less than £300 per m2



£300-£399 per m2



£400-£499 per m2



£500 and over per m2


Lemmurian Blue
Lemmurian Blue

Are granite worktops worth the money?

The uniqueness and beauty of top quality granite is something to treasure. If you care for your home, and love to be surrounded by hugely attractive and practical fittings, a natural granite worktop will certainly it the bill.

The exceptional durability of granite means you will be able to use and enjoy a granite worktop almost indefinitely. Remember, it has been many thousands of years in the making, so it won’t deteriorate in a home setting.

Of course, there are cheaper alternatives to granite, but they won’t last in the same way, and they won’t bring the same polished, timeless style to your kitchen. And if they need replacing after a few years due to damage or staining, the actual cost can far exceed the initial outlay. Are granite worktops worth the money? In our view, absolutely yes!

Which is cheaper, granite or quartz?

Quartz tends to be a bit more expensive than granite. Our lowest priced granite comes in at a lower price than our cheapest quartz, and, at the other end of the price scale, our most expensive quartz is more expensive than our priciest granite.

However, the answer really is that it depends on the stone you choose. There are plenty of options in both materials which overlap in price, leaving you a choice based on the material you prefer rather than the cost. To help you make a choice we hold a range of Granite Worktops in Stock, so you can pick the actual slab you want.

What is the cheapest type of granite?

We don’t supply it at County Stone, but the cheapest type of granite on the market is known as builder’s granite or Level 1 granite. In its lowest cost incarnation, a thin 9mm granite slab is backed by plywood. Superficially it looks like a standard granite worktop, but the edges are a lot untidier, and the thinner slab is more likely to get damaged during fitting and in the course of daily wear and tear. That’s why we don’t work with it!

At County Stone we usually recommend 30mm granite worktops for their exceptional appearance and durability. We offer a range of curved, bevelled and shaped edges to complete the look you want, each with its own advantages and appeal.

We are also always on the lookout for suppliers who offer the best combination of quality and value for money, so you will always find that our prices are highly competitive.

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