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If you are in the market for kitchen worktops with a touch of real flair, we have some excellent choices for you from one of Italy’s leading stone companies. Based in Verona, the world’s hub for natural stone, their range of granite is truly impressive. The quality of the material they supply to us ranks among the best we have ever seen. At County Stone, we are very selective about the suppliers we use, and we are delighted to be working with our friends from Italy.

The business was started decades ago, and originally specialised in top quality Italian marble. The company is steeped in a long-standing tradition of using marble, granite and other stones in the design of exquisite buildings and interiors.

We offer a stunning range of natural stone slabs, including granite, marble and quartzite. You can see details about our recent visit to the company’s Italian HQ.

Black grey granite worktop in a traditional country kitchen with wooden cabinets and a large central island
black granite worktop in a traditional country kitchen with white shaker cabinets

Granite for kitchens

Granite is a treasured resource found many parts of Italy, but also in locations throughout the world. The use of granite, as well as marble, has left Italy with a legacy of buildings and monuments which have endured for over two thousand years. Elsewhere in the world, too, granite has stood the test of time in a vast array of architecture and monuments. Granite lasts for a long, long time – if you choose a granite worktop, you can absolutely rely on it lasting for as long as your home is standing!

Beautiful granite worktops from our Italian suppliers are produced to exacting quality standards. They bring you not just the best granite in Italy, but also the world.

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What makes our granite good for kitchens?

Our granite is an excellent choice for kitchen worktops because it is visually so appealing. It is also exceptionally durable and straightforward to maintain.

Granite’s good looks come from the natural swirls and veins of the stone, and its natural colouration. The markings range from understated and subtle, to dramatic and high contrast. Our supplier’s colour choices start with whites, going though natural beiges, browns and greys through to blue and black. The range is very impressive, so you are more than likely to find an ideal stone for your home. You will also be able to enjoy the fact that every worktop is unique, thanks to the way nature has fashioned the granite over many millennia.

Formed over many thousands of years, granite is exceptionally hard and long-lived. Just as it lasts in ancient architecture, it will handle anything that life in the kitchen throws at it. It also easy to maintain, as long as it is appropriately sealed. At County Stone we apply a thin, invisible sealant to granite worktops to ensure that staining liquids and kitchen spillages do not permeate the stone. Granite is also heat-resistant.

Can anyone fit a granite worktop?

No. Beware of anyone who claims they can unless they can genuinely show they have plenty of experience of doing it right! There is no shortage of people promising a perfect result at a low price. Unfortunately, we come across all too many examples of really poor workmanship from fitters who have won work with low prices, but who are simply not up to the job.

Granite needs sourcing with care, which is why at County Stone we are very selective about the suppliers we work with. The stones need careful handling – although granite is hard, it can be chipped and scratched if it is not treated properly. It is also very heavy, so needs the right equipment and the right manpower to move it about.

Finishing granite is another challenge. It needs to be cut for individual kitchens with precision, otherwise it won’t fit properly. Angles, recesses and edges need specialist skills for perfect results. Sealing granite properly is another challenge. Fitting and fixing a worktop in place takes expertise. And you really do want professional fitters to leave your kitchen absolutely tidy and free of any debris.

As a guide to choosing a worktop supplier and fitter, here are five questions to ask. Anyone tempted by unrealistically low prices for worktops and fitting runs the very severe risk of ending up with bad result. A granite kitchen worktop has a long life, and if it is not sourced and fitted properly, it will be a long-term source of disappointment and annoyance.  

Is granite easy to maintain?

Our granite worktops can be kept in perfect condition with a simple maintenance regime. Many suppliers provide stones which need resealing every 6-12 months. By contrast, we use a single application sealant which will last for 30 years. It is thin and clear, and does not detract from the lovely looks of your granite. For further information, see our guide on cleaning granite.

Why you can trust County Stone

At County Stone, top quality kitchen worktops have been our business for over 20 years. We work with top quality suppliers, and have a highly experienced team of masons and fitters. We are a family business and we do not compromise on the quality of our work and our services. Check out what customers have to say about us in all the independent 5-star reviews they have given us.

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Kitchen Granite Worktop Samples

What customers say about granite worktops from County Stone

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From £165 per M2
Bianco Sardo
From £195 per M2
Azul Platino
Black granite
From £204 per M2
Black Pearl
From £225 per M2
Baltic Brown
From £225 per M2
From £234 per M2
Steel Grey
From £240 per M2
Sapphire Brown
From £245 per M2
Angolan Black
From £255 per M2
Nero Impala
From £280 per M2
Vizag Blue
From £285 per M2
Ivory Fantasy Granite
From £285 per M2
Cosmic White
From £285 per M2
New Venetian Gold
From £285 per M2
Colonial Gold
From £307 per M2
Colonial White
From £315 per M2
Ivory Brown
From £330 per M2
Absolute Black
From £330 per M2
Kashmir Lime
From £345 per M2
Cosmos (Stargate) Granite
From £348 per M2
Baltic Green Granite
From £360 per M2
Blue Pearl Granite
From £360 per M2
Star Galaxy Granite
From £360 per M2
Kashmir White Granite
From £360 per M2
River White Granite
From £375 per M2
Emerald Pearl Granite
From £375 per M2
Antique Brown Granite
cosmic black sparkle worktop stone
From £405 per M2
Cosmic Black
From £525 per M2
Labrador Antique Granite