Grey Granite Worktops for Kitchens

A grey granite worktop is a classic choice for kitchens because it complements such a range of colours, materials and textures. Whether you want a modern, light-filled room with bright, white cabinets, or a more rustic kitchen with painted cabinets, a grey granite worktop will open up a world of possibilities.

Another reason many people love grey granite worktops for kitchens is because the stone is one of the hardest materials in the world, so it’s robust enough for family life. Granite worktops are heat and scratch-resistant, hygienic and incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

It’s a wise choice for home improvements, because installing granite worktops can actually add value to your property. Choosing a popular colour like a grey granite worktop is always a smart choice.

Granite kitchen worktops in white with grey specs
Black dark grey granite worktops in a modern country kitchen with white shaker cabinets

Why do kitchen designers love grey granite worktops?

Grey granite worktops are often a go-to choice for kitchen designers because it’s neutral and complements many different colour palettes. You can create any kind of style by carefully curating different colours, textures and materials for your kitchen.

For example, you can create a rustic kitchen with grey granite worktops and painted cabinets. You could pair chrome or steel with your grey granite worktop to achieve a more modern look. If you’d prefer a monochrome kitchen, you can simply work with another shade of grey for your walls or cabinets and a different shade of grey for the floor. You could even contrast the grey granite with other bold colours to make the worktop the focal point of the kitchen.

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Why use County Stone?

To really get the best from your grey granite worktop, you need the best quality material that’s handled by genuine experts. At County Stone, we only source top quality granite from trusted suppliers. We only work with highly skilled stonemasons and fabricators, who will use state-of-the-art equipment to cut your grey granite worktop to your bespoke measurements. And we only fit worktops with the utmost care and precision.

We’re a family business, deeply committed to delivering the very best customer service. That’s why we’ve got a growing number of five-star reviews. We’re incredibly proud of our reputation.

What types of grey granite worktop are available?

You get plenty of choice when it comes to options for grey granite kitchen workshops. We have both marble effect and speckled grey granite, which can be finished in a number of ways. If you’d like a sharp, reflective surface then a polished finish would be a great choice – but you can also choose the satin finish for less shine, or the matt finish for a more muted look.

You can also choose from a range of colours, whether you’re looking for a dark grey granite, a light grey granite, or something in-between like steel grey granite.

Grey sparkle worktops

We get a lot of enquiries about grey sparkle worktops, with many people drawn to the way the surface gleams when it catches the light. It’s the reflective crystals that give this sparkle effect. If you’re looking for grey sparkle worktops, we’ll be able to advise on the best types of material to achieve this look.

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What types of kitchen units go with grey granite?

If you want to brighten up a kitchen that has grey granite worktops, then white cabinets are a classic choice. This balance retains the impact of the granite kitchen worktop, but the cabinets will reflect lots of light and give the space a more airy, bright feeling.

Another popular choice is to pair grey granite worktops with grey cabinets. If you have a dark grey worktop then a lighter grey colour would make it feel cosy yet fresh. A less common, but more striking option, would be to choose dark grey cabinets with a light grey kitchen worktop.

Ultimately, grey granite worktops are popular because they go with a variety of colour schemes. Whatever colour of cabinet you want, there will be a shade of grey granite that will complement it.

Some of our most popular grey granite stones:

Azul Platino

Azul Platino is a light grey granite with a natural shimmer that blends well with most interiors. When it’s polished, Azul Platino becomes a very durable material that’s ideal for kitchen worktops. Take a look at the Azul Platino granite worktop we fitted in Longwick.

Bianco Sardo

Bianco Sardo granite is a mottled grey, black and white stone that’s very hard-wearing. It’s from Sardinia and is one of the most economical choices for grey granite kitchen worktops.

Steel Grey

Steel Grey granite is a very popular choice, because it goes with most colour schemes. This mid-grey colour looks great whether it’s polished or has a leather finish. Check out the steel grey granite worktops we installed in Portsmouth, Pulborough, Hove, and Dorset.

Galaxy Grey

Galaxy Grey granite is a light grey that’s given a textured effect by darker crystals speckled throughout. When polished, it really gleams in the light. See the Galaxy Grey kitchen worktop we fitted in Hove.

Silver Forest

Silver Forest granite is a darker grey that has a marbled look thanks to the grey colours that streak across its surface. View the Silver Forest grey granite kitchen worktops we installed in Arundel, Rustington, and Bognor Regis.

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl granite has a bluey-grey colour with flecks that sparkle when they catch the light, which can be accentuated with a polished finish. We’ve fitted Blue Pearl kitchen worktops in East Preston, Reading, and Goodwood.

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White grey granite kitchen worktops fitted with modern wooden kitchen cabinets

What customers say about white granite worktops from County Stone

Excellent service. Very friendly and careful installers. Love our new kitchen worktops

John Flinders

We wanted to update our kitchen and decided on granite work tops. County Stone were recommended to us. Right from the first meeting, Paul was friendly, professional and patient! We went back several times and the team were always helpful. We chose our granite and it was fitted a couple of weeks later. Matt and Tomasz fitted the granite. Nothing was too much trouble. The kitchen looks absolutely beautiful. We are extremely pleased with the finished result. Would definitely recommend. Thank you all.

Julie Morris

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Grey Granite Worktop FAQs

Can you get grey granite?

Yes, you can get grey granite – and it’s available in a range of grey shades and effects, too. You can get a marble effect or a speckle effect, and some grey granite even sparkles. You can also customise the look and feel of grey granite by polishing it or going for matt or satin finishes.

How much is grey granite?

The cost of grey granite varies, depending on which type you choose. The price for grey granite starts at £165 per m2 but can go up to £375 per m2 or beyond. Additional factors can affect how much grey granite costs, so it’s always a good idea to get a quote for a more accurate estimate. 

What goes with grey granite countertops?

Grey granite countertops go with almost anything. You can use white cabinets to brighten up a kitchen, or go with grey cabinets and flooring for a monochromatic feel. If you like earthy, natural tones then many grey granite worktops pair well with natural wood cabinets and stone floors. For a more industrial look, you can use chrome and steel.

In fact, grey granite is also an ideal background if you want to use other pops of colour. For example, splashes of bold colours like bright yellow or red or dark green also go well with grey granite.

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