White Granite Worktops for Kitchens

For a bright, sophisticated style statement, it’s difficult to beat white granite. A white granite kitchen worktop looks light and elegant, and really opens up a room, making any space seem much larger. As a natural product, every slab is unique. If you want a kitchen with genuinely individual style, look no further than white granite.

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Colonial white granite worktops with traditional shaker cupboards

Why do kitchen designers love white granite worktops?

As kitchen designers know, white countertops combine so well with other colours used for cabinets, walls and flooring. An all-white kitchen will look dramatically light and airy and works brilliantly with pops of colour from kitchen equipment, wall panels and pictures. If all white is too purist for your tastes, you can soften the effect but stay light and airy by combining white worktops with pastel tones on cupboards and drawers.

Combining white with strong colours also works a treat – there’s a lively trend right now for white worktops and forest green cabinets and cookers. There’s also a growing taste for contemporary monochrome looks, with white worktops installed on black or very dark kitchen units.

Why use County Stone?

White granite worktops, like all granite worktops, need handling, preparation and fitting with professional attention to detail. We source top quality granite from suppliers we know and trust. Our stonemasons and fabricators prepare our worktops in our own workshop, and our installation team fits our worktops with care and precision.

At County Stone we:

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Top quality granite – guaranteed

We’ve known our granite suppliers for many years and have a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. We only ship slabs which are up to our exacting standards, and we apply a thin clear seal to help it stay in perfect condition. As a County Stone customer, you’ll only ever be supplied with the outstanding quality granite.     

An exceptional selection – including showroom stocks of granite

Customers can select their worktop granite from a huge selection of samples at our showroom. We also hold a number of granite slabs in stock, and you can put your name on the actual piece of granite you want for your kitchen. You can start by exploring our range of white granite worktops on our website.

Expert advice on hand

We help you achieve the look you want with expert advice from our showroom team. We can tell you exactly what you need to know about choosing granite, and how it will complement kitchen units and equipment, your sink and your cooker.

We provide granite worktops cut and fitted to pretty much any shape, and our team will provide you with an accurately fitted, bespoke worktop. We will rise to any challenge – for example, a circular worktop we supplied for a traditional oast house.

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Ordering is easy

We are proud of the quality of our customer service, and we make ordering as customer focussed as possible. The best first step is to book a visit to our showroom so that we can talk through your kitchen plans. We will show you samples, discuss options and produce an instant quotation for you.

We deliver, fit and leave your kitchen clean and tidy

Our fitting team are experts in kitchen worktops. They will come to your home to measure up an exact template for your worktop. At our workshop, our sawmen cut your chosen material to match the template using diamond-tipped, precision equipment, and to prepare it for fitting. Our fitters will come back to you with the prepared worktop and fit it in place exactly as you require. We will clean up after ourselves, leaving your home clean and tidy. Fitting is usually 3-4 hours, and the whole process from creating the template to sign off takes 10-14 days.

Over 20 years’ experience

We’ve been supplying and fitting top quality granite worktops for more than two decades. As a family business, we’re fiercely proud of our standards, and that’s shared by our team, many of whom have been with us from the very beginning. You can see what our customers think of our service in their 5-star reviews.

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Is white granite practical?

Granite worktops are hugely practical, and white granite is no exception. Like all granite, it is exceptionally tough and will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. It’s easy to clean and to keep in perfect condition. The only point about white is that it’s more important to keep on top of cleaning – it’s less forgiving than darker colours. As with all of our granite worktops, we apply a thin, clear sealant before fitting which will last and last. 

For cleanliness and hygiene, simply wipe down your white worktop once a day using water or a specialist worktop cleaner such as Stain-Proof Daily Countertop Cleaner. You can see more about cleaning white granite here.

Why does a white sparkle worktop sparkle?

Here’s a super-quick geology lesson which explains why white granite sparkles.

Granite is a mix of rocks and minerals which became molten millions of years ago. The molten rock rose from deep within the earth to solidify closer to the surface. During the last few thousand years, granite has been quarried for use in buildings. Because it’s formed by an entirely natural process, every piece of granite is one of a kind.

Typically, granite consists of quartz and feldspar, but also includes mica and other minerals in tiny quantities. It’s the mix which gives granite its colour – generally black, brown, pink or white – and it’s the mica which gives granite slabs a sparkle.

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What customers say about white granite worktops from County Stone

Fantastic communication throughout and the workmanship is fantastic on our new worktops and hearth.

Trusted Customer who ordered Cosmic White granite

Spent considerable time with us explaining the different qualities of the stone we wanted, provided samples in whole sheets to view. Installation from a very experienced and helpful team was excellent. and I would have no hesitation is using County Stone again.

Mr Bridger who ordered Cosmic White granite

Really friendly team who were knowledgeable and helpful.

Matt Ayres who ordered Thunder White granite

Great experience. Very smooth process, lovely product and friendly staff.

Stephen Ratcliffe who ordered Colonial White granite

Amazing quality, extremely efficient team. Turned our project around so quickly when other companies gave us long lead times. Price was extremely competitive also. All the guys who dealt with us were very knowledgeable and professional. Paul sorted our worktops, Kalum did the template and Lee & Graham did the fit. We were so impressed with all of them and would not hesitate to recommend them. The join in the worktop is very smooth and especially love the small curve on the internal corner. No other company that I looked into offered this.

What am amazing company. So helpful when I was trying to decide which stone to purchase.. Lots of great advice. The two guys who installed the worktop worked so hard and I didn't have an easy kitchen.. Nothing is straight but they did it. When they left everywhere was spotless.. They even washed my floor.. Come back boys needs cleaning again. I received advice on how to look after my granite. Much appreciated and this company comes highly recommended. I love walking into my kitchen now.. Has been worth the nightmare of getting a new kitchen.. The worktops just finished it off.. Good job. Thank you so much..

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See a selection of the white granite worktops we have supplied and fitted in Windsor, Hambrook, Yapton, Ealing, Brighton, Hurstpierpoint, Chichester, Feltham, Lockerley, Handcross and Watersfield.

White Granite Worktop FAQs

Is white granite good for kitchen countertops?

Absolutely, yes. White granite gives your kitchen a light, sophisticated look and it’s remarkably hard-wearing and easy to clean. Granite can be cut by our expert team for a precise fit to virtually any shape.

What is the most popular white granite?

The most popular white granite we supply is called Cosmic White, which combines natural swirls which are predominantly white with darker veins. It looks stunning in situ, and suits kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

Does white granite turn yellow?

No, not if it is kept clean and scratch free. Yellowing will occur if dirt accumulates over a long period of time, and if the surface is used for cutting or exposed to rough treatment from pans or, worse still, scourers. As long as everyone who uses the kitchens knows the rules about daily cleaning and using trivets and cutting boards, your white granite worktop will stay white throughout its life.

Is white granite more expensive?

Our prices for white granite are in line with the prices for dark and coloured granite.  In fact, our Bianco Sardo – a lovely white speckled with black – is one of the lowest cost stones we provide.

Which granite looks best with white cabinets?

White cabinets look tremendous with almost any granite worktop. The swirls and veins of granite are a stylish foil to plain white cabinets, and the choice of granite colour is ultimately a case of personal preference. We love the look of white worktops with white cabinets for a super-light and clean kitchen look, but high contrast, darker colours – even black – also work extremely well.  

Is granite better than quartz?

Quartz is an excellent material for kitchen worktops, but granite matches it in virtually every respect in terms of performance. The main difference between the two stones is that quartz worktops are a manufactured mix of stone, pigment and resin. As a result, it comes with a regular distribution of quartz stone elements, so it looks very polished and smart. Granite, by contrast, is a purely natural product and its tones and veining are the result of millions of years of geological formation. No two pieces are alike, so if you’re after a totally unique look, granite should be your first choice.

Is granite still popular?

Most definitely. Granite has timeless appeal and can be part of exactly the look you want, whether that’s traditional or utterly contemporary. The fact that granite is a 100% natural product means it’s very much in demand from customers who want a more environmentally friendly centrepiece for their kitchen.

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