Black Quartz Worktops for Kitchens

Black quartz worktops are, like a favourite black dress or sharply-cut suit, unfailingly sleek and smart. For a kitchen with timeless style, a black quartz worktop is hard to beat.

The ultra-smooth surface of quartz is one reason it looks so exceptional. It is made mainly from mineral fragments blended with a small amount of colour pigment and resin. The mix is subjected to huge pressures and extreme heat. The slabs that emerge from the process are virtually as smooth as glass. In glossy black, the effect is striking. You can delve deeper into how quartz is made here.

Quartz has extra appeal because it couldn’t be easier to clean, however hard it is put through its paces in a busy kitchen. A regular wipe down will keep your black quartz worktop shiny and in perfect condition for a long, long time.

What black quartz kitchen worktop options are there?

All quartz is not made equal – we work with leading suppliers who can be relied on for supplying the best quality, flawless black slabs available, namely SilestoneArenastoneCaesarstoneSamsung Radianz and Compac.

Once the black quartz slabs arrive at our workshop outside the historic town of Arundel,

our highly experienced cutting team prepares and finishes each individual worktop. The measurements, shapes, edges and finish are crafted according to each client’s specifications. We tailor-make every individual worktop for every individual kitchen – you can see a video here of how we go about our business.

Brillo Noir Classic Grey Quartz Kitchen Worktop

Quartz worktops in solid black

Solid black quartz has a very contemporary look. For a pure black option, Silestone’s Iconic Black is a great place to start. Combined with modern units with clean lines and designer accessories, you can create an ultra-modern, fuss-free kitchen which will be a strong style statement for your home. 

If pure black is a touch too monochrome for your tastes, have a look at black quartz with subtle variations in the stone. Caesarstone Jet Black is super-smart, and we’ve also installed Silestone Negro Anubis with similarly impressive results.  

Black sparkle quartz worktops

Where glass fragments are included in the quartz composition, the surface sparkles, especially under bright light. We offer choices with more or less sparkle, so you can choose different levels of irresistible glitz to your kitchen. The best way to choose is to see actual samples – or even whole slabs – at our showroom. A good place to start is Samsung’s Kunlun Ink, which we have installed in kitchens in Birdham and Crawley among other places, and Brillo Noir in Worthing

Black marbled quartz worktops

Marbling is a further option in quartz worktops. The stones are manufactured with marble-like veins. For black worktops, a lighter shade of marbling contrasts with the background, creating the appeal of natural marble with plenty of choices ranging from understated looks to dramatic statements. At the subtle end of the scale there is Vanilla Noir, moving on to stronger variations in Eternal Emperador and the sharp-edged drama of Eternal Noir.

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Do black quartz worktops go with any colour?

From a kitchen design point of view, black gives you the same kind of freedom as white – yes, black goes with any colour. For a monochrome look, a black quartz worktop works perfectly with white units and appliances. That’s true for solid black – but add if the stone sparkles or has a pale marbling, there’s the chance to echo those touches with a touch of pzazz in white doors and drawers.

If there are subtle secondary shades in the black worktop, picking out the subtle tones in the rest of the kitchen can create a very well-designed, harmonious feel.   

Which black quartz kitchen worktop should you select?

Nothing beats seeing stones for real, rather than on a screen or in print. That’s why arranging a time to visit our workshop is always recommended. We will take on board the look you want to achieve and guide you through the options. You will be able to have a look through our samples as well our range of slabs we keep in stock. If you spot one you like, we’ll reserve it for you.

Start by getting in touch to arrange a time to visit us. If that’s not possible for any reason, we are always happy to set up a video chat.

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Why use County Stone?

At County Stone, we have been supplying and fitting top quality kitchen worktops for over 20 years. We are a family business, and we place a very high value on building the reputation we’ve earned for looking after our customers. Experience really does count, and from sourcing the finest stones to cutting, finishing and fitting, our team will not let you down. You can see what customers have to say about us in many independent 5-star reviews they have given us.

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What customers say about County Stone

Recently had quartz worktops installed by County Stone and we’re absolutely delighted with them. The whole process of choosing, templating and installing was simple and efficient and we believe very well priced for the quality of product and service provided. Would highly recommend to anyone and will definitely use again in the future.

Alex Tansley

Excellent service. Very friendly and careful installers. Love our new kitchen worktops.

John Flinders

Absolutely stunning! I am so pleased with every aspect of this company from sourcing my choices to edging, templating, fitting and finish. Thank you so much.

Annette Robinson

Looks like a new kitchen! Very happy with my new worktops. Been putting it off for ages as I thought it would be a hassle but templating and fitting all happened in just over a week. Friendly staff and everything was left clean and tidy. Thank you.

Janet Crossley

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Black Quartz Worktop FAQs

Are black quartz worktops easy to clean?

Black quartz worktops, like all our quartz worktops, are virtually non-porous. That means they will not absorb liquids and oils, and won’t stain, as long as you wipe down daily with a non-toxic cleaner. Black quartz is easy to keep looking smart, and it will retain its – whether gloss, satin or matt – from the day it is installed for decades. You can find out more about how easy it is to care for quartz here.  

Is black quartz expensive?

Our black quartz does not carry a premium over other colours, and comes in at similar prices to many granite options. You should expect a high price tag than you will find for some other stones on the market, including quartz which is less well manufactured and finished. We are committed to providing top quality quartz at fair prices.

Our range of black quartz stones starts, in terms of price, with sleek Night Tebas and the subtle variations of Arden Blue (in spite of the name it is predominantly black!). Costs per m2 go up for Iconic Black and Charcoal Soapstone and top out with Empira Black and Woodlands.

Remember that quartz worktops are for the long-term, and making the right choice will repay you with many years of satisfaction. As far as possible, we recommend you avoid compromises! We are always available to tell you about your options and to provide you with a no obligation quote.  

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