Grey Quartz Worktops for Kitchens

Grey quartz kitchen worktops offer a huge range of appealing options. If black or white is too much of a design statement, grey offers a more subtle, softer look. We offer nearly 50 shades of grey quartz, so you can be sure of finding a stone that will work perfectly for your kitchen. 

As with all quartz, grey worktops are very easy to clean and maintain, because the non-porous surface won’t stain. The stone is also very hygienic and doesn’t harbour germs and bacteria. Because it is so hard, quartz is hugely long-lived and durable too.

Noble Grey Caesarstone Quartz Kitchen Worktop with dark grey cabinets
Noble Grey Caesarstone Quartz Kitchen Splashback

Grey quartz kitchen worktop – what are the choices?

Quartz is flawlessly smooth, and that is what gives quartz worktops such a sleek, elegant look in all colours, including grey. There are many shades of grey to choose from, starting with off-whites through to dark options. That opens the door on a range of appealing design possibilities.

At County Stone we are very particular about the quality of quartz, and we only work with top quality suppliers including namely SilestoneArenastoneCaesarstoneSamsung Radianz and Compac. When you order a kitchen worktop from us, you can rely on top quality materials, as well as top quality preparation and fitting. You can see our precision cutting equipment in action here.

Quartz worktops in solid greys

Solid grey quartz worktops are simple and unfussy. They make a great core for your kitchen, and work well with clean lines and a lack of clutter. Alternatively, you can use solid greys as a background for colourful and decorative elements, from walls to cupboard units, kitchen appliances and accessories.

Silestone’s Gris Expo is a popular mid-grey choice, as is darker Silestone Marengo. In very up-to-the-minute style, customers in Earnley and Bosham have chosen Caesarstone Raw Concrete. The style of the worktops echo the polished concrete floors you find in contemporary interiors and offices.

Grey sparkle quartz worktops

Quartz is engineered from mineral fragments mixed with a touch of colour pigment and resin. Where fragments include glassy, mirror stones, the finished slabs sparkle in natural and electric light.

Sparkling grey quartz looks tremendous, especially in well-lit kitchens. One example is the sparkling Stellar Grey worktop we have fitted in Ferring. Other sparkling options to consider are Aluminio Nube, Atlantic Salt and Shitake.

Grey marbled quartz worktops

Grey quartz also comes in stones with marble-like veins. The look is like natural, quarried marble, but the marbling is created as part of the controlled manufacturing process. The options start with the understated and subtle Desert Silver and Eternal Serena. The marble effect is more pronounced in Bianco River and Noble Grey, and is more dramatic in Turbine Grey and Monaco, recently installed in Hove.

Grey quartz worktop finishes

Grey quartz comes in multiple finishes and textures. A high gloss finish is sharp and smart, and satin offers a softer look. A matt finish gives kitchens a very contemporary look, and, because it doesn’t reflect bright light, adds a calming note to the kitchen. We also supply grey quartz with textured finishes – with subtly dimpled, or even wood-grain or linen effects.   

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Which colours match grey quartz countertops?

For light grey quartz, think the same as for white, and try pairing with strong colours and dark contrasts. Dark grey quartz is in a similar zone to black, so goes well with lighter statement colours as well as with paler hues. Light or dark grey can also be the basis of a monochromatic kitchen, without the stark contrast of black and white.

Mid-greys are at often at their best with mid-toned colours – natural greens are very popular right now, as are teal and mustard. You can equally choose very light walls and units, and bring your kitchen beautifully to life with pops of colour in appliances and decorative touches.

How to choose a grey quartz kitchen worktop

The best way to choose a stone for your kitchen worktop is to see it up close, and to touch and feel it too. We carry an extensive range of samples at our showroom near Arundel, and also have a stock of slabs which you can reserve if you see one to your tastes. We can guide you through all the choices available, and share over 20 years’ experience with you.  

Get in touch now to arrange a visit. If that’s not possible, we recommend a video chat – just let us  know what works for you.

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Why use County Stone?

We are a family business with over 20 years’ experience of supplying and fitting top quality worktops. We tailor-make every individual worktop for every individual kitchen. Our reputation hangs on the way we always treat customers as individuals, and the quality of our materials and workmanship. We never let our customers down!

You can check out what customers say about County Stone in all the independent 5-star reviews they have given us.

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What customers say about County Stone

Excellent. Lady very helpful and knowledgeable. Kitchen layouts and quartz worktops on display.

Dennis Kenward

Recently had quartz worktops installed by County Stone and we’re absolutely delighted with them. The whole process of choosing, templating and installing was simple and efficient and we believe very well priced for the quality of product and service provided. Would highly recommend to anyone and will definitely use again in the future.

Alex Tansley

County Stone gave us excellent service throughout the process of choosing new kitchen worktops. Torn between having quartz or granite, Paul provided prices for different options which helped in making our final choice. Lee’s attention to detail in templating the worktops was excellent and final fitting was carried out just over a week later. Very happy with the finished result and would thoroughly recommend County Stone for quality, service and cost.

Luke Smith

Good choice of stone and Quartz at reasonable prices. Friendly advice. Excellent fitters. Recommend them highly

Helena Mancey

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Grey Quartz Worktop FAQs

How do you clean grey quartz worktops?

One of the practical advantages of our quartz worktops is that the surface is completely flat and non-porous. A regular wipe with a standard, anti-bacterial surface cleaner will comfortably deal with any kitchen spills and keep the stone looking as good as the day it arrived. The non-porous surface won’t harbour any germs either, so your kitchen will be hygienic too. There is further information about caring for quartz here.  

How expensive is grey quartz?

Our prices for grey black quartz are more or less in line with prices for the other stones we supply. We believe they offer excellent value for money, given the quality of the stones we supply and the expertise of our fitting team. They will last a lifetime, so the initial cost is in effect spread over many, many years. There are cheaper worktops available elsewhere, but almost always that’s because they are inferior products and fitted by non-experts. Cheap worktops are invariably a false economy.

For accurate costs please get in touch for a no obligation quote.  

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