Quartz Worktop Prices

Quartz kitchen worktops are made from one of the planet’s core minerals, found in the rocks that form the earth’s crust. Quartz worktops are loved for its sleek, ultra-smooth finish, fantastic durability and gorgeous looks. For many designers and home-owners, it is the go-to material for practical and stylish kitchens. But how does quartz stack up on price?

What goes into the cost of quartz worktops?

Prices for quartz worktops cover the costs of quarrying, manufacturing, preparation and transport. It’s a process that involves plenty of high-end equipment and technical know-how.

Quartz worktops begin life in quarries and mines around the world, where rocks containing the mineral are excavated. Heavy duty equipment is used to crush the rocks and particles of quartz are separated. At the manufacturing plant, the quartz particles are ground and blended with a small amount of resin before being super-heated under huge pressure to form beautifully smooth, durable slabs. Colour comes from pigments in the mix.

The slabs are made in sizes that allow for long distance transport. The bulk and weight of the slabs means transport is a significant factor in costs. Unsurprisingly, the thickness of the worktop affects the price, as do the colours, with rarer, more striking shades coming through at higher prices than more common ones. Distinctive looks make stronger design statements, but they come at a price.

There is also the issue of quality. If you are investing in a quartz worktop, you want flawless surfaces with a plenty of lustre and depth. At County Stone, we work exclusively with manufacturers and suppliers of the best quality quartz who provide flawless, stunning looking stones for the most stylish kitchens in the country.

Naturally enough, there are also budget and premium brands, although there are generally overlaps in price between the most expensive stones in a budget range and the least expensive premium stones. Budget brands rely on supply from lower cost, less quality-driven sources, while premium stones are generally made in Europe.

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How much do quartz worktops cost?

Our quartz worktops are priced in £s per square metre. That’s for the material, and the final price will include fabrication and delivery and installation. The table here gives a guide to the costs of different stones, but for an accurate quote, including delivery and fitting, please get in touch and tell us about what you’re looking for.

Our worktops come under four price bands – bronze, silver, gold and platinum – with selections shown below with links to our fuller range.


Less than £300 per m2



£300-£399 per m2



£400-£499 per m2



£500 and over per m2


Are quartz worktops cheaper than granite?

Quartz is often compared to granite in terms of price. There are plenty of examples of similarly priced stones, but overall, it’s fair to say that quartz is somewhat costlier. There is generally a broader range of quartz at the top end of the price spectrum, where you can find worktops with highly distinctive looks which will add to the sense of uniqueness and bespoke design in your kitchen.

For both quartz and granite, the priciest examples reflect their rarity. More quartz is manufactured in ‘standard’ colours and patterns, so the prices are lower than for stones which are made in limited quantities. Likewise, more granite is quarried in familiar grey/brown tones, making them less expensive than rarer, punchy colours and highly distinctive patterns.

We offer a full range of options in both materials, with plenty of overlapping prices. We always recommend that you follow your preferences rather than being pushed in any direction by relatively small differences in price.

Why are quartz worktops so expensive?

Compared to laminates, quartz can look pricey. But when you take into account the work that goes into producing them, they’re not overpriced. What you get for your money is a beautiful feature for your kitchen that not only looks gorgeously impressive, but will also last for years and years with minimal maintenance.

Cheaper alternatives just don’t match up in terms of their appearance and durability, let alone the pleasure that comes from living with your ideal kitchen. 

What is the cheapest quartz countertop?

The cheapest quartz should come with a health warning. To achieve the lowest prices, corners have to be cut. Among the things to look out for are inconsistencies and blotchiness in the shininess of the surface. This will be due to poor quality polishing, either as the result of lack of know-how, rushing the job, or using worn-out polishing pads – or all three!

Another way of cutting costs is using a high proportion of resin in the mix (resin is cheaper than quartz). Our suppliers use 93%+ quartz in the blend, while cheap quartz often uses much less, sometimes as little as 70%. Worktops made with lower proportions of quartz have less lustre, and will be more easily damaged by scorch marks from anything hot placed on them.

By contrast, with worktops from County Stone, you are assured of top quality quartz and competitive prices. What’s more, our highly experienced and professional installation teams will fit your worktop to the highest standards, leaving you with the kitchen that fully lives up to your highest expectations.

Get in touch now for an initial chat about quartz worktop prices, for a quote, or for any other questions about kitchen worktops.

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