Quartz Worktop Stone Colours for Kitchens

There’s no doubt about it, quartz worktops transform a kitchen. The combination of sleek aesthetic, impressive durability and easy maintenance makes quartz an obvious choice for many homeowners and interior designers. However, did you know that you can also get your colour fix with our range of quartz worktops colours?

As with all quartz, our quartz colour range is effortless to clean and maintain because quartz has a non-porous surface that doesn’t stain. Plus, it’s very hygienic as it doesn’t harbour germs or bacteria. Quartz has an incredibly long life because of how durable and robust it is.

So, whether you’ve been looking for a blue quartz worktop or a bright and funky pink quartz worktop, our quartz colour range is about to transform your kitchen!

Bright kitchen with classic quartz Calacatta Grigio worktop and dark grey cabinets
Quartz bamboo kitchen worktop with polished cream kitchen cupboards

Quartz worktops colours – what are my choices:

Black quartz worktops

A black quartz worktop is a classic choice. The ultra-smooth surface is part of the appeal; the stone is made from mineral fragments blended with a small amount of colour pigment and resin. After being subjected to immense pressure and heat, you have a slab that’s almost as smooth as glass.

Our black quartz worktops are sleek, smart, and stylish; black quartz is hard to beat.

Not all quartz is created equal, and at County Stone, we work with world-leading suppliers such as Silestone, Arenastone & Caesarstone, who create high-quality, flawless slabs of black quartz.

White quartz worktops

White quartz is the most popular quartz colour across the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s perfect for giving the busiest room in the house the impression of being calm, light, and spacious. Combining sleek smoothness and bright white tones, your kitchen will be light and inviting for family and friends. Plus, quartz is simple to keep clean, even with daily use, so your worktops will look impeccable for years to come.

If you’re looking for a crisp, clean look, naturally light, white quartz worktops will create a contemporary look in your kitchen.

Grey quartz worktops

If black or white quartz is too dramatic of a statement for you, our grey quartz worktops offer a softer look. And with almost 50 shades of grey quartz, starting from off-white to dark grey, you can be sure to find the perfect shade of grey quartz for you and your kitchen.

Simple, sophisticated, and subtle, grey quartz makes for excellent worktops for your kitchen, working well with clean lines and no clutter. Silestone has some great solid greys, such as the popular mid-grey, Gris Expo, or Marengo, a darker grey option. Dial-up the colour with accessories and kitchen cabinets as you see fit.

Brown quartz worktops

Like grey quartz, if you’re looking to create a subtler kitchen design than black or white, have you considered a brown quartz worktop? It’s a popular choice amongst homeowners and interior designers looking for something unique and a bit more earthy.

With a natural, lustrous shine, brown quartz offers a unique and high-quality kitchen worktop. To complete an earthy and minimalist interior design, pair brown quartz with cream or white cabinets to create a sleek and stunning kitchen. Just like all quartz, a brown quartz worktop will be incredibly durable and last a lifetime.

Red quartz worktops

If you’re looking for an attractive and vibrant alternative to your typical worktops, then a red quartz worktop could be for you. Incredibly dramatic and bold, if you’re looking to add some colour and wow-factor to your kitchen, red quartz will certainly do that!

Whether you’re looking for a unique quartz colour worktop at home or in a commercial setting, the incredibly durable nature of our high-quality quartz will give you peace of mind that you’re choosing a product that will last a lifetime.

Green quartz worktops

Increasingly popular over the last few years, a green quartz worktop is an ideal choice for a vibrant, modern kitchen. The wide range of green hues can be easily combined with a large variety of styles and colours, so whatever your vision for your kitchen, a green quartz worktop could be what you’ve been missing.

Green quartz worktops are unique, versatile and are sure to capture your personality if green is your go-to colour. Incredibly versatile, you can create a natural, earthy kitchen or a bold, creative look with a green quartz worktop.

Blue quartz worktops

If you’re looking to make an impact and dramatic statement in your kitchen, then a blue quartz worktop will do that for you. Available in a range of finishes and shades, it’s no wonder that blue quartz is fast becoming a popular choice for quartz worktops.

Pair your blue quartz worktop with crisp, clean lines for a twist on a classic design or mix it up with bold accessories for a colourful kitchen that will astound family and friends for years to come.

Quartz is made by mixing in the mineral and resin, and this means that our suppliers can achieve brighter and deeper colours in quartz than with granite. So, you’re able to make a bold statement with a highly durable and lifelong product.

Orange quartz worktops

Now, if you’re looking to make a statement, bright colours like orange are possible with Silestone’s range of vivid and funky quartz colours! For example, the vibrant Orange Cool from Silestone is going to make a statement and is sure to bring life to any kitchen.

Balance it out with greys, creams, and blacks for a sophisticated and polished finish to your kitchen or add a pop of colour to a kitchen island if you’re not looking to turn your whole kitchen orange. Wherever you utilise an orange quartz worktop, you’ll be smiling every time you see it. Just as durable as regular quartz, our range of orange quartz worktops will transform your kitchen.

Pink quartz worktops

From the faintest touch of pink to stunning rose quartz, a pink quartz worktop could transform your kitchen into the pink wonderland of your dreams. Some of our suppliers are doing extraordinary things with rose pink quartz and both Caesarstone and Silestone, for example, offer a range of pink quartz worktops.

Pair paler pink quartz with dark grey cabinets or a deeper pink with touches of white or cream for ultimate sophistication.

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What finish should I go for with my quartz colour worktop?

There is a whole world of finishes out there for quartz, depending on how matt to glossy you like your kitchen surfaces. Our favourite three finishes that many of our coloured quartz are available in are:

Quartz worktops in solid colour

For a contemporary look, solid coloured quartz can create a stunning effect. The colour becomes bold and deep under the light and makes a dramatic statement in any kitchen. 

Sparkle quartz worktops

To achieve a sparkly look in the finished quartz, glass fragments are mixed in to create a beautiful sparkle, especially under bright light. We offer options with different levels of sparkle so that you can choose the perfect level of glitz and glam for your kitchen.

Marbled quartz worktops

If you’re looking to add some decadence to your kitchen worktops, then marbling could be for you. During the creation process, the quartz has marble-like veins added to it, so for black quartz, a lighter shade of quartz is added to create a contrast and marbling effect. You can create a timeless kitchen or make a bold, dramatic statement depending on your colour choices.

How to choose the right colour worktop for your kitchen cabinets

With so many lovely quartz worktops colours to choose from, how do you know what would be suitable for your kitchen and complement your kitchen cabinets?

It can be challenging to choose the right colour worktop, but you should consider a few things that will help you decide. For example, depending on the amount of natural light in your kitchen, plus the colour, tone & material of your chosen kitchen cabinets, will help you to decide whether your worktops should be a light or dark colour.

Lighter coloured worktops will help make the kitchen feel brighter as the white undertones of the worktops will reflect any light. However, they can quickly look cluttered as any items that you store on the countertop will create shadows on the light surface.

Whilst dark worktops can add tone to a kitchen, especially larger kitchens with plenty of natural light. Alternatively, if you have a smaller kitchen and would like a darker coloured worktop but you’re worried about it dominating the room or making the room dark. In that case, you could pair dark worktops with kitchen cabinets in lighter colours such as white, cream, or green to balance the light in your kitchen. Plus, if you choose a glossy finish, you’ll still be able to take advantage of light reflecting off the counter.

One of the essential elements when deciding on your quartz worktops colour is to ensure that your worktops and flooring complement one another. Otherwise, you could risk accidentally creating a kitchen that clashes. In addition, the finish of your floor and worktops should also ideally match for a cohesive look, but the most crucial part is that the colours flatter each other.

Why use County Stone?

We know that the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where morning coffees are made, dinners are shared, and family recipes are created. Whether you choose a blue quartz worktop or the ever-popular White Zeus, at County Stone, we offer the best quartz kitchen worktops available from leading suppliers, including SilestoneArenastoneCaesarstone, and Classic Quartz Stone.

At County Stone, we put our customers first by providing:

  • Exceptional quality quartz worktops
  • A comprehensive range of quartz colours and finishes
  • Expert advice on the choices for your kitchen
  • Hassle-free ordering
  • Fast and efficient delivery & fitting 
  • Over 20 years of expertise and experience in quartz worktops

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Carrara Light Classic Quartz kitchen worktop

Quartz worktops colours

What our customers say about County Stone

We used County Stone for a refurb of our kitchen, the service from start to finish was superb. The attention to detail was excellent and Paul knew exactly what we wanted when we explained our requirements. The fitters were friendly and completed the finished worktop in super quick time. Highly recommend this excellent company, thank you.

Donna Blight

Fabulous service, competitive, helpful, and friendly. Would definitely recommend and love our granite worktop! Thank you Paul & your team.

Lesley Reeves

Recently had quartz worktops installed by County Stone and we’re absolutely delighted with them. The whole process of choosing, templating, and installing was simple and efficient and we believe very well priced for the quality of product and service provided. Would highly recommend to anyone and will definitely use again in the future.

Alex Tansley

Absolutely stunning! I am so pleased with every aspect of this company from sourcing my choices to edging, templating, fitting and finish. Thank you so much.

Annette Robinson

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Quartz Colour Worktop FAQs

What colours do quartz worktops come in?

Whilst black, white, and grey quartz worktops have been the most readily available quartz worktops colours for a long time, you can enjoy a quartz worktop in a range of colours, including brown, red, green, blue, and even brighter colours like orange and pink.

What colour quartz is more popular?

White quartz worktops are the most popular quartz worktop; white quartz has been so popular because it creates a sense of space and light due to its reflective properties.

How many colours of quartz are there?

It’s hard to put an exact number on it because quartz can be found in almost every colour, although standard colours include white, grey, purple, yellow, pink, green, red, brown, and black.

Can quartz countertops be in blue?

Yes, you can get quartz countertops in blue. Blue quartz has a rich and bold depth of colour that can add a real pop to your kitchen worktops. 

What is the most popular Silestone colour?

White Zeus Extreme is the most popular Silestone colour across the world. It’s an immaculate white that creates a calm, bright atmosphere in any kitchen.

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Caesarstone Shitake
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White Arabesque
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From £463 per M2
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Caesarstone Georgian Bluffs
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Caesarstone White Attica
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Caesarstone Noble Grey
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Caesarstone Pure White
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Caesarstone Sleek Concrete
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Caesarstone Fresh Concrete
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Caesarstone Vanilla Noir
1001 Riverlet
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From £508 per M2
Pearl Jasmine
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Eternal Marquina
From £537 per M2
Charcoal Soapstone
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Eternal Statuario
From £615 per M2
Classic Calacatta
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Eternal Noir
From £650 per M2
Caesarstone London Grey
From £650 per M2
Caesarstone Airy Concrete
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Caesarstone Black Tempal
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Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete
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Caesarstone Empira Black
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Caesarstone Empira White
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Caesarstone Oxidian
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Caesarstone Primordia
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Caesarstone Topus Concrete
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Caesarstone Bianco Drift
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Dreamy Marfil
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Caesarstone Frosty Carrina
From £650 per M2
Caesarstone Montblanc
From £650 per M2
Caesarstone Moorland Fog
From £650 per M2
Caesarstone Piatra Grey
From £650 per M2
Caesarstone Rugged Concrete
From £650 per M2
Caesarstone Symphony Grey
From £650 per M2
Caesarstone Turbine Grey
From £650 per M2
Caesarstone Woodlands
From £1018 per M2
Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo
From £1018 per M2
Caesarstone Excava
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Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo
From £1018 per M2
Caesarstone Statuario Maximus