Quartzite countertops for unique kitchens

Quartzite is a beautiful natural stone which can make your kitchen worktop one of a kind. Every slab of quartzite is unique. It is a metamorphic rock that originated as sandstone and has been converted into quartzite through the Earth’s intense heat and pressure over many thousands of years.

The flowing veins and marbling in quartzite give each worktop a spell-binding quality. The colours of our quartzite are in natural tones of white, grey, green, brown and even black. The surfaces are polished and smooth; the overall effect is unique and mesmeric. For a kitchen with an individual sense of style, a quartzite worktop is a compelling place to start.  

Bianco Eclipse quartzite Kitchen

Why choose quartzite for your kitchen countertop?

Today, we all spend more time than ever in the kitchen, not just to cook, but also to chat, eat, and relax. The kitchen is now the informal hub of the home and modern kitchen design is focussed on creating a lovely living space as well as being set up for food preparation, cooking and storage.

The worktop you choose is a key part of the creation of a kitchen you will love. Quartzite is timelessly beautiful, and brings the natural world into the heart of your home. Every quartzite worktop is entirely unique, and will make your kitchen yours and yours alone. Our quartzite comes in a rich range of colours, so if you are looking for natural stone, yet also want distinctive looks, quartzite is most definitely worth considering.  

Quartzite also provides a robust, practical work surface which can comfortably handle almost anything that life in the kitchen throws at it. In fact, it is tougher than granite and marble. Our quartzite worktops are protected by an invisible sealant, and regular cleaning with a damp cloth will keep the stone looking perfect, or a specialist natural stone cleaner such as Rejuvenata spray.

Why choose County Stone?

When you are investing in a new quartzite kitchen worktop, your stone needs to be supplied and fitted to the highest standards. The experienced team at County Stone will ensure that your countertop comes to you in perfect condition, and is installed to your exact specifications. 

  • Exceptional quality quartzite worktops
  • A comprehensive range of quartzite colours and finishes
  • Expert advice on the choices for your kitchen
  • Hassle-free ordering
  • Fast and efficient delivery and fitting
  • Over 20 years of expertise and experience in quartzite worktops

Does County Stone supply quartzite worktops near me? The answer is yes, especially if you’re in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and London. Get in touch today for a quote on quartzite worktop prices

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How to look after quartzite worktops

Quartzite is really very easy to look after. The stone in its raw state is more porous than engineered materials such as quartz, so we supply worktops with a long-lasting invisible seal which provides effective protection from staining and discolouration. Wipe down daily with a soft, damp cloth, and if anything gets spilled wipe away as soon as you can. Also, make sure you avoid the use of abrasive cleaners which can damage the sealant. You should always use trivets, maps and chopping boards to protect the surface.

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What customers say about County Stone

Absolutely stunning! I am so pleased with every aspect of this company from sourcing my choices to edging, templating, fitting and finish. Thank you so much.

Annette Robinson

Fantastic service from a great company. Every member of staff we dealt with (sales, templating, installation) were friendly, knowledgable and incredibly professional. I would not hesitate to use them again. Highly recommended

Rob Slade

Great service from choosing to fitting our kitchen work top. A very professional service. Thank you County Stone

Nina Welch

Thank you so much to the team at County Stone, our worktops look amazing and have transformed our boring new build kitchen! The process was so easy and fast, excellent service

Gemma Savage

Quartzite Worktop FAQs

What is quartzite?

Like granite and marble, quartzite is a natural stone. It’s tricky to explain the monumental process of forming quartzite, but try this. Imagine holding a handful of frozen berries. While frozen, there are air gaps between each berry. Then squeeze the fruit hard in your warm hand to compress the berries into a squidgy block of fruit. Then refreeze it all in a solid block of berries.

On a massive scale with unbelievable pressure and heat, that’s more or less what happens to sandstone and minerals when the earth’s plates shift and cast enormous mountain ranges. The result? Rather than blocks of fruit, we are left with deposits of gorgeous quartzite dotted around the world.

The raw stone is quarried, cut into slabs and delivered to workshops to be finished. Our team of experienced craftsmen at County Stone cut quartzite slabs to shape and apply a special invisible sealant to stop staining and keep your stone looking wonderfully unique and special.

What colour is quartzite?

As it is formed, quartzite comes to include minerals with a wide range of colouration. The result is that different quarries will yield quartzite in colours ranging from softly-veined whites which are marble-like in appearance to dramatic blacks, blues, greens and reds. Shades can vary from pale to inky-dark. Multiple tones and hues can also be found in the same slab.

The options give designers and homeowners exceptional opportunities for colour co-ordination with kitchen units, appliances, walls and floors. The range of our quartzite colours can make the dream of a gloriously individual kitchen a reality.

Is quartzite better than granite?

Both quartzite and granite are natural stones, and both have all the appeal of a natural product. Kitchen worktops cut from blocks of either stone are unique and will not be found anywhere else.

Both stones are hardwearing and durable, but quartzite is a little harder and more resistant to scratching. Quartzite is also less porous, although at County Stone we use a single application invisible sealant to protect both types of worktop from staining and discolouration. Both are also easy to maintain with non-abrasive cleaners, for example with a daily wipe down with a soft cloth and soap and water.

In essence, there is little to choose between quartzite and granite in terms of durability and maintenance. The choice, ultimately, will come down to the individual stone you will prefer to have as a fixture in your kitchen.

Is quartzite cheaper than quartz?

The price of quartzite reflects the costs of quarrying, cutting, transporting, finishing and fitting on top of the price of the material itself. It is generally more expensive than quartz which is engineered from quartz crystals blended with a small amount of pigment and resin.

Quartz can be manufactured in any shape, so is generally easier to fit to exact specification than natural stones such as quartzite which has to be cut by skilled craftsmen such as the workshop team at County Stone. Be wary of ordering a quartzite worktop from anyone without proper experience of working with this precious material.

The extra process and skillset involved will generally be reflected in a higher overall price than most quartz. However, prices are also higher for rarer and more exotic stones of any type, and certain quartz stones can come in at a significantly higher cost than a number of quartzite options.

What are the pros and cons of quartzite?

Quartzite can be an inspirational choice for your kitchen worktop, and elevate the look of the busiest room in your home to new heights. However, we always give our customers a full view of the pros and cons of choosing this natural stone.

Naturally beautiful appearance
Range of colours and patterns
Cost effective, practical alternative to marble
Very hard and durable
Easy maintenance
Won’t discolour in sunlight

Can be pricier than quartz
Requires expert cutting and installation

Does quartzite chip easily?

Quartzite is one of the hardest stones in the world, and it will chip less easily than granite, marble or man-made quartz. While it will not chip easily, it can be damaged by dropping heavy pans, bottles or other weights, especially on its edges. In general day-to-day kitchen use, quartzite is very unlikely to chip.

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