Black Quartzite Worktops for Kitchens

Black quartzite is a magnificent natural stone with a dramatic depth of tone. Like all quartzite, variations of shades and marbling are a reminder that each stone has been formed by immense natural forces.

Black quartzite countertops are all entirely unique. You can find options with more or less pronounced veining and tonal variety, giving you the choice of a composed and serene look or something more striking. Either way, your worktop will help your kitchen become a timelessly beautiful place to cook, eat and entertain.

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Why choose a black quartzite kitchen countertop?

First impressions count, and the first time you step into a kitchen with a glorious black worktop, you’ll be struck by the impact it makes. Black is the colour of the night, of drama, and of timeless style.

The beauty of black quartzite is that it does not come in a ‘flat’ colour. The stones are alive with naturally formed veins and colour shifting from deepest black to something a little less intense. The effect is mesmerising. Using a stone with such a special character in your kitchen delivers a style leaves a lasting impression.

Black worktops combine very well with surroundings in all colours, leaving you with a free hand on choosing kitchen units, walls, floors and appliances. You can achieve high drama with a black and white theme, or a more composed look with pale colours. Alternatively, spin off into strong, bright colours for a look that’s lively and inviting.

Black quartzite is a very good choice for busy kitchens. We seal our stones before fitting, so that they won’t stain or discolour, and they are very hard-wearing. With straightforward care they will last a lifetime, and repay every penny you spend on them by making your kitchen both lovely and practical. 

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Why choose County Stone?

With over 20 years’ experience of supplying and fitting top quality stone worktops, we know how – and how not – to cut, finish and install quartzite. The last thing you want is to have such lovely material delivered damaged, however slightly, and imperfectly fitted. Our team works to the highest quality standards, and our approach to kitchen worktops continues to earn us consistent 5-star reviews from our clients. Our experience and our dedication to doing things properly ensures you will get perfect results.

When you choose us for your kitchen worktop, you benefit from:

  • A superb choice of quartzite stones
  • Free advice from our expert team
  • A simple order process
  • Fast, efficient delivery
  • Precision fitting by experts, including in recesses and irregular shapes
  • More than 20 years of experience in supplying and fitting top quality worktop

Does County Stone supply black quartzite worktops near me? We work mainly in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and London. If you are making plans for a kitchen project with new worktops in any of these areas, contact us today for a quote

How to look after black quartzite worktops

Our worktops ready for the real world. We receive the slabs from our supplier with a polished or matt finish, then apply an ultra-thin sealant. The sealant is a long-lasting barrier to any spills that could stain the stone, or dull its looks.

We make sure the stone is fitted precisely in place, and then it is over to you. All you need do to keep your worktop in perfect condition is to give a daily wipe with a soft cloth, and to mop up any spills as soon as you can. Simply use a damp cloth.   

Take care with pans which have just come out of the oven or off the hob – always use a trivet rather than putting them straight onto the worktop. And use a chopping board – if you cut and chop on the worktop itself, you risk leaving permanent scratches on the surface. Like most stones, quartzite can also be damaged if you drop anything hard and heavy on it.

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What customers say about County Stone

Fantastic service from a great company. Every member of staff we dealt with (sales, templating, installation) were friendly, knowledgable and incredibly professional. I would not hesitate to use them again. Highly recommended

Rob Slade

Excellent service. Very friendly and careful installers. Love our new kitchen worktops.

John Flinders

Absolutely stunning! I am so pleased with every aspect of this company from sourcing my choices to edging, templating, fitting and finish. Thank you so much.

Annette Robinson

Looks like a new kitchen! Very happy with my new worktops. Been putting it off for ages as I thought it would be a hassle but templating and fitting all happened in just over a week. Friendly staff and everything was left clean and tidy. Thank you.

Janet Crossley

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Black Quartzite FAQs

How can quartzite be black?

Quartzite is formed over thousands of years from sandstone containing various coloured minerals. Quartzite deposits exist throughout the world, and vary in appearance according to the make up of the minerals within the local sandstone. Within the mineral world, there are many different colour variations including black, and where black minerals dominate in the original sandstone, black quartzite is the result.      

What is the darkest black quartzite?

We offer a range of black quartzite ranging from virtually all-black to black combined with prominent pale marbling. Or range of black quartzite includes:

  • Double Black is the darkest quartzite we offer, with a very dark background with marbling which is almost as deep
  • Sky Black features a discreet amount of off-white marbling to offset the black background
  • Brindle Crystal has more pronounced marbling and veins which create more of a light and dark look
  • African Fusion introduces earth colours of brown and yellow into the prominent marbling

Does black quartzite discolour?

We supply black quartzite worktops in pristine condition, with rich, dense colours. Technically, over many years, the depth of colour can diminish, especially if exposed for long periods of time to bright sunlight. Realistically, your stone itself will not fade in normal kitchen use during the lifetime of your kitchen.   

The biggest risk to your stone’s appearance is staining which can discolour the stone itself. To stop that happening, our rigorous preparation includes application of a once-only sealant which prevents staining liquids from penetrating into the stone. If wiped away quickly spills will not dull down the sealant either. Simple care for your quartzite worktop will keep it looking beautiful for many, many years.

What are the choices of black quartzite?

Quartzite is most commonly grey in colour, and black is one of the less frequently found colourations of this natural stone. Where it is available, it can vary from a dominantly black appearance, such as Double Black to a mix of black and lighter or coloured veins in stones such as African Fusion. Other black quartzite stones to consider are Sky Black, Brindle Crystal, Platinum Black, Black tempest and Infinty Black.

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