Grey Quartzite Worktops for Kitchens

Grey quartzite is always a smart choice for natural stone worktops. In the first place, quartzite brings attractive tones and patterns from the natural world into your kitchen.

All quartzite worktops are also one of a kind, quarried from stones formed over many thousands of years, each with unique variations and colours. 

With so many shades of grey available, you can create a full range of looks, from the light and airy to the dark and dramatic. From the point of view of maintenance and hygiene, quartzite is immensely practical. It is hard-wearing and easy to clean, and will stay looking wonderful for many decades without any special effort.   

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Which colours go with grey quartzite kitchen worktops?

A grey worktop is an almost infinitely useful starting point for kitchen designs. Essentially, a grey kitchen countertop can be matched with virtually any colour, however deep or pale. The key decision is the tone of grey you choose.

Palest grey stones such as Bianco eclipse quartzite and Nuage quartzite can be used as part of a space-enhancing, light kitchen with white or off-white cabinets and walls. They also work in brilliant contrast to dark blue or green kitchen cabinets.

Mid-greys, including Atlantic lavastone quartzite and Onix quartzite, are the easiest tones to integrate with almost any colour. In addition to painted cabinets, wood units in mid-tones work brilliantly with quartzite, introducing a touch of a warmer colouration to contrast with the coolness of natural stone.

As you go into darker greys, you have plenty of options for sharp contrasts with light cabinets and walls with the likes of terra bianca quartzite and infinity grey quartzite. They are also a great choice for a sharp, monotone look, with the natural patterns of the stone introducing a subtle touch of irregular, organic swirls and veining to contrast with sharply defined lines.

If you introduce bright primaries into your kitchen, you’ll find they work exceptionally well paired with a neutral grey worktop which can pleasingly calm down strong colours for a very attractive and harmonious look.

Beyond colour choices, the other factor to consider from a design point of view is how well the natural veins and swirls of grey quartzite go with the rest of the kitchen. For cabinets, walls and appliances – all of which are right next to your worktop – solid, flat colours are usually the best choice.

Floors are a different consideration, purely and simply because they don’t run up to your worktop. You can choose tiled, wood, vinyl or laminate flooring with as much or as little patterning as you choose. Stylish alternatives for a contemporary feel are polished concrete or eco-friendly cork.

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Is grey quartzite a better choice than grey granite?

Quartzite and granite are both formed by geological processes over many thousands of years, but in two different ways. Granite consists of an agglomeration of different minerals such as feldspar, mica and quartz. Quartzite is almost entirely quartz.

As a result, the appearance of the two stones are rather different. Granite is usually characterised by speckles in a range of tones, and can feature dramatic colours and contrasts within a small area. Most quartzite features feathery veins and has a generally more subtle appeal.

Aside from looks, quartzite is a touch harder and therefore, technically, more durable than granite. In practical terms, the difference is marginal is unlikely make any difference in real life. Granite is also a little more porous, but as with all of our stones we apply a once-only invisible sealant to protect both types of stone from staining.

The maintenance regimes for both stones are very similar, with a daily wipe down just with water and a soft cloth recommended. You can also use a specialist cleaner such as Stain-proof Daily Countertop Cleaner to keep your worktop clean and looking lovely. 

So should you choose grey quartzite or grey granite? The answer really comes down to which individual stone you like the looks of. At our showroom, we can put a range of samples in front of you to help you decide, as well our stock of stones – and if any of the stones we hold is the one you want, we’ll put your name on it. 

Grey quartzite vs manufactured worktops

Choosing between natural quartzite or granite and manufactured stones such as quartz, ceramic and sintered materials comes down to personal preferences and design priorities. Natural stones are all unique, and quarried as they are found in deposits around the globe. If having a natural statement piece at the heart of your kitchen has a strong appeal, then quartzite or granite is probably for you.

Manufactured stones by contrast have been created in a controlled environment which emulates the huge heat and pressure of the natural world with furnaces and forming equipment. The manufacturing processes can create a huge range of colours, patterning and textured finishes, all of which open up a world of design possibilities. From solid colours to elaborate patterns, from plain naturals to dramatic statements, the choices are endless. Manufactured quartz such as Caesarstone, Silestone and Arenastone are names to look out for. Ceramic stones from Dekton and Lapitec offer a still greater range of looks, finishes and thicknesses.

Why choose County Stone?

We are stone kitchen worktop specialists. We have decades of experience in sourcing, preparing and fitting natural stones such as granite and quartzite, as well as manufactured quartz, ceramics and sintered stones. We have built up a 5-star reputation for our work, and as a family business we always go the extra mile for our clients.

We also work closely with every customer to make sure they get exactly the results they want, and we are always on hand to give advice and to discuss options. We also have excellent relationships with quarries and suppliers, including the the team behind our quartzite stones.

We are fully foccussed on our customers:

  • We offer a beautiful range of worktops
  • We give expert advice on worktop options for your kitchen
  • Ordering is straightforward and hassle-free
  • We provide highly efficient delivery and accurate fitting 
  • We have over 20 years of expertise and experience in top quality worktops

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Grey Quartzite FAQs

Can quartzite be grey?

Absolutely yes. The colours of quartzite come fundamentally from its main component which is quartz minerals. The dominant colours of quartz are naturally between very light and very dark greys, with all shades in between. You won’t find ‘flat’ colour in quartzite, because invariablly there are veins, swirls and feathering, but that’s a core part of its natural beauty.

As a completely natural stone (unlike manufactured quartz or ceramics) no additional pigments are used to introduce more colours, although you will find some stones with elements of red, green or blue, and sometimes a combination of all.

How do you clean grey quartzite?

Quartzite is a very hard stone, forged over millennia and consisting of 90% to 95% quartz minerals. It’s not just hard, it’s also largely (but not completely) non-porous. To keep it clean, the best approach is to wipe it down with water and a soft cloth regularly, and ideally as soon as anything is spilled on it. You can also give it a more thorough clean with a cleaner designed for the job – we recommend Stain-proof Daily Countertop Cleaner.

Does grey quartzite chip easily?

Quartzite is such a tough material that it is less likely to chip than granite or even man-made quartz stones. Even so, you need to avoid dropping heavy things on it, especially cast-iron pans and casseroles or even bottles, tins and jars. The part of any worktop which is most prone to chipping is the edge, and that’s worth bearing in mind when cooking or preparing food, or moving anything hard and heavy around the worktop.

Is fitting grey quartzite easy?

To fit any quartzite, you need absolute precision in measuring the worktop, and in cutting with unerring accuracy. Our fitters create templates with pinpoint accuracy, and our stonemasons then cut your worktop to the correct measurements, including recesses and apertures for sinks, pipes and services. You can see photos of our stonemasons in action here.

For a perfect result, you need fitters who are experts in creating very detailed and precise templates, and stonemasons who are experienced in cutting and finishing quartzite, and who also have the right tools, like our diamond-tipped saws. The fitting team also need to know how to handle this magnificent stone without scratching it or damaging edges and corners.

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