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Quartzite is a natural stone which is found in deposits throughout the world. It is a metamorphic rock, meaning it is transformed from its original material through immense pressures and temperatures. The starting point is mainly quartz sandstone which reforms as quartzite over a period of thousands of year.

Our natural quartzite originates mainly from quarries in Brazil, with further supplies coming from China, Australia and the USA. It is supplied to us as stone slabs which our our expert stone masons prepare and finish for installation as kitchen worktops in our clients’ homes, and also in bars and restaurants.

As a natural product, every quartzite slab is unique in terms of colours and patterning. Most quartzite deposits are of white, grey and black stone, with variations caused by a small presence among the original sandstone of minerals with red, blue, yellow and green hues. The visual effect is more subtle than highly dramatic and full of natural style.

When you order a quartzite worktop based on seeing samples, you might find that the final stone is bit different from the sample itself – it is simply not possible to predict exactly what your delivered stone will look like. It will always be an absolute delight, and countless customers have been 100% delighted with the stones the worktops they have ordered from samples. There is however an alternative approach.

How to know for sure what your quartzite worktop will look like

There is no substitute for seeing the actual stone before you place an order. We can always provide samples and photographs of quartzite stones, but actually getting up close to the stone you are buying is the only sure-fire way of knowing exactly what you are getting.

That is exactly why we keep a stock of stone slabs at our showroom outside Arundel in West Sussex. It’s not an option you’ll find offered by the great majority of kitchen companies in the south of England, but we know how important viewing before you buy can be for our customers.  

When you visit our showroom, our team will be happy to show you the full selection of the stones we hold in stock. You will be able to see every swirl and vein in detail, as well as the tones and shades of colour in the stone. If any of the stones are what you are looking for, you can put your name on it there and then.

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A bespoke quartzite worktop for your kitchen

The next step is for our highly experienced fitting team to visit your home to measure up a template for your worktop, including every recess, nook and cranny as well as the location of pipes for taps, and areas for sinks, cable boxes or other elements. The thoroughness and accuracy of our team’s work is absolutely essential for a flawless fit.

With the template in the capable hands of our stonemasons, your stone will be cut to the exact size and shape required for your kitchen. It will be given edges, polished and finshed as you require, ready for the fitters to return to your home and install it. We never leave a site until our clients are delighted with the fitting, and we leave your home perfectly clean and tidy.

With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on the quality of our work. And because you have personally selected the stone, your kitchen will look every bit as wonderful as you planned.

What quartzite stones are in stock at County Stone?

At our showroom site we maintain a stock of quartzite and granite for customers to see before they order. The selection changes regularly but it gives you the chance to see actual colours and a range of patterns. We don’t as a matter of course keep stocks of engineered stones, because they are made to match our samples.

We work closely with our quartzite suppliers to ensure that we have a worthwhile range of slabs for customers to see – we’re always keen to make a trip to our showroom well worth your time. Do get in touch and we can tell you what we have available for to you to see.

Seeing a natural stone shows its real colours

The fact that quartzite and granite are hewn directly from quarries mean they are just as nature intended, without any extra colouring or any mechanically crated patterns.

Manufactured stones such as quartz, ceramics and sintered stones are all created to predetermined designs in specific colours. The manufacturing technology today offers so much control that the final stones are exactly like the samples you’ll see at our showroom, and very close to the images you see online or in brochures.

For natural quartzite and granite stones, you can see samples at our showroom and select your worktop from our stock. Alternatively, if you see examples at any stone supplier, we will track them down use the stones you have seen. We can also show you photos of stones at quarries which you can use to select your worktop material.

Why use County Stone for quartzite worktops?

Giving you the opportunity to see quartzite slabs for yourself is part of our focus on customer service. And because we have over 20 years of experience in supplying and fitting top quality worktops, you can rest assured that your kitchen will be a great part of your home for many years in the future.

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Where can you see our stock of quartzite stones?

You are welcome to arrange a visit to our showroom to see our stock of granite and quartzite. Our showroom is near historic Arundel, only seven miles from Chichester, 12 miles from Worthing, 22 miles from Portsmouth, and 24 miles from Brighton by road. We are also easily accessible by bus and train.

Get in touch now for an initial chat about our stones in stock, for a quote, or for any other questions about kitchen worktops.

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