Quartzite Kitchen Worktop Colours

Quartzite is a beautiful natural stone which comes in a fascinating range of colours, all featuring unique veins and swirls. No two pieces of quartzite are the same because of the way the stone is formed. Even if your neighbour wanted a quartzite worktop exactly like yours, they couldn’t find it!

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What Gives Quartzite its Colour?

Quartzite is formed from sandstone subjected to thousands of years of immense heat and pressure. It is mainly quartz which in its purest form is translucent or even transparent. Other minerals are involved in smaller quantities, including feldspar and various oxides. It’s these which give quartzite its different colours, and account for those lovely, irregular swirls and random patterns.

What Quartzite Colour is Best for Kitchen Worktops?

The colours in your kitchen are completely a matter of personal choice. What makes kitchens really appealing is the way colours work together. You also need to take account of the space you have. Smaller kitchens often look better in lighter colours, and can feel cramped if you opt for darker ones. Natural light from windows and doors is a big factor too, as is what you choose in terms of overhead lights, cabinet lighting and any lamps.

When it comes to choosing a worktop colour, it’s no surprise that you need to take account of your overall kitchen design. The most popular colours in quartzite and other stones are white, grey and black largely because they give maximum flexibility for combining with other colours, and they are right in tune with modern tastes.  

But what about other quartzite colours?

Quartzite Colours Beyond White, Black and Grey

In the true sense of the word, white, black aren’t really colours. They’re a great way of creating a smart, stylish and rather cool look, but they can fall short of making your kitchen truly memorable and distinctive. 

If your taste is for something more striking and less commonplace, you should delve into other quartzite colours. Here’s our take on the kind of results you can achieve. Remember that these aren’t solid colours and that the shades are generally on the lighter side – but not always. It’s really all dependent on what nature got up to with the minerals all those centuries ago!

Pink quartzite worktops

Shades of pink are quite a change from neutral whites and greys, yet still bright and light. They’ll lift the atmosphere in your kitchen into a more decorative zone, and will work well with neutral walls and cabinets, especially dusty greys. 

Yellow quartzite worktops

Yellow-tinged quartzite gives a kitchen a summery look, especially in lighter tones, and goes exceptionally well with pale wood cabinets and even brass taps. Deeper yellows and golds add a touch of opulence which you can dial up with richer colours elsewhere in the kitchen, or soften with pale and neutral finishes.  

Orange quartzite worktops

Orange is naturally warm and sunny, and won’t let you down if you want to create echoes of Spain or Mexico in your home. It’s a lovely match for wooden kitchen cabinets and appliances in vibrant oranges, golds and reds – don’t forget to add a vase of sunflowers when they’re available!

Green quartzite worktops

Green is the colour of the natural world, and quartzite is a totally natural product. So it’s no surprise that a green-hued quartzite worktop will give your kitchen an organic feel that’s some way away from the linear, machine-made vibe of plenty of contemporary kitchens. Wood is a natural partner for green, but there are plenty of neutral options to pair it with, as well as pale and dark colours.  

Brown quartzite worktops

Like greens, browns are natural colours which can be toned in with wood in many shades, whether painted or unpainted. These ‘earth’ colours go together well, but can also give a lift to neutral colours used anywhere in the kitchen. Choose your cabinets, appliances and flooring appropriately, and your brown worktop will help deliver a warm, welcoming look which you can make as modern or traditional as you like.  

Blue quartzite worktops

Blues introduce a clean, cool theme which can work beautifully in kitchens. In all shades, it’s a classic colour which will give a smart edge to your kitchen. But the natural swirls and varied tones of quartzite will stop the look being too formal or regimented. Deep blues in particular can be very dramatic, and if uniquely striking are what you are after, blue is definitely worth exploring.   

Purple quartzite worktops

Purple quartzite can potentially be even more striking blue. It’s a colour that doesn’t feature a great deal in home décor, but in a quartzite worktop it can introduce a unique feel. It’s a proven partner for neutral units and stainless accessories, and you could look at pairing your worktop with yellow, oranges and greens. 

Multi-colour quartzite worktops

Probably the highest drama you can create with quartzite worktops is a multi-coloured stone. Nature knows no boundaries in the colours it can throw together as quartzite is formed, and you can find stones with an almost psychedelic or meteor shower look. You may well want to use neutrals or monochromes for the rest of the kitchen, but you needn’t be averse to picking out any of the colours in the stone. If you like a design challenge, a multi-coloured quartzite countertop really isn’t a bad place to start!   

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Why use County Stone?

A specialist material like granite requires experience and expertise, from quarry to installation. It needs to be handled with care; to cut granite, you need to be a skilled stonemason before it is passed to expert fabricators in the workshop. Quartzite needs to be installed by those with experience to ensure the perfect fit. When working with a natural material you need to be sure that it’s in safe hands, and here at County Stone, we have over 20 years of using the finest quality of stones, delivering an exceptional finish.

At County Stone, we:

  • supply the finest quality quartzite
  • offer an exceptional choice of quartzite and finishes
  • provide expert advice on achieving the look you want
  • make ordering easy
  • deliver and fit in as little as ten days
  • have over 20 years’ experience and an expert team

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Fantastic service from a great company. Every member of staff we dealt with (sales, templating, installation) were friendly, knowledgeable and incredibly professional. I would not hesitate to use them again. Highly recommended

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Quartzite Colours FAQs

Coloured quartzite doesn’t present any more challenges than other quartzite worktops. It’s just as durable, tough and stain resistant. We supply your worktop with a once-only invisible seal already applied, which means that with a daily wipe down with a soft cloth and warm water your worktop will keep looking tremendous. 

It’s best to wipe down any spills, especially anything like red wine, or strongly coloured spices immediately. For a deeper clean, we recommend using a specialist cleaner such as STAIN-PROOF Daily Countertop Cleaner. Most importantly, steer clear of abrasive cleaners which can scratch off the sealant, and do your best not to drop anything heavy on the worktop.

See more about how to clean quartzite worktops including plenty of frequently asked questions.

Quartzite can be sourced in a range of colours including white, black, grey, beige, yellow, pink, green, brown, blue and purple. Each individual stone will feature any of these colours, and possibly others. Many stones will have a neutral background, overlaid with coloured veins and highlights. You can also expect to stones to combine two or more hues and tones.

At our showroom near Arundel we carry a constantly changing stock of stones and it is always worth visiting to see what we have in at the moment. All are available to buy, so if you see something you like in the right size you can go ahead and order. We can also show you samples of stones to order, as well as offering you as much advice as you want, as well as telling you about costs and delivery schedules. 

White and grey are the most common colours for quartzite countertops. White quartzite countertops provide a clean, classic look that can brighten up any kitchen or bathroom. Grey quartzite countertops offer a more subtle, sophisticated look that can complement a variety of design styles. While other colours such as green and blue are also popular, white and gray remain the go-to choice for many homeowners and designers due to their timeless appeal and versatility.

We are highly-rated stone worktop specialists and are experts in sourcing supplying and fitting the best quality kitchen countertops you can buy. Quartzite needs careful handling and preparation, so you want to be assured that you have a suitably qualified team working for you. We’ll ensure you’re fully satisfied with your new worktop, just as much as our ever-growing number of happy customers.

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