White quartzite worktops for an elegant, lighter look

White quartzite stone captures the swirling, marbled beauty of natural quartzite at its most subtle and sophisticated. Quartzite gives looks to treasure in every colour, but in white tones the appearance is quite simply sublime.

As a natural stone, every quartzite kitchen countertop is unique and by choosing white you are assured of a particularly individual feel for your home. We supply white quartzite countertop polished to a super-smooth finish, and invisibly sealed to keep it unharmed by the rigours of life in the kitchen.

Modern Calacatta Quartz Worktop to a kitchen with white cabinets fitted in Brighton
White Quartzite in Stock

Why choose a white quartzite kitchen countertop?

When you open your kitchen door every morning, do you want it to feel light, fresh and inviting? When visitors come around, would you like them to be impressed with the tastefulness and elegance of your kitchen? And do you want a worktop that’s as practical as it is strikingly good looking?

If the anwer to any or all of the above is ‘yes’, then white quartzite is a stone you should consider. With kitchens now the hub of the home, it’s worth investing enough time to make sure you get a kitchen which is a pleasure to live in and to entertain in. And when it comes to deciding how much hard-earned cash to lavish on your kitchen, remember that most of us probably get more enjoyment per £ spent on the kitchen than on any other room in the house!

White quartzite works excellently in combination with many colours. Choose pale or dark wood kitchen cabinets to echo the natural qualities of the stone. Alternatively, opt for deeply coloured units for a strong contrast or lighter colours for freshness and an enhanced sense of space.

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Why choose County Stone?

White quartzite needs to be treated with the care and respect that any beautiful stone deserves. Our team are experts at handling, cutting, polishing and fitting top quality worktops, and have the right equipment to prepare your stone to precisely the right shape for a perfect fit.

We are fully committed to our customers who have the benefits of:

  • An outstanding choice of quartzite colours and finishes
  • Free advice from our team on achieving the look you want for your kitchen
  • A straightforward way of ordering
  • Fast, efficient delivery
  • Expert installation 
  • More than 20 years of experience in supplying and fitting top quality worktops

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How to look after white quartzite worktops

All of our quartzite stones are very easy to live with. Untreated quartzite is more porous and more prone to staining than manufactured stones and ceramics. To give it full protection from staining and discolouration, we use a once-only application of a very durable, invisible seal.

All you need do to keep the stone in perfect condition is to wipe down daily with a soft, damp cloth, and to wash away any spills straightaway. Abrasive cleaners can damage the sealant so they are not to be used. Also, be sure to place hot pans on trivets, and use mats and chopping boards so that the stone is not damaged by sharp blades. Lastly, take care not to drop heavy pans, bottles or tins on the stone. Quartzite is tough, but it does not welcome impact from sharp-edged and weighty objects.

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What customers say about County Stone

Looks like a new kitchen! Very happy with my new worktops. Been putting it off for ages as I thought it would be a hassle but templating and fitting all happened in just over a week. Friendly staff and everything was left clean and tidy. Thank you.

Janet Crossley

booked them to come and estimate they did the templates on the Monday and fitted on the Thursday that's what I call service I would highly recommend to anyone they are a very professional company and were a pleasure to deal with.

Paul Pirard

Excellent service. Very friendly and careful installers. Love our new kitchen worktops.

John Flinders

Absolutely stunning! I am so pleased with every aspect of this company from sourcing my choices to edging, templating, fitting and finish. Thank you so much.

Annette Robinson

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White Quartzite FAQs

What is the whitest quartzite?

All our quartzite features marbling and veins which are the result of thousands of years of heat and pressure. The whitest quartzites we offer are:

  • Diamond White with a pale, cloudy background with light, delicate veining.
  • Dolce Vita has more pronounced veining over pristine white
  • Simply named White Quartzite also has a very light base under the finest marbling

Does white quartzite stain?

When it is first quarried and cut into slabs, quartzite is porous enough for liquids to penetrate the stone and leave a mark. At this stage, white quartzite will show stains more noticeably than stones in deeper hues. However, careful transport and handling mean that when it arrives at our workshop it is in pristine condition.

We apply an ultra-thin, non-permeable seal before fitting to prevent staining even when the stone is most at risk – on active service in your kitchen! If you do spill anything, especially strongly coloured sauces or red wine, it is always best to wipe it up straightaway. Brief contact will not leave any mark whatsoever, but where you leave spills for any length of time, a shadow of colour might stubbornly remain.

How many white quartzite choices are there?

White comes in many shades, as homeowners, decorators and designers know very well. In terms of quartzite the range of white stones begins with the lightest backgrounds and palest marbling. Exactly at which point a stone ceases to be classified as white is a matter of debate, but we take it to include stones where white has a significant effect on the look, even if other colours are quite dominant.

Super White Quartzite and Super White Calacatta are a shade less pale than Diamond White, Dolce Vita and White Quartzite, as are Nuage, Olympia and Artico. White Macauba comes with more pronounced markings over an off white background with a green tinge. Sky Gold takes the colour palette towards warmer yellow, while Perla Venata brings in earth tones. Other quartzite stones to explore are Aspen White, Arctic White, Snow White, Dover White and Polar White.

What makes quartzite so interesting is that, like the natural world, it does not come in pure colours – its variations and nuances are very much at the heart of its appeal.

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